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Top 5 Family Friendly Neighborhoods in Hamilton

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A small boy looking at the camera.

Deciding where to move is very important. It’s a decision you can’t approach easily! Maybe you’ve considered all the reasons for moving to Hamilton, but neighborhoods are more specific. After all, where you live has a huge impact on your life. Different people have different needs. A neighborhood that’s fantastic for one person can be living hell for another. You need to research your future neighborhoods to figure out if they work with you and your needs. You wouldn’t expect a retired couple to move to SoBe in Miami, right? So, you shouldn’t make the same mistake. You especially need to do research if you’re looking for family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton! Raising kids is one of the most important things you’ll do, and you deserve a good neighborhood for them. Depending on their age, you might focus on schools or on kindergartens, but the focus needs to be there.

An adorable baby looking at the camera with big eyes.
You need to find one of the best family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton for your little tyke!

What are you looking for in family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton?

That’s a fairly important question. Maybe you’re looking for top things to do in Hamilton with your kids, or you’re focusing on a quiet neighborhood with plenty of outdoor space for your energetic kids. Every family is different, and so every family has different needs. You have to consider them carefully – do you have a school-age child? Moving to a neighborhood renowned for it’s excellent schools is a quality decision that invests in your child’s future. Do you have a small baby? Looking for the best daycare options seems more pressing.

Two children looking at a laptop and being very excited. The best family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton have excellent schools for your children!
The best family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton have excellent schools for your children.
  • You’ll want to look for a neighborhood with a small or nonexistent crime rate.
  • Family neighborhoods in Hamilton have the best schools for your child – don’t be afraid to make a decision based solely on that! Education is really important. You’re investing in your child’s future.
  • It’s okay to move to somewhere cheaper where the houses are bigger. A family with kids has different needs than a young married couple or a couple of college-age students. Maybe you need a big garage to fit your van in, so you can drive your precious children around for their extracurricular activities! Feel free to include that in your prerequisites.
  • Maybe you’re just looking to start a family. In that case, it might be worth it to research the best medical care providers in the neighborhood. That way, you can get situated near them. Pregnancy is a pretty big deal.
  • That’s not to say any neighborhoods in Hamilton are bad for raising children.  Of course not! Moving anywhere in Hamilton is a solid decision. Some neighborhoods are just more tailored to families than others.

Is Brantford the neighborhood for you?

Of course, every neighborhood has something different. But, the Telephone City is a solid choice overall. Its one of the family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton, especially because it’s so well connected to everything else. You can have a sweet home base to rear your children in, but be very connected to a bustling city! And, of course, movers Brantford can make sure everything goes smoothly according to plan. Brantford is a good choice to start a family in, and an even better choice to move with a family to. Everything is in arm’s reach in Brantford! Around 71% of Brantford residents have some kind of degree, too! Plus, if your child has hearing or seeing problems, Brantford has an excellent school for blind and deafblind children.

Two children in nature, laughing happily. They live in family neighborhoods in Hamilton, and are having a lot of fun.
Your children will have a delightful time in Brantford, one of the best family neighborhoods in Hamilton!

What about Cambridge?

Cambridge fits the requirements for a peaceful family. If you want a peaceful, fulfilling and quiet life, Cambridge is the sleepy town perfect for you. However, that’s not to say Cambridge is boring! It’s just to say that it’s priorities are different than the heart of the big city, and so this neighborhood is a perfect place for children. Despite it’s smaller size, Cambridge is still a booming, cosmopolitan city. It’s ripe with opportunities, and so it’s perfect for a family looking to get situatedMovers Cambridge can set you up with the move of your dreams, especially since real estate prices are way lower than the center of Hamilton.

Ancaster is a very family friendly neighborhood!

Though it might not look it, Ancaster is extremely desirable for people looking for one of the family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton. After all, it’s a tight-knit place, full of history and well-connected. It’s a small town, and it recently became a community within Hamilton – so if you ever run out of fascinating Ancaster history to discover, the rest of Hamilton is a short drive away. Besides, who doesn’t want to raise their children in a small community? It’s considered much safer than the big cities for a reason.

Have you thought about Mountview?

Mountview can boast with one of the most reputable schools around. Of course, that doesn’t mean any family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton have bad schools, on the contrary, but Mountview Elementary School scored really high on the city’s rating. The neighborhood has a lot of fun opportunities for your little ones. Even if you don’t get in Mountview Elementary School, the other elementary schools in the neighborhood are also excellent. Mountview has excellent standards.

What about moving to Huntington?

If your family is particularly inclined to the outdoors, Huntington might be a good choice. After all, the Escarpment parks are very, very near, so that you can reach them very quickly. Huntington is thought to be one of the family friendly neighborhoods in Hamilton because of how connected to nature it is – there are plenty of parks for your children to play in. Not to mention the gold club nearby – something to do on the weekends, maybe?