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Tips for moving oversized items

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    mover carrying sofa

    If you haven’t hired Number1Movers, and plan on moving by yourself you’ll be impinged by one question. What’s the best way for moving oversized items? Or in other words, what should I do about my bulky furniture? Or, in that similar vein, a question such as what about those large household kitchen appliances, how to move them? But in essence, you are asking yourself one simple question. And that is how do the pros do it. Well, thankfully for you, we are here to ask and answer that question.

    a bed
    While a bed might seem like a comfortable place, it’s anything but when it comes to relocating it.

    Today, one of the best furniture movers Toronto is going to share with you their best tips for doing just that. So, strap on in, and let’s get started!

    Tips for moving oversized items

    One of the things that should be on your pre-move measuring checklist is the large household belongings that you plan on relocating. The best tip we can give you in this article is as follows. Measure large belongings, measure the doors. And don’t forget to measure the staircase width and angle, you have them. This is key. Because with this information you can learn whether or not you can actually move the entire piece as one. Or whether you are going to have to disassemble it in smaller pieces. In most cases, the latter will be the case.

    How to move bulky items

    So, if the above-mentioned is the case, we recommend that you:

    • Remove parts. If you are dealing with electronic devices you should remove the power supply. However, if you are dealing with furniture then a screwdriver might be necessary. Remove any bolts and screws and parts of your belongings that were tied with those bolts and screws.
    Don’t forget to label your belongings!
    • Bag the parts. Use a ziplock bag for the screws, and put larger items in moving boxes. Don’t forget to label them. The best way of going about this is to use a moving index. This is a system that allows you to find any belonging in a moment’s time. All you need to is label the moving box with a number. And then in your notebook make sure you write every belonging that’s labeled with the number 1. This way you can always find the belonging you are looking for by searching your notebook.
    • Carry. There are a couple of ways of doing this. And they all depend on the belonging that you are trying to carry. However, the best way to do this is to buy either lifting straps or furniture dollies. These are tools that the professionals use that will help you immensely with carrying large and heavy objects.
    • Packing. When packing the items in the moving truck make sure to pack first the large objects, and then fill in the gaps with the smaller moving boxes. This way you’ll save space. However, you can also invest in storage in Canada and leave your belongings in the meantime there until you figure out what to do with them.