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Things people forget to pack when moving

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A mother and daughter packing, keeping in mind the list of things people fgorget to pack during the move

Have you ever experienced that nagging feeling in the back of your mind telling you that you’ve forgotten to pack something important? The obvious solution to avoid this unpleasant feeling is to pack well. However, you should still take measures to remember to bring everything important. Luckily, as one of the most experienced movers in Ontario, we at Number 1 Movers Van Lines know how to pack properly. Therefore, to lend a helping hand and ensure your relocation goes smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of things people forget to pack during the move. So, let’s dive in and discover what those items are to make sure you don’t leave anything behind!

Documents are on top of the list of things people forget to pack

In the frenzy of moving, it’s easy to overlook the essential items that you’ll need in your new home. One category that people often forget to pack is documents. Passports, birth certificates, social security cards, insurance policies, and medical records are just a few examples of documents that may slip your mind.

Documents in a binder
If you put your documents in a folder, there’s a higher chance that yuo’ll remember to bring them along

To prevent this, it’s important to create a system for gathering and securing these documents well in advance of your move. Consider creating a designated folder or file where you can safely store all these items. By having a specific place for your documents, it will be much easier to remember these things when moving and access them when needed. Besides, you won’t stress about having to search through various boxes or drawers to reach them!

Personal hygiene and toiletries

According to movers St Catharines, it’s astonishing how often people forget to pack everyday essentials. In the chaos of packing boxes and coordinating logistics, toiletries often stay behind. However, as you already know, basic items such as toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and towels are important parts of keeping daily hygiene. Imagine arriving at your new home, exhausted from the move, only to realize that you don’t have these items readily available. To avoid this scenario, consider packing a separate bag or box dedicated specifically to personal hygiene items. This way, you will be able to freshen up and feel comfortable in your new space right away!

Chargers and electronics in general

In our technology-driven world, it’s easy to rely heavily on our phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic gadgets. However, chargers and electronics often make the list of things people forget to pack! This can leave you frustrated and disconnected once you arrive at your new home. To prevent this, create a checklist specifically for electronic essentials.

Chargers on the table, as one of the things people forget to pack when they move
Chargers can be expensive and annoying to replace, so make sure you don’t leave them in your old home!

Ensure you pack chargers for all your devices, including phone chargers, laptop chargers, and any other necessary cables. Additionally, don’t forget about portable power banks or extra batteries. These can be particularly useful when you’re waiting to set up utilities in your new home and need to rely on your devices for communication or entertainment. By paying attention to these electronic necessities, you’ll be able to stay connected and powered up during your move.

Basic kitchen items

Utensils, plates, cups, pots, pans, and cooking utensils are also some of the things people forget to pack during the move. Imagine arriving at your new home, excited to settle in and prepare a meal, only to realize you don’t have even the basic kitchen items. To avoid this inconvenience, dedicate a box specifically for your cooking essentials. Then, take inventory of what you’ll need, including cutlery, dishes, cookware, and any specialized tools you regularly use. By packing these items intentionally, you can avoid the frustration of having to eat takeout or purchase new kitchen supplies right after you’ve moved.

If you have a pet, don’t forget pet essentials

During the move, people are usually busy with the logistics of handling furniture and personal belongings. As such, it’s all too easy for the needs of our furry friends to slip through the cracks. Yet, their well-being is just as crucial during the move and in the immediate aftermath. That’s why it’s vital not to overlook items that are essential to make long-distance move easier for your pet and ensure their comfort and happiness. It’s essential to pack an ample supply of regular food, ensuring that their dietary needs are met during the transition period. Alongside food, don’t forget their water bowls!

Pet eating from a bowl
Pet bowls are just some of the things people forget to pack for the move, so don’t make that mistake!

If you have a cat, make sure to bring their litter box. Cats are creatures of habit and rely on having a consistent and accessible place to relieve themselves. So, forgetting their litter box or neglecting to pack enough litter can lead to unnecessary stress and confusion for your feline friend. Meanwhile, if you have a dog, be sure to pack its leash, as you’ll need it to keep your dog restrained and controlled during the moving process. It’s easy to assume that you can simply use the leash you typically keep by the door, but it’s better to pack an extra one specifically for the move. This way, you won’t find yourself scrambling to locate it amidst the sea of packed boxes.

