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Tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Oshawa

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    For a lot of people moving can be a particularly stressful time. A long process of moving preparation on top of the anxiety of changing your environment can be a lot to handle. By booking us you will avoid the stress of dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Oshawa. It is easy to get caught in the trap of dishonest movers. Added fees, blackmail, damage, or delays are all examples of what could go wrong during your move. Choosing Number 1 Movers you choose professionals. Our team attaches great importance to their profession and the satisfaction of their customers. However, as in all professions, there are some bad seeds. Knowing how to spot these bad seeds is important to protect yourself against fraudulent movers.

    Conducting research will avoid you dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Oshawa

    Verifying the actual existence of the moving company you are using is vital. Most companies are content to outsource your move. However, others are content to steal your property or your deposit. For this, you have several solutions. The first thing to do is check the physical existence of your mover. Nowadays you can get this information easily by Internet search. This is indeed mandatory to be able to work legally as a mover. Always go for a registered company instead of a non-registered one. There are so many companies that offer their services via social media and various service offering sites. The prices you see on their websites are often attractive. However, no one will guaranty you that it is not a scam.


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    Do your own research before hiring movers.

    Pay attention to the red flags when it comes to fraudulent movers

    To prevent dealing with moving scams in Oshawa prefer certified movers. Check if your mover is certified or is part of a recognized association. These different certifications often appear as a logo on the company’s website. Despite this, be careful because sometimes a logo is not a guarantee. Some fraudulent moving companies have used these types of logos without any permission. These types of fraudulent actions have led to deceiving customers.

    Looking up customer moving reviews helps with checking the company’s real intentions. Be careful with testimonials that you can read on their official website. Not everything you will read on it is authentic. A lot of times employees write fake online reviews to boost search engine ranking. When reviews are good it brings more traffic to the page. Moreover, some platforms are particularly accommodating with businesses and accept to remove negative reviews or comments when asked. Don’t hesitate to check reviews on different forums to make sure they have a history of successful customer service. Also, talk to real people who hired them before. Like this, you will see what kind of experience they had. Friends and family can recommend a moving company they’ve recently used. They will provide you with reviews based on the experience they had.

    Some specific things that will point out on a fraudulent company

    • The website does not offer detailed contact information.
    • The only phone number is a cell phone.
    • They do not offer insurance (Non-professional movers)
    • The company does not have a storefront, offices or, warehouses.
    • Mover gives you extremely low rates over the phone.

    It is also very important that you feel comfortable and confident with the representative on the phone. All your questions should be answered clearly and without hesitation. The customer service experience should be enjoyable.

    Compare quotes on different moving websites

    When moving, it is often difficult to get an idea of the price we will have to pay.  Here at, Oshawa movers we provide a free estimate. Since the moving market has become very competitive, it may seem logical that prices vary from company to company. You will find that prices can sometimes vary from one to three times! This is called the law of competition. However, choosing the cheapest quote is not always the best solution. An estimate whose prices are too low compared to market prices certainly hides a few things. There is a good chance that a suspiciously cheap quote will cost you more than another at the end of the day. If it looks like it’s too good to be true then you must be right. This is just a trick to get the better of you later.

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    If prices are too good to be true you are dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Oshawa.

    Finally, if they refuse to do a quote or estimate it must be a scam. A reliable company first inspects your home to assess the corresponding costs. They will take notes, identify possible relocation problems and do an inventory. Moreover, they will help you to calculate moving expenses. The ones who will convince you that an estimate isn’t necessary are the kings of moving scams.

    Illegal movers are holding hostage people belongings

    Dealing with fraudulent moving companies in Oshawa is a recurring case for the police. There are so many sad stories out there about families losing all their belongings due to scammers. Furthermore, some of the fraudulent movers threaten to leave if you don’t pay extra after they loaded the truck with your belongings. If you are a victim of this type of scam call the police. There is no need to try and negotiate with these deceitful operators. With Number 1 Movers you can be stress-free and things can go smoothly. Not to mention, you can be sure that your belongings will arrive at the desired destination.

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    Moving is a pleasant experience with Number1 Movers.

    By taking some time to do your research you will be able to avoid scammers. Do not hesitate to share your doubts and experiences with the competent authorities if aware of scams. In addition, if you are sure that a group of movers is swindling their clients do not forget to advise your surroundings. Even if this could be a stressful time it doesn’t mean it needs to be an unpleasant experience there are still honest companies out there.