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The ultimate GTA commuter’s guide: Efficiently navigating public transit, carpooling, and cycling routes

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A man readz to face the transit after reading the ultimate GTA commuter's guide

Settling in a new city is pretty stressful on its own. However, your relocation process does not end after putting the last knick-knack from the box on your shelf. Post-moving activities also revolve around getting to know your environment well. That’s why the Number 1 Movers Van Lines blog is the right place to start in case you need the ultimate GTA commuter’s guide. Besides, there is a handful of tips and tricks you can find useful here. Therefore, make sure to stick around to learn more and contact GTA moving services to get the unforgettable moving experience you deserve.

Cars on the street
Handling a traffic jam with ease is some sort of art.

Getting to know GTA as a whole – fall in love with the place

When people mention GTA, they usually refer to the famous video game. However, this GTA refers to the Greater Toronto Area and is probably even cooler than the video game itself. When we say Greater, that’s exactly what we mean. That’s because it consumes not only the city of Toronto but also the nearby regional municipalities, such as York, Peel, Durham, and Halton. With over four million people located in the Greater Toronto Area, this is the place you want to be in if you’re a hardworking, exploring, and extroverted person. Even if you’re the complete opposite, GTA is a place for everyone without an exception.

In case you didn’t know, GTA has been declared the world’s most ethnically diverse city five times in a row. It’s actually so diverse it has over 80 ethnic groups that speak over 100 languages. We just think it’s really interesting to mention these facts even before you ring movers Toronto ON, to help you get there. Furthermore, the Greater Toronto Area is one of the biggest financial hubs in North America. Its employment rate, as well as the income data, put it in fourth place on the entire continent. On top of that, Toronto alone employs over 25% of the country’s workforce, which says enough about the life standard.

Pros and cons of living in the Greater Toronto Area

After what we’ve said, it’s pretty hard to pinpoint the negative aspects of living in GTA. You should actually try to think hard to find flaws in living there. Actually, the potential flaw revolves around handling the everyday traffic. That’s why we will get right into understanding the ultimate GTA commuter’s guide. But first, let’s see how we can describe the life in Greater Toronto Area without exaggerating. In the meantime, be sure to contact moving companies Mississauga to reserve your reliable movers on time.

To continue the Greater Toronto Area is not only the financial and metropolitan hub of the country. It’s also one of the most eco-friendly areas in the world. Thanks to its proximity to the Five Great Lakes, it also has one of the greatest reserves of fresh water on the planet. As far as the education system goes, GTA has private and public schools, as well the secular ones. When it comes to post-secondary education, the Greater Toronto Area counts six reputable colleges and six universities.

Sunset in Toronto
There are so many astounding places to visit in GTA.

If you want to explore GTA a bit more, you will be surprised by how much there is to see. For instance, city officials organize various events and festivals throughout the year that consist of delicious street food, concerts, carnivals, and so on. Let’s list some of the most interesting places and festivals to visit here:

  • Caribana (the festival of the Caribbean people)
  • Canadian National Exhibition (delicious food, gigs, technological exhibits, etc.)
  • Art Gallery of Ontario (that represents the eighth largest gallery on the continent)
  • Royal Ontario Museum (one of the most visited museums in the world)
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • High Park

Let’s dive into the ultimate GTA commuter’s guide – be resourceful and save time

To be honest, we know you came here to check the ultimate GTA commuter’s guide. But we couldn’t resist mentioning how amazing the Greater Toronto Area actually is. However, every place has its hidden flaws, and we will tackle the main one. Not only that, but we will try to find the easiest solution to this issue. Nevertheless, whatever the issue with the traffic is, moving companies North York know exactly how to avoid traffic jams when executing a relocation.

Let’s start with public transportation. There are many public transport operators in GTA. Metrolinks and GO Transit are two that merged in the late 2000s and now represent the largest intra-regional public transit service in the area. They implemented the Presto Card, which represents the contactless smart card fare collection system that makes public transportation really easy. However, the average commuting time there is 56 minutes, which is a lot. Additionally, it’s stated that Toronto has the ”highest average distance an individual crosses during a one-way commute in the continent at 12.29 kilometers”.

Navigate through GTA like you’ve lived there your entire life

As we said, one of the biggest downsides of living in GTA is its commute. For instance, the average wait time at the bus or metro station ranges from 12 to 20 minutes. One way you can efficiently navigate public transit is to live in areas that are well-connected, such as Vaughan, Pickering, Markham, and Mississauga. These places have a few things in common – they have a lot of GO train stations and connections to Highways 401, 403, and 407, and are relatively cheap for everyday life. So, make sure you contact moving companies Etobicoke on time to ensure an easy move to your new destination. 

A mam cycling after reading the ultimate GTA commuter's guide
Choose the healthier option anytime you can.

If you’re an eco-friendly person, cycling is the perfect solution for you. With 627km of cycling roads in GTA, cycling in Toronto is a very safe option. If you have time to cycle to work, install the Toronto Cycling Map and start riding.

How will the ultimate GTA commuter’s guide turn you into an innovative person?

Now that you know all there is about the ultimate GTA commuter’s guide, it’s time to start packing your boxes. Living in the Greater Toronto Area brings in a lot of benefits. On the other hand, it has one minor disadvantage we managed to resolve quickly. All in all, make sure you contact Apollo Moving to book your movers on time and get ready to have an unforgettable ride.