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Top challenges of moving to Toronto alone

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    Moving is and always has been both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It holds both the opportunity to start fresh and a plunge into the unknown. However, moving to a new area alone is overwhelming on a whole new level. It means stepping out of your comfort zone without your loved ones and trusted people by your side. Not only can it be intimidating, it can also be downright scary. However, moving to Toronto alone is your chance to find your true self, stand on your own, and build your life. One thing is certain, if you hire Number 1 Van Lines to accompany you on your journey, you won’t be alone. There is no doubt that moving by yourself is going to be stressful, scary, challenging, and even lonely. But, as long as you are in the right mindset, it can be the adventure of a lifetime.

    In addition, being prepared and knowing what to expect from the move will help a lot. Performing a smooth relocation, and adapting to your new environment afterward, will be the key to your success. And this is where we step in to help you. We have prepared a guide just for you, so you can prepare for your journey the right way. It is going to help you overcome the challenges of moving to Toronto alone. Instead of letting the move be a stressful time, see it as an opportunity to branch out on your own and live your own life.

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    Even though moving alone seems intimidating, it can still be a fun experience

    Moving to Toronto alone begins with extensive preparation

    Moving alone, compared to moving with a large family, is generally simpler. However, relocation challenges remain the same. You need to find a new area to live in, budget your move, and hire furniture movers Ontario. There is also the packing, taking care of all the needed paperwork, and so many other related tasks. The real challenge will begin when everything is over and you find yourself in the new city. You will need to adjust to it and learn how to manage. But it isn’t all that bad, and we are sure you can do it. Below are some of the things you need to pay extra attention to.

    person creating a checklist for moving to Toronto alone
    Make your moving list and stick to it no matter what

    Research the area you like and find a nice new home

    Begin by finding out the cost of living in the area of Toronto you wish to move to. Do your research on the employment options and the business environment of the area. You will also have to get familiar with the climate, and any interesting cultural peculiarities of the neighborhood. Ultimately, learn all about what the city has to offer, so you know what you can expect once you start settling in. Another important factor you need to keep in mind are the crime rates in different town areas. Consider the most important features you want your home to have, and think about the location. When choosing the property, go for a place which is in overall good condition, and for which the monthly rent or mortgage doesn’t go above 25% of your disposable budget. When moving to Toronto alone, settling in temporary housing is also a good starting option.

    Start planning the move and downsizing your home

    The best starting point is creating a moving calendar or a checklist, to streamline the process and keep you on track. Break down the tasks you need to complete into smaller goals, and prioritize them based on importance and difficulty. Define a timeline for various tasks based on the same factors. For example, the items you don’t usually use can be packed first, while the important items such as documents should be left for last.

    a pile of boxes stacked on top of eachother
    Decluttering before the move is a good way to get rid of extra baggage and downsize

    With a calendar like this, you will constantly be reminded of the important tasks, and you won’t have to perform the move in a rush. After this comes deciding on the moving date. What you need to keep in mind are factors such as the end of your current lease, or the start date of your new job. It would also be smart to start decluttering your home at this point. Decide what you want to throw away, sell, or donate. The less you have to carry with you, the more you will save on the moving expenses.

    The budget is very important when moving to Toronto alone

    One of the most important factors of every move is your budget. Most of the decisions related to the relocation revolve around it, so you need to assess your finances. You need to know if your savings will be enough to cover all of the moving expenses and support you for the first few months after the move. Consider the cost of hiring professional movers, and buying the required packing materials. A DIY move is always an alternative, but hiring movers guarantees efficiency and safety. You also need to take into account the travel expenses, as well as post-relocation costs. To make sure you won’t experience any financial difficulties during this period, try to have a bit more money on top of your already determined budget, just in case.

    woman counting her money for moving to Toronto alone
    Most of the relocation decisions are based on the budget, so make sure you have enough funds

    ┬áIt’s time to turn your plans into a reality

    Once you’re done planning your time and budget, it’s time to set the gears in motion. The number one priority is going to be hiring reliable residential movers to help you relocate. Contact them and schedule your move as soon as possible to avoid rushing. As much as we all hate paperwork, it is an unavoidable part of our daily life. Gather your personal documents and medical records, so they can be transferred to your new address. If you have a pet, this is a good time to take him to the vet for a checkup and recommendations for a new veterinarian. Notify your bank and utility providers about your move so your information can be changed or transferred. Lastly, before moving to Toronto alone to start anew, say goodbye to your friends and neighbors. This will give you closure and prepare you for the upcoming adventure.