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Top family-friendly Toronto neighborhoods

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Toronto is a diverse city, what one neighborhood has to offer you might be completely inaccessible in another neighborhood. The city is divided into five specific regions: West End, Midtown, East End, Toronto Suburbs, and Downtown (the Center). Each of these regions has neighborhoods that are totally different from each other. It is these differences in style, atmosphere, social life, crime rate, and rent that make each neighborhood have its own unique personality. This is also the reason why some accommodations are more attractive than others. Since there are many family-friendly Toronto neighborhoods moving here is a great choice with kids. This is the city of many opportunities and great educational institutions. However, if you want to have a fresh start here, hassle-free, you need Toronto movers to execute a stress-free and easy relocation.

Family going for a walk in on of family-friendly Toronto neighborhoods.
Many schools are close to the home.

Many schools and shops are within a walking distance of your home

Before you plan the move first thing to do is research. When you have kids choosing the right neighborhood is key. That’s why we at Number 1 Movers will give you an overview of some different family-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto. This will help you to choose the one that meets your expectations. One of them is Allenby. This is a predominantly residential neighborhood. Moving into a home in Allenby is a good option for those who prefer a peaceful living environment. There is a great deal of greenery in this part of Toronto because most of the streets in the neighborhood have very good tree coverage. Although there are no public green spaces in Allenby, these are very well distributed in the surrounding areas. Therefore it is very easy to walk to one of them.

Women holding a child and doing groceries.
Grocery stores are within a walking distance.

This is a safe and family-friendly Toronto neighborhood. The neighborhood is also pretty quiet, as the streets are normally peaceful. The area will also appeal to those who enjoy an active lifestyle, as the area is extremely convenient for pedestrians. It is very easy to meet daily needs without having to use the car. Moreover, there are a significant number of shops nearby. It is very easy to walk to a grocery store and a specialty food store in Allenby. Allenby is quite pleasant for cyclists because the cycling infrastructure is good. There is also a large selection of clothing stores. When it comes to education, families will appreciate the fact that daycare or school is usually located nearby in the neighborhood.

These family-friendly Toronto neighborhoods have many green areas

Next on our list is Don Mills. This is a family popular neighborhood. It is made up of residential, commercial, and industrial sub-districts. It has many shops, so you don’t need to go far away to run errands. Moreover, several retail outlets and malls are also located in Don Mills. Don Mills is home to 22 parks, including Bond Park, which has athletic fields and an arena, Chipping Park, and Moccasin Trail Park. This is one of the best schools districts in the greater Toronto area. There are:

  • 15 public schools
  • 6 Catholic schools
  • 9 private schools
Teacher and students in a clasroom.
Most family-friendly Toronto neighborhoods have great schools.

If you are looking for peacefulness then Village Bayview is the neighborhood for you! It’s easy to walk to an elementary school or daycare in Village Bayview. On the other hand, secondary schools are few in the area, and therefore, they are usually located a bit farther. Residents have the option of enrolling their children in private or public primary school. In terms of food, it’s relatively easy to walk to a supermarket in Village Bayview. Also, you can find some cafes and restaurants nearby. Locals can also easily walk to a variety of clothing stores. Finally, greenery is present in this part of Toronto because the neighborhood has a number of tree-lined streets. There are about 20 green spaces nearby, such as Bayview Village Park and East Don Parkland, which makes it very easy to access.

Kids can safely go to school and nearby parks in York Mills

One of the most searched for family-friendly Toronto neighborhoods is York Mills. This is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city of Toronto. The character of York Mills is defined by its peaceful ambiance. In general, this part of Toronto is quite peaceful, since there is little noise from vehicle traffic. When it comes to education, parents will be happy to know that an elementary or secondary school is usually located within walking distance of York Mills. York Mills has a number of private and public schools, including York Mills Collegiate and Owen Elementary school. Your kids can safely walk to school and parks from their homes.

Residents have the option of using public transit to get around York Mills. For example, you can find the Oriole station, on the Richmond Hill line. A few bus lines run through the area, and you can usually find a bus stop nearby. The neighborhood has a number of choices to offer those who like to dine out. Finally, this part of Toronto has a certain amount of greenery because most of the streets in the neighborhood have fairly good tree coverage. Residents have access to about 20 green spaces, such as Vyner Greenbelt and St. Andrews Park. Therefore it is usually easy to reach one of them. Furthermore, in York Mills, you will find a number of nice walking trails.

a tree
Many parks and walking trails can be found in York Mils.
The public transport service is efficient

Those who prefer a tranquil environment will fall in love with Thornhill. Thornhill is located in the Greater Toronto Area. It has several options for transportation. The public transport service is quite efficient since there are a dozen bus lines to serve this part of Toronto. Families who favor an active lifestyle will also like Thornhill for its pedestrian-friendly character. You can meet most of your daily needs on foot.  Supermarkets in the area are normally within walking distance.

When it comes to education, no matter where your home is located in Thornhill, you will usually find a daycare or school within walking distance. Furthermore, this area has a sizable number of options to offer those who like to go out to eat. Also, there is a limited selection of cafes. It is also possible to enjoy a wide range of clothing shops. Green spaces are particularly well distributed in this part of the city. Furthermore, the noise level in Thornhill is also low.

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No matter the area you chose we are here to make your move go smoothly. Make sure to contact one of our residential movers Toronto if you plan to move to a family-friendly Toronto neighborhood. We will give you all the necessary information for your move to one of these neighborhoods. Our Number 1 Movers team will help you conduct your move hassle-free. In no time you will be enjoying the perks of living in some of the lovely Toronto areas. So gives us a call and get a free estimate from us!