Suits and shirts at the dry cleaner

While it’s easy to notice when your favorite chair is being moved by furniture movers Hamilton, there are other valuable items that can slip your mind in the midst of a move. One commonly forgotten area is the dry cleaner. Have you recently visited the dry cleaner? Is there an item of yours still waiting to be picked up?

We often leave suits, dresses, coats, or other special garments at the dry cleaners for maintenance or repairs. Forgetting to collect them before your move can be quite inconvenient, especially if you have an important event or occasion shortly after settling into your new home. So, as part of your moving checklist, make a note to retrieve any clothing items from the dry cleaners well in advance. This way, you’ll have all your garments at hand and can confidently attend any engagements without worrying about forgotten attire.

Medication should definitely be high on the list of things to pack, yet, people often forget it

One crucial item not to forget when moving is your medication. It’s important to keep it with you, rather than packing it in your suitcase. The unfortunate reality is that relocations, especially long-distance ones, can be messy. Delays or even the loss of items can occur, particularly with less professional moving companies. That’s why movers Oakville claim that it’s essential to have your medication in a handbag or backpack.

Medicines, just one of the things people forget to pack when they're moving
Bring your medicines with you, but only if they’re still good and if you still need them

Moreover, taking this opportunity to check a few things about your medication is wise. First, pay attention to the expiration date. While medication may not always be included in the list of things people forget to pack, it’s common for packed medication to be past its expiration date. Additionally, when packing medication, consider whether you truly need every single item. It’s best to pack as lightly as possible. Bringing medication “just in case” is generally unnecessary unless the specific medication is exceptionally expensive. In most cases, you can leave unnecessary medications behind.

Some of the more surprising things people forget to pack

According to movers Grimsby, cleaning is an essential part of the moving process. Leaving your old place in a tidy condition and ensuring your new place is clean upon arrival are crucial for a smooth transition. But, in order to tackle the cleaning efficiently, you must remember to pack items such as brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, and wipes.

In addition to cleaning supplies, having basic tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, and tape measures readily available when settling into a new place can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s tightening screws, hanging curtains, or fixing loose handles, having these tools easily accessible will make your move-in process much smoother. Finally, it may not be at the forefront of your mind during a move, but having extra light bulbs can prevent unnecessary inconvenience. By having spare light bulbs packed and ready, you can quickly replace any burnt-out or broken bulbs, ensuring a well-lit and comfortable living space from the start.

What to do with the unwanted items?

When it comes to moving, it’s not just about remembering to pack and organize the items you want to take with you. It’s also an opportunity to declutter and let go of things you no longer need or want. As you sort through your belongings, you’ll likely come across items that are still in good condition but don’t have a place in your new home. Instead of simply discarding these unwanted items, consider donating them somewhere. After all, donations are a wonderful way to give a second life to your preloved belongings while benefiting those in need.

Donation box at the charity
If you have some extra items, or items you don’t need anymore, consider donating them to a local charity you care about

Fortunately, Canada has a wide range of charitable organizations that accept donations of various items. These charities work to support different causes such as poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and more. When deciding which charity to donate to, it’s important to consider their specific mission and the types of items they accept. Some charities specialize in accepting clothing, furniture, household items, electronics, or books, while others may have a broader scope. It’s advisable to visit their websites or contact them directly to determine their specific donation guidelines and find out which items they are currently accepting.

Final words on common things people forget to pack

So, has that lingering feeling of forgetting something disappeared? Congratulations if it has! There are only two possible explanations for this. The first is that our list of things people forget to pack when moving has fulfilled its purpose! You did indeed overlook something from the list, but now you’ve rectified your mistake, and you’re all set to go.

On the other hand, the second possibility is that you didn’t actually forget anything from our list, but you’re just preparing for that possibility. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can ensure that nothing essential gets left behind. Whether it’s important documents, personal hygiene items, chargers, pet essentials, kitchen supplies, or even the clothing you left at the dry cleaners, addressing these areas will help you stay organized and prepared.