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The Ultimate Guide for Comparing Moving Companies in Ontario

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In Ontario and all over the world, there are many professional moving companies. There are so many movers, in fact, that you will definitely be unsure who to pick and whose services you want. Choosing a moving company without any research will cost you, because you want reliable, competent, experienced, and affordable movers. This is the ultimate guide for comparing moving companies in Ontario, and it’ll ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. Choosing the right moving company in Ontario starts with comparing movers to one another. Comparing movers is an absolute must-do task on this list, because it’s the only way you’ll get the one moving company that fulfills all your needs. Number 1 Van Lines, one of the best moving companies Ontario has to offer, will help you learn all there is about comparing movers. Let’s start from the basics of this crucial step in every move.

Why is it important to compare movers before choosing a single company?

Like in every other field of business out there, there are many risks that come with making the wrong choice in terms of movers. Whether you’re looking for the best movers in Hamilton Ontario or elsewhere, it’s important to compare movers. There are plenty of reasons for that.

mover in a van comparing moving companies in Ontario
Comparing moving companies in Ontario can only benefit you.
  • It shouldn’t be your primary concern, but many people choose companies depending on the service prices. Comparing moving service prices from many companies can give you an average estimate. You’ll know what kind of prices you can expect for your move.
  • Comparing prices of different North York movers can help you determine credibility of the companies. When you settle for a lowball offer, you are exposing yourself to a potential fraudulent company. People believe they’re paying less, but later on end up having to pay much more for the move. More on the topic of moving scams later.
  • Some Ontario movers may end up having moving services that you need, but other movers don’t. It’s usually very niche moving services, such as moving art and expensive furniture and such. However, it might turn out to be a service you need. The more services the moving company can provide, the better the choice it is.

Comparing moving companies in Ontario can save you from becoming a moving scam victim

Scamming is a very common occurrence both in the world of moving companies and elsewhere. While scamming is indeed stressful and dangerous, the truth is that it happens more often than you think. That’s why it’s important to know what makes reputable Kitchener movers different from some shady, fraudulent moving company.

There are many instances in which you can see the difference between a professional moving company and a scam. Firstly, a professional moving company will first perform a home inspect in-person in order to give you a moving estimate. Once this is complete and you agree with the price, you will be asked to sign a contract, and so on. Scammers tend to make their clients sign contracts and make payments without any inspection at all.

two movers carrying a sofa
A moving company comparison a day keeps the scammers away.

A legitimate moving company will always have some sort of contact information or office address on its website. Scam companies usually lack this sort of information, or if it is there, it’s either outdated or unavailable most of the time.

When looking for movers Milton residents rely on, a good move would be looking for reviews or referrals. Thankfully, there are many ways to do this. You can either look for the moving company’s ratings online, or you can ask friends, coworkers, and the likes. Still, a referral alone doesn’t mean much, and you should take everybody’s suggestions with a grain of salt. When you look for a moving company, always do your own research first!

How to compare moving companies efficiently and carefully

When it comes actually picking and comparing your mover candidates, there are quite a few things you can do. These methods and steps will not only make your search for a good moving company more precise, but it’ll also reduce the time you spend on the process.

man packing glass in boxes
There are many factors you can use to compare moving companies.

For starters, the details of your move can help you figure out which option is the best one for you. The fastest way to find some candidates is to start by choosing the service types you need. For example, you want to look for movers Oshawa has to offer that do full-service moves, or a truck rental company, and so on. All in all, just look for companies that offer specifically what you need. Doing this will help you avoid looking at many companies only to find out that their service won’t accommodate your needs. Once you’ve settled for specific moving service types, you can start researching the companies that offer them.

Additionally, to avoid moving scams and to be 100% sure that you know who you’re working with, you can find a professional mover using the Canadian Association of Movers’ website. You know what people say: it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when choosing a moving company.

When comparing moving companies in Ontario, make sure to ask questions!

Every moving company in Ontario has the same goal: to move you and your belongings to your new home. Even professionals, however, need your guidance and assistance during the moving process. Every move is unique, that goes without saying, so it’s in your best interest to tell your movers what you’re looking for and ask them things you’re curious about. Movers Markham ON locals always choose are more than willing to answer all of your questions. But now you might be wondering, what questions should I ask my moving companies? Number 1 Van Lines has got you covered with a list of handy questions to keep in mind.

