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Traits of quality long distance movers

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For every service that you purchase, you want to get a good value, right? But when you are moving to another city, state or even a country, you need even more than that. You need professionals you can trust. Because long-distance relocation is a very serious task and dealing with shady movers can cost you a lot in this situation. You are looking for moving company in Oakville that is trustful, reliable and has expertise in this type of moves. Here are some tips that will help you find one. We have made a list of traits of quality long distance movers, follow it and find the right movers for you!

Sign with word trust- one of the Traits of quality long distance movers
Trustworthy is a non-negotiable quality of good long distance moving company

#1 Trustworthiness and business transparency wanted!

  • Transparency and trustworthiness are the two most important traits of quality long distance movers, without a doubt. It is crucial to know that movers have nothing to hide about their business. Remember, a reputable moving company will have nothing to hide. The best way to evaluate them is knowing everything there is to know about them. This insight will give you enough good and, hopefully not too much, bad information about them. If you have learned mostly and only good things, chances are they are highly professional. Of course, you will then probably face an issue of affordability. But if the difference in price is small, don’t settle down with average movers when you can have the best ones. 
  • Trustworthiness is non-negotiable when it comes to moving long-distance. You need to be able to trust them 100%, in order to rely on them with this challenge. You need to be absolutely sure that your movers know what they are doing and that they won’t surprise you with some hidden fees or something even worse. This kind of relocation is more expensive than the local move, so you need a moving company that will estimate the moving costs properly and sticks to it till the end.
  • Try to find professionals with a transparent customer service approach. The easiest way to do so is to ask you around for some recommendations and read a lot of online reviews. Sounds like a lot of work, but trust me, it’s worth it. Nothing can ruin your move like choosing the wrong moving company.
  • When it comes to the legality of moving companies, things are pretty simple. Every highly ranked company will have all the necessary documents required to conduct their job completely legal. When you hire them, you have rights under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act. Make sure they have all the papers they need. This precaution will help you avoid any scams or damages on your belongings.

2# One of the traits of quality long distance movers – infrastructure

Besides a good approach, movers you choose need to have some logistic advantages too. In order to let them handle your shipment, the company needs to have all the necessary equipment, staff, and connections. If you don’t double check its infrastructure, you could end up dealing with multiple companies rather than just one. Dependable long distance moving experts have access to unparalleled resources and facilities nationwide. They also have specialized equipment for this type of move and they can handle the relocation of any item with ease.

Hands on the table, notebook, laptop and plant
Reliable movers have nothing to hide about their business

#3 No history of troubles, damages, and misunderstandings

Just like in any other industry, in moving the business there are all kinds of companies. Good ones, average ones, scammy ones, sloppy ones and more. Sloppy movers could damage your belongings and refuse to be held responsible for their own mistakes afterward. But luckily for you, in the era of internet and social media, this type of behavior leaves a trace. Check their history and testimonials online, and scan them well.

#4 They take your move seriously

What makes a long distance company good is paying attention to details and safety of the items they are transporting. They take your move seriously, and that is one of the most important traits of quality long distance movers. They are committed to making your relocation as stress-free and as safe as possible. For example, a respectable company will make an effort to measure the sizes of doorways, elevators, staircases, and hallways before moving day. They will take all the necessary measures before the move, in order to avoid any problem that can occur during the moving process. Long distance move takes longer to plan and organize, and if you see that the company doesn’t pay attention to the details, or prepare before the move, better skip.

#4 Reliable movers will estimate your costs

Every decent and respectable moving company will always give you an estimate of how much the relocation will cost you. If you already read all their testimonials and most of them are positive, visited their website and checked out all the services they offer and you feel like they are the right ones to hire, ask them to estimate your moving costs. Every good moving company, that is among the top long distance relocation companies, will provide you with a very accurate quote on your relocation. And this quote should include every service you asked for, from transport to moving boxes Ontario. This will prevent unpleasant surprises on your moving day.

Hands on laptop
It’s not all about marketing and presentation, but a user-friendly website with all the information is always a good sign

#5 A presentation is not crucial, but it matters

We are living in the 21st century, where everything is presented online. Therefore, every reputable business owner has a good user-friendly website. That is one of the traits of quality long distance movers nowadays. Because that is the first thing you will encounter when searching for a long distance moving company. It’s not all about the presentation and marketing. But if movers did not even bother to provide you with the necessary information you need, that could be a red flag.