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Things people forget to pack when moving

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    There is that feeling in the back of your mind. It is there when you have just packed for a short trip. Maybe you packed for going skiing in the Alps or sunbathing on Hawai. Maybe you have it when you just finished packing for visiting your home for Thanksgiving. We all have it. It is the feeling of having forgotten to pack something. And, while not some anxiety-inducing nightmare, it definitely isn’t pleasant. Therefore, what can we do to avoid it? Well, pack well, of course, but how not to forget anything? To help you not forget, we made this list of things people forget to pack when moving!


    First things first – do not forget to bring the hygiene-related items via moving services st Catharines or any other that you use. This is definitely part of the essentials you have to have on person when traveling anywhere, let alone moving. Toothbrushes, towels (Douglas Adams would argue towels are a must), toilet paper – those kinds of things are a must. They are extremely important but also surprisingly easy to forget.

    Don’t forget your suits!

    Suits and shirts at the dry cleaner

    When you have some furniture movers Hamilton relocate your favorite chair, you will probably notice, but there are things that are equally valuable, and yet easy to forget… when did you go to the dry cleaner as of late? Is something of yours still there?

    In absolute chaos that can reign supreme in those few days before the movers finaly arrive and the actual moving commences you can easily forget those kinds of things. And it is not just the dry cleaners. Shoes at the bowling alley, sports equipment at the local gym. Be sure to go around all of those places to pick up your own things.


    This is also a very important thing not to forget. Always bring your medication with you. Not in the suitcase, but actually with you, on person. This is because of the sad fact that (especially long-distance) relocations can be messy. Things can be late or even (in worst cases and with not-so-professional companies) lost. This is why you need to have them with you, in a handbag or a backpack.

    Furthermore, this is a great chance to check for three things about this medication.

    • Expiration date. Even if things people forget to pack doesn’t always include medication, it can often happen that the medication packed is actually long past its expiration date. For this reason, you should give special attention to the expiration date of your medication.
    • One you don’t need. Furthermore, you should always pack as light as possible. There is not much point in bringing medication “just in case”. The only exception we can think of is if the medication in mind is extremely expensive. Otherwise, there is just no need.
    • Labels. Us this opportunity to attend one very important matter. Many things in life, like office moving with commercial movers Oakville, have to be very clear. However, medication, where instructions probably matter the most, often don’t have very clear instructions on them, especially over time as the label dissolves. You should be sure to write down anything about the medication that could be of use.

    Once you have done that, you now have all the medication you could, God forbid, need. And now, we move on the next topic – documents.


    Third among things you should have on you – your personal documentation. The plethora of reasons why this is important to have by your side is probably unnecessary. However, what we want to emphasize is just how easily people forget these. Not the regular use one – the driver’s license or ID. It is the less used documents that got forgotten and (even worse) lost, such as a passport. 

    valuble things people forget to pack
    Bring your valuables with you!

    Be sure to triple check all of your documentation because it definitely falls under the category of things people forget to pack. And consequences for forgetting these, especially on an interstate/international relocation, could be severe.

    Among more surprising things people forget to pack

    Possession of value, though very dear to our hearth either for monetary or emotional reasons, often get forgotten in the heat of the moment. Thing is – most movers will not move luxury items, so they leave that to their client, meaning you.

    It is actually for this exact reason many people simply forget to take them, focused on the big things and subconsciously thinking that the movers have it all…

    Potted plants

    What movers Grimsby and other local movers will also not move are potted plants. Now, these get forgotten not on an actual day, but much earlier.

    Let us explain…

    To transport a potted plant you need at least a few weeks of planning. If you forget to do the preparation, it will be too late by the time the movers show up.

    Chargers and electronics in general

    This one is also a must. Always check if all the electric mobile devices you have have a charger.

    Charger and a empty battery
    You need it wherever you intend ongoing!

    You will really miss it if they don’t, especially when that empty battery icon pops up.

    What to do with the unwanted items?

    A small note is that any and all items you do not want to keep, consider giving to any of the charities on this list of Canada’s charities. Donations are a great way to spread the items you no longer need.

    To sum all of these up!

    So, is the feeling gone? Congratulations! If it is, there are only two possibilities. The first one is that our list of things people forget to pack has served its purpose! You actually did forget something that is here but now you rectified your mistake and you are ready to go.

    Alternatively, the second possibility is that you actually didn’t forget anything on this list, but you did forget something. Should that be the case – worry not. Whatever it is that you have forgotten it could not have been so important. All the necessities are there. Everything else is replaceable.