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Top 10 Office Decluttering Tricks

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It would be good if we did not have to go to work every day, right? Well, that is not the case and we can’t do anything about it. Due to the everyday routine at your office, it often gets clogged and cluttered. A mess is no friend of yours when we talk about organizing your day at work, so it would be good if you could learn a couple of office decluttering tricks to make your day easier. Let’s start!

Is decluttering that important?

We are all different and so are our habits. Some people like to live and work in a place without clutter while some can ignore that. But for how long can you ignore that pile of documents just sitting at your desk in your office? One day that pile of documents will make you angry and you will feel like in a rush. That can be prevented by office decluttering. This way you will make your workspace much cleaner and without extra things that can affect your working process.

woman in the office - Office Decluttering
Do you really need everything in your office?

What are the top 10 office decluttering tricks?

Before you learn how to declutter your office, you have to understand that everyone is different and that some tips work for someone but no for your and vice versa. Top tips for decluttering are:

  • Start from the beginning
  • Rethink
  • Seek for trouble spots
  • Find a home for everything¬†
  • Make your office bigger
  • Keep things at arm’s length
  • Clean every evening
  • Use drawer dividers
  • Declutter online
  • Hide cables

Start from the beginning

You have probably tried to declutter your office before. It was not successful and now you feel like you can’t do that efficiently. Well, you probably just tried in the wrong way but that does not mean that you can’t try again and succeed. In order to do this, take all your stuff away for the time being. You can contact any commercial moving company Kitchener and see whether they offer storage services. If they do, get one and relocate your stuff to the storage.

an office
Shelves are the perfect way to enlarge your office

Once you get to working again, you will see what are things you need and what things you do not. This is the time to bring back some of the stuff while some will never be used again. A perfect solution!


You can try a different approach for cleaning and removing unnecessary stuff from your office. You will have to do some thinking about the stuff that you have in your office. Ask yourself only one question. Is that thing important for your work? It should be enough for you to decide what to keep and what has to go. A good thing is that you do not have to throw away things that you do not need at the moment. You could always store them somewhere until you need them again.

Seek for trouble spots

Our brain is very confusing. If offers us the ability to think but it can always trick us. For example, most of the time you think that you need everything at your office even if you do not. Brain tricks you into this thinking but you can run away from it. The best way to do this is to snap a few photos of your office and see the situation from a different perspective. This way you will get a closer picture of what has to go from your office.

Find a home for everything

In order to declutter your office like a pro, you should find a home for everything that you have in your office. For example, everything from the desk should have its own place inside the desk. If not, the thing is probably not important and you should throw it away.

Make your office bigger

It sounds confusing but there is a way to enlarge your office and get more space. The best way to do this is to go up. Make some shelves and put them in on the wall. This will create more space that you can use and it will prevent you from having to declutter fro a while.

Keep things at arm’s length

No matter how big your office is, you probably have more things that you need. But where is the stuff that you use the most? Of course, at your desk. Clean your office by keeping only things that you can reach with your arm.

Clean every evening

This is called prevention! You do not have to declutter if you already keep everything clean. In order to achieve this, you should clean your office space every evening after you finish work. It is okay for your office to get messy during a day but if you leave it like that, you will have a much bigger job later!

Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are a perfect choice for office decluttering. Their main purpose is to keep you at the check and to know what is in your drawer. We all tend to throw stuff there without any order. Once you open it, you can’t find anything and you get stressed. Use drawer dividers to sort your things out. After a while, be sure to throw away stuff that you do not need anymore.

Declutter online

Online declutter is also a very important job to do. Yes, you may have decluttered everything physical but online clutter can be very stressful. You should also make some kind of order in your e-mail so that you can go through various mails in no time!

Online decluttering is also important

Hide cables

Are you really annoyed by all those cables that you have in your office? Well, there is a way to get rid of them and freshen up your space. Rain gutters are the perfect way to hide the cables that have been troubling you. They are very cheap but very efficient!

Where to put things that you do not need?

You can always throw them out but are you really sure that you will not need them again? Storage units are the perfect solution to this problem. You just have to choose the right size so that all your things from the office can be put there.

Also, this storage can be used for something different too. You can also put declutter from your home and save money on another storage unit. This is one of the many benefits of long term storage. You are the only one that decides what is going to the storage. So, be wise about the size of the storage and the time you will be renting it!


There is plenty of good advice about office decluttering on the list. A good thing is that you will not probably need all of them.  The only thing that you should do is get a storage unit on time so that you could have a place where to put all the clutter. No matter whether you want to find it on your own or call office movers Burlington to find it for you, you have to be careful about two important things. The time length of your rent and the size are very crucial to succeeding decluttering your office. We hope that you will have an interesting decluttering with these tips!