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Things to know before you decide to move to Grimsby from Brantford

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A town skyline you might see after you move to Grimsby from Brantford

If you decided to leave Brantford and settle down in Grimsby, you won’t make a mistake! Grimsby, a small town on Lake Ontario, is a hidden gem for those who want the amenities of modern living with a rural community feeling. It offers access to farm-fresh food, and wineries, as well as a short commute to the US border, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. , However, before you look up moving costs Ontario and make a moving plan, here’s everything you need to know to move to Grimsby from Brantford.

Compare housing options before moving from Brantford to Grimsby

Real estate is expensive in both cities, so you need a solid financial plan before moving to either Brantford or Grimsby. However, it seems that housing is slightly more affordable in Grimsby. According to Zolo market trends, the median list price for a home in Grimsby is $942,000 while the median list home price in Brantford is $1,200,000.

know housing prices before you move to Grimsby from Brantford
Before you move to Grimsby from Brantford, you should know that Grimsby’s housing is more affordable.

So, when you move to this city, not only will you get more affordable housing options, but you’ll also be closer to Toronto. Namely, the 85km distance between Grimsby and Toronto is easily covered using the Queen Elizabeth Way, while there’s about 100km between Toronto and Brantford. Also, after moving to Grimsby, you’ll have a chance to buy the waterfront property you’ve always dreamed of, in Grimsby on the Lake or some other apartment complex.

You’ll enjoy access to farm fresh food in Grimsby!

Grimsby is located in the Niagara Region, meaning that it experiences moderate temperatures in the summer and spring. This makes it a great location for farmers who grow fruits. Residents enjoy all sorts of fruits throughout the year. Additionally, the lakes Erie and Ontario, along with the Niagara Escarpment, help with air circulation and frost protection. Another factor that makes it a good place for farming is the soil, which is deep and well-grained. So if you enjoy farm-to-table food, you will love Grimsby.

You won’t miss the community and amenities after you move to Grimsby from Brantford

The population of Grimsby increased by 5,6% since 2016, and now it has about 28,883 residents. Even though it’s a small town, movers Grimsby are quite busy relocating people there, and for a good reason. After all, Grimsby is very walkable, and you get all of the amenities of a big city while living in a close-knit community. There are lots of groups and organizations that you can join to get involved in the community. Some of these include the Grimsby Public Park, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, and the Grimsby Museum. The Grimsby Museum,  established back in 1984, is a key part of cultural life among residents. The museum has 2 exhibitions galleries, however, they change often so it’s worth visiting over and over again.

Also, there is a beautiful downtown main street with local businesses such as boutiques and restaurants. That being said, after moving to Grimsby, you will have lots of amazing restaurants to choose from. Some of the restaurants we recommend you check out include The Forty, Casa Toscana, and The Judge & Jester. Additionally, there are also many fine dining restaurants at the wineries in town. A lot of them offer farm-to-table cuisine, and there are even big, familiar restaurants like Turtle Jack’s and Kelsey’s.

Employment opportunities you can expect in this town

Grimsby’s economy is mostly based on agriculture, winemaking, and tourism, while Branford’s economy is a bit more diverse, including healthcare, education, retail, and manufacturing. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a job in Grimsby. If you are interested in working in above mentioned fields, or you already work there, it can be of great benefit to you to move to Grimsby from Brantford. Also, Grimsby is located closer to the GTA than Brantford. This means that commuting to the GTA from Grimsby will give you access to a larger job market, higher salaries, and networking opportunities. This also offers you flexibility, allowing you to enjoy the low cost of living in Grimsby while having access to the employment opportunities of the GTA. So if all of this sounds good to you, make sure to hire movers Brantford and get one step closer to your dream career!

Transportation and commuting

When it comes to public transport in Grimsby, there’s a local transit system that operates a few routes throughout the town. Also, there’s a train station with service to Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Hamilton, which is really nice. The nearest airport from Grimsby is Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is about 85 kilometers away. The town is located next to the QEW Highway, providing you with easy access to Toronto, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and Toronto.

cars, traffic buildings
Grimsby has a local transit system and a strain station with service to big cities, as well as easy access to QEW Highway.

Education opportunities you might have after you move from Brantford to Grimsby

When it comes to education in Grimsby, there are a few elementary schools and one high school, as well as a campus of Niagara College. Additionally to these institutions, there’s a public library that offers programs and resources for everyone. The library offers many services, including access to books, audiobooks, DVDs, and online resources, as well as programs and events like author children’s storytimes, author talks, and book clubs. Overall, the community in Grimsby values education and offers a lot of opportunities for learning and growth.

books on shelves
Grimsby offers a lot of educational opportunities.

Are you ready to make a move?

Grimsby offers a nice blend between modern amenities and a rural community that makes it an attractive place to move from Brantford with the help of moving companies Ontario. Even though housing is expensive, Grimsby’s proximity to Toronto, easy access to the QEW Highway, and walkability make it a perfect place to call home. Farm-fresh food, recreational opportunities, as well as involvement with the community, will offer you a high quality of life if you move here. Additionally, the focus on education, great employment opportunities, and dining options make it a very good place to live. That being said, the move to Grimsby from Brantford will be a start of an exciting chapter in your life!