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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Office Moving Company in Ontario

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Coworkers choosing an office moving company in Ontario

If you are a business owner, relocating your offices has probably crossed your mind at least once. Many owners choose to relocate to better-looking or more affordable locations. And sometimes, relocating your office will be a last-minute decision. In times like this, you will need the help of reliable movers. However, if you have never relocated, you might not know how to choose a good company. If you happen to be in this situation, worry not! Number 1 Movers Van Lines are here to help by giving you the ultimate guide to choosing an office moving company in Ontario!

How to choose the right Ontario-based moving company?

Moving your office is a big deal, and having professional assistance will greatly benefit you. To find the right company, you will need some time, patience, and good research skills. Generally, you should start looking for a moving company at least 5 to 6 months before the desired moving date. Looking into your relocation this early will help you find multiple options and think through your decision before signing any deals.

view of Ontario, Canada
Ontario is the most popular location for office and business relocations.

The first step to moving your office is having a clear idea of your workspace’s pros and cons. Ask yourself the following questions before hiring any office moving company in Ontario:

  1. Where is your office located? Is it easily accessible for the moving van?
  2. On which floor is it located? It’s easier to relocate the office on the 3rd floor than the one on the 10th floor.
  3. Does your office have an elevator or stairs? This is important since many movers will charge you additionally if your office does not have an elevator.
  4. How big is your office? How many people work there? How long will the office be out of use?
  5. Are most of the pieces of furniture easily passable through the door and into the moving van?
  6. Do you have lighter or heavier furniture?
  7. Do you have any expensive equipment or valuables that need to be transported under specific conditions?
  8. Do you need to use storage services? Have you already found the new office space? Is it far away from your old one?
  9. What services do you need? Do you need packing services, or will you do all the packing yourself?

After going through these questions, you will have a clearer idea of your current moving situation. This information will also be important to the commercial moving companies Toronto you choose, since they will be able to prepare themselves much better for your relocation.

Getting a reference is the safest option

Finding a moving company on your own can be a bit challenging. You never know who to trust, but getting a reference can be helpful. Since you are looking for the best movers and packers Toronto, make sure to ask your business partners or former bosses for a recommendation. If they cannot provide you with any companies, you can ask your employees, friends, or family for regular moving company recommendations. Most of the time, moving companies specialize in residential and commercial relocations. If you cannot get a reference, you can still find reliable movers on your own. For that, you will most likely need to do a little bit of research.

A girl labelling boxes
Executing a commercial move on your own is not the best idea. We advise you to look into choosing an office moving company in Ontario instead.

Do a bit of research when choosing an office moving company in Ontario

Today, finding anything is the easiest it has ever been, thanks to the Internet. If you are looking for an office moving company in Ontario, you can type that into Google, and you will get a million options. Since the first few options will probably be paid ads, you can always turn to websites that are specialized in finding local commercial movers, such as Yelp. All you need to do is type in your current location, desired location, and desired moving date. After doing so, you will be shown thousands of moving companies. If you get overwhelmed by the number of options, remember that you can always downsize your choice to the top 5 companies. Take a few days to research all companies, read reviews, compare prices, and visit their websites.

Do not take reviews as the only source of information

Another element of great importance is the reviews or opinions of those who have already chosen a particular company. You also have to rely on these to understand if that company is right for you and, above all, if it can complete the job well. That is why if you start looking for the best office movers Hamilton and find one that could be right for you, you could take a look at the various reviews on the web. This way, you will get both the advantages and some of the negative aspects. This way, you can have the guarantee of a review that is real and objective and based on the service offered by the company.

Two people choosing an office moving company in Ontario
Getting a reference can be very useful when choosing an office moving company in Ontario. If you cannot get a reference, turn to the internet.

The reviews and comments of other people should not be the only parameter in choosing the moving company since they are often very subjective. We also recommend checking the reviews on other platforms, such as social media- Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Most of the time, people writing reviews on social media platforms do not benefit from bashing or praising these companies but are simply stating their opinions and experiences. This can be very beneficial when choosing an office moving company in Ontario.

