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Toronto vs Oakville- which is better for small businesses

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A businesswoman comparing Toronto vs Oakville in order to relocate her business there

Starting a small business is far different from joining an already established one. Moving a small business, however, can be even more demanding than starting one. After all, a business that you need to move is one that has already been on the market. Therefore, it should be pretty obvious that you will be running the risk of losing your customers and, basically, everything that you have been working for so hard. If you really have to move, you can always count on the best movers and packers Toronto has to offer to help you move. And if you need to decide where to move, the choice often falls between Toronto vs. Oakville. Here’s what you need to know about both cities when it comes to business opportunities!

Toronto vs Oakville – the perks of moving your business to Oakville

We are going to start with the most important business facts when it comes to both Toronto and Oakville. After all, as the small business owner that you are, surely you do not have time to read empty lines. Just like you, our office movers Toronto has to offer are always busy, so we understand the situation that you are in. Therefore, let’s take a look at the following reasons why Oakville could be the right place for your business:

  • The location is outside of Toronto, but close enough.
  • The costs of running a business here are low.
  • A quality workforce is easy to come by.
  • An attractive place to live in
Attracting workforce is never going to be difficult in Toronto vs Oakville
You’ll find good employees in both Oakville and Toronto. 

Oakville is not Toronto, but it is close enough

One of the first perks of hiring commercial movers Oakville has to offer and moving to this city is the fact that you are going to escape the competition you can find in Ontario’s capital. It is nice to run a business in a great economical hub, that’s for sure. However, if you move to Oakville, you can focus on the more important stuff – growing your company. At the same time, Oakville is only some 40 kilometers away from Toronto. This means that you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of living and working close to such a big city, but you won’t have to deal with the negative sides of it.

The costs of running a business in Oakville are low, and a quality workforce is easy to come by

It costs a lot of money to run a business successfully. However, moving companies Oakville can tell you based on their experience with clients that running a business in Oakville costs less than running one in Toronto.

Also, in Oakville, you can find many great potential employees. Some may expect that this aspect will go to Toronto’s advantage, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Oakville is far enough outside of Toronto to invite people who do not live in the city to come work here. On the other side, it is close enough to the capital of Ontario to attract talent from it as well. Basically, by moving your small business to Oakville, you’ll get the most from both worlds.

Oakville is an attractive place to live in

For all of you who are wondering why should you consider moving your business to Oakville, you should bear in mind that this is a very nice place to live. The city has more than 213,000 residents, and numerous art galleries, museums, and events, so you’ll always have people to meet and places to go to.  Therefore, not only your business might benefit from operating in this city, but you’ll also get to live in a rather attractive place.

Toronto vs Oakville – the Toronto side of the story and easy access to a larger labor market

The benefits of having your business located in a big city Toronto lie predominantly in the fact that you will be able to choose from more applicants. It is only natural that you are going to want to hire the best people for the job. Well, the larger the pool, the easier to come by good workers. And that is exactly what you will be able to get in the capital of Ontario. Besides that, other advantages of moving your small business to Toronto are:

  • Big city means easy larger market access
  • Public transit access
  • International transportation hub allows access to different modes of transport
Toronto outdoor ice skating area
Conducting business in Toronto means access to all sorts of business opportunities

Public transit access is great in Toronto

It is a fact that getting from point A to point B in the city of Toronto is going to be much easier than in Oakville. Therefore, the pool of people looking to work for you is going to be predominantly from the city. After all, spending as less time commuting as possible is going to play an important role in the happiness of your employees.

Toronto is an international transportation hub with access to different modes of transport

Lastly, we need to talk about how you are going to ship your product. If you have a small IT company, this is not going to represent too much of an issue. However, if you work with manufacturing, then shipping it out is going to be something to think about. Running a business in Toronto is going to allow you to easily do that. Regardless of whether you need to move the product by train, road, air, or ship, you are going to have all of those options available to you.

A lighthouse on a lake
You can transport your goods from Toronto basically anywhere in the world as well

Toronto vs Oakville – the choice is yours

As you have seen, when comparing Toronto vs Oakville, it’s not so easy to determine which city is better for your small business. Both cities have a lot to offer, just depends on what you want. If you want to make your connections in a smaller city and be away from the big city lights, Oakville is for you. On the other hand, Toronto is better connected and gives you access to a larger market. Now the decision is up to you to choose which one to move your business to, but you won’t make a mistake either way.