  • How long will I have to wait for my items to be delivered to the new address?
  • During transit, will my inventory be transferred, unloaded or moved with other households?
  • Is the date (or equipment) I reserved and scheduled guaranteed or not?
  • Can I customize and change my move according to my needs?
  • Are there any item insurance plans?
  • What happens in case of a delay or unexpected event?
  • Are there any additional fees, such as extra mileage charges, truck rental fees, or excessive weight charges?

In general, anything that might concern you is a question that should be asked. After all, you know what they say: when working with a moving company, no one is without knowledge except he who asks no questions.

What should you compare when comparing moving companies?

There are many movers Etobicoke locals would recommend to you, but what interests you the most is whether these moving companies can accommodate you. So, besides asking your moving company a whole lot of questions, there’s some things you want to ask yourself when you compare two or more companies.

laptop and notepad used for comparing moving companies in Ontario
Comparing moving companies in Ontario isn’t a difficult process.
  • Compare references, reviews and testimonials. A reputable Ontario moving company will have several reviews and testimonials that speak of the past client’s move with the company. General compliments such as, “good company” or “helpful” aren’t very helpful, though.
  • Compare the companies’ moving services. What services do you think you need for your move? If your home isn’t too large and all you need is a straightforward move, most companies will have the services you need. For complex moving needs, such as moving a large home, musical instruments, or fine art, you’ll need a company that offers these types of specialized services.
  • Also don’t forget to compare location needs. Your move and the cost of the move will be vastly different depending on whether it’s a residential, local, or long-distance move.
  • Most importantly, compare contracts. A blank or generic moving company contract is a major red flag.
  • Of course, compare prices as well. Like we mentioned earlier, do not go for lowball offers to avoid getting scammed. However, do try to choose a company that fits your moving budget.

That’s not all in terms of comparing moving companies in Ontario

There is, however, one downside to actually having several good moving company candidates. Whether you’re looking for the best movers Vaughan ON has ever seen or any other movers, there’s a good chance that your final picks are quite similar. The moving quotes from each company are similar and have dismissible differences. The reviews from previous clients of each company are also usually of a similar nature, which makes the job of picking a single company all the more difficult. Even if you try to include another factor, such as credibility, you’ve most likely already ruled out non-licensed movers. The question now is how to pick a single moving company in Ontario.

woman looking at phone and laptop
When you’re left with nothing but the best choices, what do you do?

Your choice and definition of a good mover will stem from the small details and interactions during the time you’ve got into contact with them. Even if you’re talking about professional movers Toronto and Ontario rely on, it all comes down to the fine details. Those of you who don’t like making decisions will be sad, but unfortunately, choosing your moving company ultimately comes down to your opinion and gut feeling alone. You’ll have to trust yourself and guide yourself while comparing your interactions with the companies.

There are many good moving companies in the province of Ontario, but you can only choose one. However, not all hope is lost yet! There are still a few more questions you can ask yourself while comparing companies to further aid yourself in making the final decision.

The final step: pay attention to details and make your decision

Here’s a list of things you should pay attention to and think about when thinking about which moving company to hire. You should ask these questions whenever you’re hiring any moving companies GTA.

person using laptop for comparing moving companies in Ontario
Use your research and your opinion to make your choice.
  • How responsive were the moving company representatives during the first contact? Did they take long to reply, or were the replies fast?
  • Were the movers and moving company personnel polite, respectful and professional during the in-home inspection? What about online communication?
  • Did the movers answer all your questions in a way that left you less confused? Were their answers detailed, simple to understand?
  • Were you offered a reasonable and competitive moving price, or were you offered a lowball offer? Did they bring up any additional fees that might arise?
  • If such a thing is possible, was the moving company willing to offer you a price discount?
  • Did the moving company tell you about all the extra moving services you might need to complete the move?
  • If you requested the service of professional packing, did your movers include the cost of the packing supplies in the price?
  • Was there any talk of adequate insurance for your items?
  • How did you feel during your interactions with the moving company? Were you at any point uncomfortable or displeased with the company personnel’s behavior? Did anything bother you, or did you feel relaxed and pleasant?

All of these questions can only be answered by you. Of course, a moving company’s quality of service and pricing is crucial in the process of moving. However, the behavior and relationship between you and the moving company also plays a key role in the entire procedure. Compare and choose your moving company wisely.

In the end, it’s all going to work out

As long as you pay attention and follow the ultimate guide for comparing moving companies in Toronto, you’ll make the right choice. Perhaps this is your first move, your second move, or another move in your long history of relocations. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to revise and remind yourself how some things should be done. There is, however, one secret way to have an easy and efficient relocation, and that’s choosing Number 1 Van Lines! Help is only a moving quote away, so what are you waiting for?