Contact movers and see how they communicate with potential clients

How can you tell if a company is serious or not? It is not impossible to understand whether a moving company can do the job or not. You can do that by contacting them directly and observing how they treat their customers. First, look at whether they respond to your emails or calls. If their preferred way of communication is via email, look at whether they take ages to respond, if their grammar is correct, whether they are writing professionally, if they are responding to your questions, etc. If you contact them via phone, pay attention to how a customer support agent is talking—whether they are being professional, if they are providing you with the information you need, if they are rude, etc.

A grey laptop sitting on a desk
Do not take internet reviews as your only source of information when looking for the right movers.

It may sound cliche, but employees are a company’s mirror. If they are acting rude or carefree, the company is probably not treating them well and is unprofessional, and it is probably better you avoid them. Another great indicator of whether the office movers in Mississauga you want to hire are reliable is their website. If they have a working website, that is a good sign. If the design does not seem outdated, there is a free estimate option, they have a list of services and locations they serve, and you have probably found a reliable company. Moreover, if they have their VAT number and other legal information on display, they are probably reliable movers.

Other additional items and services to consider

We must also take into account some additional services and elements that can be decisive for those looking for a serious moving company. First of all, it is good to keep in mind that a professional company can also make a special warehouse available to customers where they can temporarily store all the furniture and objects for the move. This is important if another property is not immediately available. Experienced movers usually offer a variety of services and don’t limit their services to local and long-distance relocations only. Therefore, it’s always better to opt for those with years of experience when choosing an office moving company in Ontario.

Schedule a few free appointments with all potential movers

If you have narrowed your choices to the top 5, we recommend getting free appointments from all of them. A moving company representative will check out your office and give you a moving estimate based on multiple factors. While doing so, ask him as many questions as you can, and pay attention to how they respond. A skilled representative will answer all your questions as detailed as possible, especially questions regarding payment. After getting free appointments from all potential companies, it’s best to choose those with the most experience and professionalism and those offering relatively affordable services. Keep in mind that it’s much better to pay more money to get the job done by professional moving companies Dundas than save money and hire those who might do the job poorly.

Two people choosing an office moving company in Ontario
Meeting with a moving company’s representative can confirm whether that company is the right choice for you.

What to look out for when choosing an office moving company in Ontario

If the moving company doesn’t ask you to inspect the office before the move and offers standard rates, that’s not a good sign. How do they know how much and which furniture they will have to transport if they don’t see the house? There are two cases: either they consider the price on the estimate only indicative (and they will modify it) or they will try to reduce any additional costs by reducing the quality of the service offered. Another thing to keep in mind is paying in advance. It is normal for a serious company to ask for an advance. However, being pushy about it is a bad sign.

Furthermore, if they do not provide you with any written contract, bill or document, it’s most likely a scam, especially if they attracted you by giving you an offer that is too good to be true. When you think about how to find the right Oakville movers, distance yourself from those who offer to move on classified ads or through flyers posted in large cities. The statistics speak for themselves: most of the scams happen through them! Lastly, beware of companies who insist on getting a non-binding estimate. While it’s a preferred way of working for many professionals, some will abuse this.

What is a non-binding estimate?

A non-binding estimate is an estimate that provides you with the final price of the move only after the relocation is executed. You will get a rough estimate before the move, but the price will change in 90% of cases and will probably be much higher than the agreed price. Companies that use this estimate can change the final price however they want and can even legally refuse to give you your possessions if you do not pay them what they asked for. Although this is not illegal, it’s a very nasty move. If a company only insists on a non-binding estimate, you should reconsider working with them.

A man signing a document
To ensure a stress-free relocation, start searching for the right moving company at least 5 months before the desired moving date.

How to find the right moving company for your office move?

All in all, there are a few steps to take when choosing an office moving company in Ontario. Firstly, be clear about your current situation and your wishes and needs. Secondly, ask for references since getting references is the safest way to find reliable movers. If you want to do a bit of investigation, turn to the Internet. For example, if you are in Burlington, you will be looking for office movers Burlington Ontario. Try to narrow your research and make a list of the top 10 moving companies. You can also use social media to see reviews from current and former customers and compare them to reviews on a company’s website. Lastly, schedule free appointments with the top five or six companies. Take your time to choose the most experienced and equipped movers who offer relatively affordable services!