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Tips for storing clothes long term

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Find out the best ways for storing clothes long term

Have you ever had a problem when you have that much clothes that you do not have room for anything else? That could mean one of two things. Either you shop too much or you just do not have that much room where to put all your clothes. That is why it is very important to know tips for storing clothes long term because you can leave them for a longer period of time without you having a room problem. There are many choices for you to decide on, from hiring Oakville movers and moving your clothes to storage or finding a solution inside your house.

Throw away clothes that you are not going to wear

Before you start doing anything, it is important to declutter. It is good that you want to put your clothes away and make some room for the stuff that you need. The problem is that there can be a pile of clothes that you even do not want to wear. We all collect or buy things that we do not need with a thought that we may need it sometimes. If you are sure that you are not going to wear something from your collection, throw it away. There are many options for you to do this. You can throw clothes into the dumpster but the best thing is to donate them to some organization that needs it. 

You certainly do not need every piece of clothes that you have
Declutter before packing your clothes for storage

You have to wash your clothes first

When you plan to store your clothes long term, that means that you are not going to use it for some time. In order to keep your clothes in the current condition, you have to wash them first. There are some problems that can happen to you if you do not do this. Dirty clothes attract insects and vermin which can destroy your clothes in the long run. There is another very important reason why you have to wash your clothes before storing them. Any stain that you may have on clothes will most definitely stay like that forever. It will be very hard for you to clean them afterward and the clothes will be ruined. After you have washed your clothes, you have to iron them.

It is very important to do this before storing clothes long term
Wash and dry your clothes

What do you need for storing clothes long term?

There are several very important things that you need to consider even before you decide that you want to store your clothes long term.

  • Vacuum seal- There is much thought when it comes to using vacuum seal bags. Many people think that the conditions that you make by sucking all the air out of the bag will destroy your clothes. That is the most common misconception about using a vacuum seal bag for storing clothes long term. You can be sure that you will have no problems after you do this. One more reason to do this is that you will save a ton of space for other clothes that you may have.
  • Plastic boxes- You absolutely have to avoid using cardboard boxes. They are very good for moving but when it comes to saving your clothes, there are not so good. The reason is durability. Pests can chew easily and make their way to your clothes. The best bet is to use plastic moving boxes since they usually have the lid on the top which you can close and save your clothes from unwanted guests.
  • Adequate conditions- No matter how good you store your clothes, you need proper conditions. It would be good if you can store them in the place with no more than 23 degrees.

Where to store clothes?

As we said, it is important to maintain certain conditions where your clothes can be with no damage. That can be tough to achieve depending on where you live. The good thing nowadays is that there are more and more storages. Most of them grant you the possibility to maintain stable conditions inside the storage unit. But how to find an ideal storage unit for you? You have to calculate every important aspect. Money is very important, that is for sure. Time is very important too. Since you are storing your clothes long term, you will most probably get some kind of discount. 

Many moving companies offer this kind of option. Moving and storage business is growing every day. You can try your luck with best movers in Hamilton Ontario and see whether you can find a suitable storage option for your needs.

Find an ideal storage unit for you
Controlled climate storage is the best solution for you

Do not forget about your stuff!

After you have finished storing clothes long term, you do not have to do anything, right? That is a mistake that can cost you a lot. Even though you have done everything that you can in order to save your clothes from damage, it can still occur. That is why you should check on your stuff. You can’t know what can happen inside the unit while you are at home watching TV. There is not a timeline when you have to go check your clothes and other stuff inside the storage unit. Many people suggest that you should check on your stuff once a year in order to see any problems on time. The best time to check on your storage unit is whenever you feel that you have to check. Only you know everything about the conditions of the storage unit and the condition of your clothes.


Storing clothes long term is a job that requires patience. It does not involve just putting your clothes in the storage unit. There are some things that you have to do in order to prepare them for storing. Washing is very important because you will get rid of anything that can attract insects or pests. On the other hand, checking on your clothes is important because you can catch any problems on time and react according to them. If you follow each of these tips you can be sure that your clothes will survive and you can wear them again!