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Things I Wish I Knew before My Long-distance Move in Canada

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    Canada flag with mountain range view

    Moving to a new place is not easy. There are many things that you need to do before you move to Canada. Add on top of that the stress of moving to a completely new place. Learning the local culture, and getting used to the new environment can be challenging. This is why doing the research before moving is key in determining if Canada is the right place for you. Therefore, to help you out here are the things I wish I knew before my long-distance move in Canada. Keep in mind that hiring one of the moving companies Ontario has to offer, especially for a long-distance move, is a must if you want to make your moving process simple.

    Some things I wish I knew before my long-distance move in Canada

    While Canada can be an amazing place to live in, it comes whit its unique set of challenges, especially if you are moving from the US. As the country is bordering the US there are a lot of cultural similarities but also a lot of differences.

    Canada is bigger than you think

    For people that prefer populated areas, Canada is perfect. As it is the second-largest country in the world measuring in at nearly ten million square kilometers or close to four million square miles. This can be a shock for most people that come from less populated areas at the start. Especially if you are used to driving for hours in urban environments. The opposite can happen in Canada you can be driving for hours and not encounter civilization. Because of this hiring, one of the long distance movers Canada has to offer can be a lifesaver.

    one of the things I wish I knew before my long-distance move in Canada is how beautiful view of mountains under cloudy sky is
    One of the things I wish I knew before my long-distance move in Canada is just how stunningly big the country is.

    Canada is home to some of the best-rated cities in the world

    Canda has a lot of urban options to live in as well. According to Economists 2017 world’s best cities to live in, 3 Canadian cities made it to the top five. Those are Vancouver in third place, Toronto in fourth place, and Calgary in fifth place. This is why booking long distance movers Hamilton is essential in order to get situated as fast as possible.

    Winters can be harsh

    If you don’t like the cold weather then the state of Canada is not for you. Apart from Canada’s west coast in British Columbia nowhere else does the temperature exceed the freezing point. Most of Canada can dip below -30°C (-22°F) or -40°C (-40°F) if you live further up north. So pack up some warm clothes or you will regret it.

    aerial view of the car on the road
    Canada has notoriously cold winters. Even people that know this fact, are still surprised by how cold it can get.

    Some other interesting things I wish I knew before my long-distance move in Canada

    Here are some interesting things about Canada that you will like to know:

    • They use two official languages which are English and French.
    • Canada has a good healthcare system.
    • The national sport of Canada is ice-hockey.
    • Canadians love maple syrup, their milk comes in bags.
    • One of the main words in their vocabulary is sorry.

    Hire professional movers to help you move to Canada

    We can not stress enough how useful some of the long distance movers Toronto can be on this long journey. Professional movers will make sure that everything goes smoothly. This will give you some time to learn more things about Canada.

    There are many more things I wish I knew before my long-distance move in Canada, but these are just some of the most interesting. We hope you have learned some crucial things in this short article and that we made Canada a more appealing place for you.