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Things you should look for in a professional moving company in Toronto

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Moving is inevitable and we’ve all moved at least once in our lifetime. Hiring professional movers will help you move more quickly, but it’s just as important to make sure you get the right company. If you do not do your research in advance, you may end up hiring a poor moving company. Which will make the process of relocating much more challenging for you. It is essential to have a plan in place for moving day. As the services and prices offered by moving companies might vary greatly from one another. You need to do your research and inquire with as many service providers as you can. To help you in your search for the best professional moving company in Toronto, we’ve compiled this list of things you should look for in a reliable moving company.

11 Things you should look for in a professional moving company in Toronto

During the course of your investigation, be on the lookout for dishonest movers. They will never have your best interests in mind. Once you have your list of potential movers reduced, the following are the eleven things to consider while looking for a professional moving company in Toronto.

people carrying boxes
Moving is ten times easier with a reliable moving company by your side.

1. In-home estimates

When presenting you with pricing, any estimator that performs a cursory walkthrough of your home runs the risk of overlooking certain components. When doing the calculation, they need to be sure to ask what belongings of yours you plan to bring with you to your new home. And you should get ready to provide answers regarding the items that will not be carried and will need to be decommissioned. Donating your possessions to charitable organizations in the community is something that Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines can help you with. Some companies don’t even offer in-home estimates. Make sure you stay away from those. That’s the first red flag.

2. Never put down a substantial amount of money as a deposit

While some are unavoidable, respectable movers will not charge a big deposit before relocating. After the completion of the transfer, you should pay the majority of the fee for the service. If you don’t intervene, they might just take your stuff and run, leaving you open to legal action. Use a credit card whenever you pay to protect yourself from being a victim of fraud.

paying with a credit card
Check if the company accepts credit cards.

3. Make sure they do inventory before moving

As part of the process of determining the total mass of the house, the estimator will walk around your home and compile a list of all of the items in it, including the furniture. They are responsible for conducting an extensive inventory of any and all storage areas, which should include drawers, workstations, lobbies, bookshelves, and filing cabinets. The overall weight of your belongings and the amount of space that they will take upon the truck will both play a significant role in determining the final cost of the move. When you have the estimate in hand, make sure that you read it over thoroughly and that you understand everything that is written on it.

4. Opt for a business that goes by one name only

It might come as a surprise to learn that many companies run their operations under fictitious names in order to avoid being rated by the Better Business Bureau and other online review systems. Check to see if the company has a location in your area, as well as details regarding its license and insurance. Look for any extra names the corporation “doing business as” may have in addition to the state and federal license numbers they have listed. There are many scammers out there so beware. Check out what people are saying about them on the web. Pay attention to both the criticism and the praise.

5. Positive feedback online

Internet reviews are gaining more and more credibility among prospective customers, who view them in the same light as personal testimonials from friends and relatives. If they have provided their customers with outstanding service, a reliable moving company such as long distance movers Toronto will have a high rating across the board. If you read through these reviews, you will find that very few, if any at all, receive a score of 100 percent. This is acceptable. Certain customers are simply impossible to please. However, you have to choose which company to work with depending on what other people have said about them. Make sure to look at all of their social media platforms as well. This way you will see what people had to say about them. If the majority of the feedback is positive, feel free to hire them.

6. No hidden costs

It is important to keep in mind that many moving companies may add on additional fees for certain circumstances. Moving items up and down more than one flight of stairs, moving them down narrow streets, moving them from one truck to another, and moving to or from two-story homes are all likely to result in additional fees. On the other hand, this should be included in the initial estimate. This way there will be no surprises when the final cost is calculated.

a person counting money before hiring a professional moving company in Toronto
There will be no hidden costs with a reliable moving company.

Calling the company ahead of time is a good idea if you are unsure about whether or not anything will result in an additional charge. Keep in mind that not all moving companies are the same. And as a result, the same service that one company provides, such as walking up multiple flights of stairs, may be deemed an extra for another company. Take Number 1 Van Lines vs Atlas Van Lines, for example. 

