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Tips for transporting your car to Canada

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    If you are permanently moving to Canada? Maybe you would like to bring your car along. And you are looking for tips for transporting your car to Canada. Well, the first tip would be to check Canadian vehicle importing regulations. The regulations are rather strict. Your car must meet safety standards. And there are no exceptions. If your car is in line with safety standards, you can contact the movers Ontario to organize car transportation to your new place.

    A dark blue Mercedes loaded on the carrier, ready to be transported after the tips for transporting your car to Canada were properly followed.
    Check tips for transporting your car to Canada.

    Make sure your car will be accepted before trying to transport it to Canada

    The Canada Border Service Agency and Transport Canada are making checks of all vehicles. Missing to check requirements can only incur extra costs. This will make your move very expensive. When a car is denied entry, you will be liable for its storage. And for the costs of re-export. For the car meeting all import requirements, you can find a reliable moving company to ship your car. They will bring your car safely to Canada.

    Can you transport a car to Canada from any place in the world?

    There are some limitations to this. Usually, vehicles built for the US market are much easier to move into Canada. But not all. So, first, check the list of vehicles admissible from the United States, to be on the safe side. Also, you are obliged to inform US Customs that your vehicle will permanently leave the US. If you are transporting a car from outside the US, they must meet the Canadian safety standards.

    In both cases, before hiring the long distance movers Ontario your car must be insured and registered with a motor vehicle licensing agency.

    Pavement in front of the house, with a dark color car parked on it.
    Both you and your car and now safely settled at your new home in Canada.

    Tips for transporting your car to Canada if it was manufactured for foreign markets

    This is the exception but yes, it is possible. You can import your car under the following circumstances:

    • No older than 15 years
    • A bus manufactured before 1971
    • If it is not a sidecar or mobile home designed for towing
    • When you re-imported a car to Canada (you have to present evidence)
    • If you owned the car originally in the US and had it registered in your name, etc.

    Once you get the “green” light to import your car, you do not want to drive it all the way to your new home. So, leave it to cargo delivery movers to safely bring it to you.

    List of requirements to shipping your car to Canada

    When you give us a call to arrange the transport for your car, you will have to submit some documents. This is yet one of the tips for transporting your car to Canada. The Canadian Border Service Agency has to recheck your shipment. They have to contact the export customs control in the country you are shipping the car from. So, if we are taking over your car, we need documents for that.

    Also, keep original documents with you. For our needs, the certified copy of documents is sufficient. The documents needed are:

    • Registration certificate for the vehicle (V5C)
    • The photocopy of your passport
    • A copy of the Purchase/Sales Invoice of the car
    • Photocopy of your MOT certificate (so we can collect your car)
    • The signed power of attorney to take over the car

    With this, the process to move your car to another state is completed. Both you and your car and now safely settled at your new home in Canada.