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Top 5 renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto

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    It is always easy to decide to move out. But, when you make such a step, you need to know where you can move. This means that you should do a little research about the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto you can visit. We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, so we need to know what are affordable places to move to. And if you know that, you can plan your move when you get a free estimate from your movers. This will definitely help you organize your moving and home budget.

    North Toronto is one of the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto

    There are not that many places that can peak your interest as well as North Toronto. It is one of those neighborhoods that has it all. A wholesome place with good nightlife, parks, restaurants, schools, and many other places. As for rents, you can count on this affordable place that you can live here with ease. The cost of rent here is average and the most impressive thing is, that you can find a very nice place, renovated with all the important items in it. This is important to know if you are planning to move soon either by yourself or your family.

    Toronto with North Toronto as one of the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto
    North Toronto is one of the best renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto

    Moving is never an easy process. Especially when you need to focus on your moving budget and finding a good and affordable place. You will have to balance between your moving budget and your home budget. And this can be very hard to accomplish. The best way you can save yourself the trouble is to contact Number 1 Van Lines and get their professional help. Because professionals will never scam you out of your money.

    Moving to Leslieville

    Leslieville is very popular among young professionals. This trendy and nice neighborhood will provide you with the best places you can visit and apartments to rent. The cafes are excellent, there are many sport centers and other interesting shops. What’s more important is that the art and movie culture is thriving here. So get ready to meet a lot of new people from this industry.

    a girl drinking coffee
    You can enjoy an excellent cup of coffee here

    As we said, Leslieville will be the perfect place for you, if you are planning to move somewhere affordable. As a young professional you would want to move somewhere where you can find a job fast. And to focus on your job search better, think about hiring Toronto movers. When pro’s are organizing your move, you can focus on what is more important. And that is your CV and job search.

    Deer Park is wonderful

    Do you plan to move with your family? Have young kids? Then Deer Park is just the place you need to be. This Toronto gem has a lot to offer to a family moving in. With all the great schools, and other activities your kids can enjoy, you can rest assured that they will grow up in a healthy environment. Not to mention all the parks that are in. Rent here is lower than average in the city so you will have a perfect opportunity to get yourself a place to move in with your family.

    family holding a daughter
    Deer Park is the right place for families

    Deer Park offers your kids a lot of opportunities to learn and developed. And if you are moving your talented kids here to widen their education then you are in the right place. Especially if they are future pianists. The community here is filled with artists. All you have to do is organize your move with piano moving services CA and you will be off. This is very important because pianos have to be moved safely.

    What about Dufferin Groove

    This neighborhood is famous for its more liberal stance. Dufferin Groove is enjoyed by all of its citizens. This community offers a lot of nice old school homes, schools, a very low crime rate, and many more things you will find useful. What puts this neighborhood ahead of others is that it has a lot of beautiful community gardens. The nightlife is very nice, and the neighborhood itself is well connected with the downtown. You will be able to find a good place for as much as $1,500. Making Dufferin Groove one of the best places you can move to.

    One thing is for certain, you will have to organize your move first before finding a good place in Dufferin Groove. And if you have a lot of furniture to move to Toronto, then it is for the best if you know how to do it properly.  Staying safe while moving big items is very important to avoid any kind of moving mistakes or injuries.

    Davisville Village

    If you are a person who loves nightlife then you will have to move to Davisville Village. Here you can enjoy a lot of interesting clubs and restaurants. As far as renting goes, you will find an affordable place with ease. Although the rent is affordable, other costs can be a bit high. So, before you decide you can move here, you should know how to organize your home budget. Because you will most likely need it before you move to this family-friendly neighborhood.

    it is not always easy to move when you don’t have a plan. Especially when you are searching for an affordable place to live. Now, Toronto has a lot of interesting neighborhoods you can move to. And we are certain that our top 5 renter-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto helped you choose the best one for you. These neighborhoods will offer you all that you need, starting with education, work, and social life. Make sure to visit our blog and read many other articles that you can find useful before moving out. (FEATURED)