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Top places in Ontario for artists

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Everyone moves to a new place with some kind of a purpose in mind. Some people move because of a new job opportunity while others move to pursue other passions in their lives. Moreover, when you choose to move to Ontario, make sure to hire Number 1 Movers Van Lines. They will move all your belongings with care and safety. This will remove a lot of stress from the moving experience. For example, if you are an artist and you have your sentimental art that needs to be moved. You need to hire a professional moving company. This will ensure the safety of the items that are being transported. In addition, if you are looking for top places in Ontario for artists, you came to the right place. In this article, you can read what are the most attractive places in Ontario for artistic souls.

What are the top places in Ontario for artists?

What is an ideal place for artists? Well, a city with a lot of museums and art galleries. Artists love to explore them whenever they have a chance. The places on our list all have something interesting and unique to offer to the newcomers. The list is as follows:

  • Hamilton
  • Toronto
  • Vaughan
  • Markham
  • North York
Toronto is one of the top places in Ontario for artists
There are many top places in Ontario for artists.

Hamilton and Toronto

Hamilton is a beautiful city with a rich culture. Art no matter in which form is very important in this city. It is home to numerous art galleries and pop-up exhibitions. However, the Art Gallery of Hamilton has a lot to offer. Even though it is a public gallery it still attracts a lot of visitors daily. For example, right now you can go and visit a few exhibitions that are on display. Some of which are Black Light by the Canadian artist Margaret Watkins. Or Muscle Memory by the Michèle Pearson Clarke, whichever you choose you will not be disappointed. Moreover, you can even sign up for a summer program here called AGH Summer Camp which lasts for four weeks from July 19 to August 19 and explore your artistic side. Just make sure to hire the best movers in Hamilton Ontario if you decide to move here.

Next on our list is Toronto. Being such a big city it has a lot to offer to any artists that choose to move here. You can explore the Art Gallery of Toronto or if you like contemporary art you need to visit The Power Plant. If you visit on a Wednesday the entrance is free. Moreover, if you are searching for inspiration you can always take a walk down the Graffiti Alley. The ally stretches for seven blocks and the graffiti on the walls have strong messages, beautiful abstract art, etc. Make sure to bring your camera so that you can take pictures and look at them later. This will surely inspire you. In addition, Toronto is a big city and there are many more sights, museums, and galleries that you can explore. Make sure to hire local movers Toronto for a smooth move.

A man standing in front of paintings
Make sure to always explore the city and find new galleries or exhibitions.

Vaughan and Markham

If you decide to move to Vaughan, make sure that your first stop after the move is McMichael Canadian Art Collection. You will experience true Canadian art and stories while you walk around this center. Plus, the inside is beautiful just as much as the beautiful landscape outside. You can not miss this amazing experience of exploring this establishment after relocating here with Vaughan movers ON . On the other hand, if you get your inspiration from the outdoors, you can not miss the Boyd Conservation Park. This picturesque park is a wonderful place to visit and maybe draw or paint. In addition, you can have a picnic or play some sports with friends. Just make sure to visit on the weekends, because that is the only time this park is open.

Moreover, Markham is the next on our list of places in Ontario for artists. The first thing you need to know about his city is that it has a diverse community with a rich heritage. You can find many outstanding galleries and museums to explore in this city as well as exhibitions that are held both indoors and outdoors. No matter your taste in art, everyone will find something interesting and artistic in Markham. Every person that visited Varley Art Gallery and Markham museum was extremely satisfied. Thus make sure to stop and explore these establishments once movers Markham ON have delivered your items.

Places in North York for artists

Last on our humble list is North York. This city is very close to Toronto, thus you still have all the advantages of living in Toronto when it comes to art. However, North York also has some magnificent art sights to offer, both to tourists and new residents.

You must visit a park that is filled with art all over, it is called Lee Lifeson Art Park. Surely, anyone who visited this park left feeling something, and you will too. After your relocation with North York movers is done, go and visit this astonishing park.

people sitting on the grass
Many artists choose to move to cities that have a lot of greenery and parks because they find their inspiration there.


By now you know what are the top places in Ontario for artists. Remember that when you decide to move and start searching for a city that is artistic for you to hire a professional and reputable company like Number 1 Movers in Canada to help you with your relocation. Plus, you get a free quote estimate of the costs. This will help you organize your expenses beforehand. Wherever you choose to move in Ontario, good luck with your move!