7. Wide range of services

Bear in mind that if you decide to pack your own goods, the mover will not be responsible for any damage to those belongings that may occur during the packing process. However, if the mover is the one to do the packing and the products are damaged while being packed, the damage should be covered by the insurance coverage provided by the mover. Most reputable moving companies such as local movers  Toronto will have a wide range of reliable moving services. This includes packing, dismantling, and any specialized moving services. Like piano moving or pool-table moving, moving of the antiques and so on. Make sure all of your most fragile items are in good hands.

mover from a professional moving company in Toronto holding a plant
Professional movers will offer all kinds of moving services.

Before you hire the company, make sure you find out if they offer any specialized Hamilton moving services and what kinds of materials they use to keep things secure. When it comes time to move your merchandise, machinery, or one-of-a-kind equipment, you need to make sure that you’re getting the right company for that job.

8. Look for the type of  moving contract you need

There are commonly three different types of moving contracts, however, some companies operate slightly differently:

  • Binding. This provides pricing that has been confirmed for the transfer. And takes into account any additional fees or services that are necessary. If you decide after the contract has been signed that you want to add on additional services, they will require you to pay the additional expenses within the first thirty days after the relocation.
  • Binding not to exceed the estimate. Because of this, the company will not be able to charge additional fees for any variations from the first quotation. The price that has been estimated for the services is the absolute maximum that you will be required to pay.
  • Non-binding. This indicates that the mover can’t charge you more than 10 percent over the estimate that was provided initially. Simply keep in mind that you need to pay the coverage at least within a month of the move date. So that you avoid the penalties.

9. Excellent customer service

This is not as significant, but make any professional moving company in Toronto would put some effort into their customer service. After all, the customer is always right. If you notice that they don’t answer on time or they fail to provide you with the information you’re asking for, try with another company. You should always be able to notify them of any changes or ask for rescheduling. Though it might not be always possible, a good moving company will try their best to help you out.

customer service worker in a professional moving company in Toronto
A professional moving company in Toronto will always provide excellent customer service.

10. Make sure that the moving contract is complete

Untrustworthy movers could provide you with a moving contract that is not complete. And they may fill it in with their services and prices. Never, ever sign it. Everything and we do mean everything, needs to be laid out in detail. Including any additional expenses, as well as the dates of collection and delivery.

Always make sure that you have properly looked over your contract before signing it. And check to see that all of your products have coverage. You wouldn’t want to see anything missing or broken. If the insurance was not part of the agreement, you will not be able to file a claim with the company either. Take every precaution you can.

11. A Protection and Insurance Program

Reputable moving companies like long distance movers Canada will give you a number of different insurance choices to choose from in order to protect your belongings. After that, the moving company will agree to be responsible for the value of your belongings. Perform an accurate valuation of the overall value of your belongings before making a decision on which insurance policy to purchase.

Moving a business? Employ office movers in Toronto.

Get in touch with office movers Toronto has to offer if you live in the greater Toronto area and are considering moving your firm. Toronto movers are dedicated to maintaining high standards of professionalism while protecting your best interests. We are aware that many items and equipment in an office might be fragile. Professional movers perform hundreds of moves every year. Also, professionals are well-versed in the most effective methods to move all of your office equipment and furniture with ease. Of course, all of the information given to your movers remains confidential. 

In addition to the services Toronto movers provide, each member of the moving crew has undergone a thorough background check. And has been trained, skilled, and experienced. So that they can provide you the peace of mind you require throughout the duration of the relocation. In addition, the staff is able to manage all aspects of the relocation process on your behalf. Including decommissioning, packing, assembling furniture, move management, and many other tasks.

a mover packing up office equipment
If you want to move your office, make sure you hire a reliable and professional moving company in Toronto.

At every point of the process, our reliable movers will be in contact with you to ensure a smooth transition. This includes providing answering all of your questions and providing a commercial moving timetable checklist and other tips for a successful business move. And outlining what to expect from the process, among other things. You can rest assured that your belongings are in great hands.

Choose an honest and reliable moving company

It is imperative that you choose a professional moving company in Toronto that has your best interests in mind and watches out for you. Despite the fact that some moving companies could give better options for customers than others. The service should be efficient, professional, and polite from start to finish while also being reasonably priced. If you’re looking for such a service, then Number 1 Van Lines are the right pick for you. Always be on the lookout for warning signs. They may ask you to sign blank contracts, there will be missing inventory items and “rough” estimations. Make sure you don’t fall for any of these.