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The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Toronto

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    toronto skyscrapers

    Toronto is Canada’s biggest city, and even though it’s large, living there can be very affordable if you’re smart. However, if you prefer the finer things in life, there are some expensive neighborhoods in Toronto for you. Due to the increased growth of the real estate market, Toronto became one of the most expensive world capitals. If you want to move to a high-quality area, you will need high-quality movers. For this job, there is no one better than Number 1 Movers. As Toronto grew and expanded, it developed a lot of various neighborhoods. Some are affordable, while others are quite expensive and lavish. With this rise in home prices and rent, Toronto is now up there with New York and Hong Kong. This gives it a high status and understandably attracts people with deeper pockets.

    Now, it comes as no surprise that not many people can live in these Toronto area neighborhoods. However, there are people who are fascinated by the lifestyle of the rich and famous and wish to get a glimpse of it. And there is no better way to do this than moving into one of those neighborhoods to experience the fancy life first hand. If you are one of the people who want to move to one such neighborhood, this list is perfect for you. The following list contains some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Toronto. Depending on who you ask, some of these areas might be absurdly expensive. However, if you want to surround yourself with splendor and beauty, no price is too high.

    panoramic view of toronto
    Toronto is open to everyone, no matter the economic status

    No list of expensive Toronto Neighborhoods can go without Forest Hill

    Forest hill is easily one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the Great Toronto Area. Plenty of Canadas high ranking celebrities own property in this area, so it comes as no surprise that Forest Hill is deemed as a high roller area. No other area has as many luxury mansions and housing, except Rosedale. Needless to say, pro movers Toronto Ontario will get you there in style. Aside from many amenities, the area also has some of the best education centers. These are the Upper Canada College, which is a boys-only school, and Bishop Strachan School, which is girls only. These private schools are labeled Canada’s best. Forest hill is filled with wealthy people and luxurious amenities such as excellent schools and restaurants. There are also large and small parks, boutiques, as well as plenty of greenery and rolling hills, all jut a few miles away from downtown Toronto.

    Rosedale-Moore Park, a victorian beauty surrounded by greenery

    Rosedale may not be the richest neighborhood of Toronto, but it is certainly the most beautiful one. And it is located right in the center of the city. And because of its beauty, Rosedale attracts Canada’s elite, like hockey players, businessmen, and actors. Aside from these newcomers, you will find Toronto’s old guard living in their victorian homes, built for the established families of Ontario. Rosedale is a beautiful neighborhood, with homes built in different styles surrounded by trees in every street. You will find homes in a modern, urban design, stately homes, and old victorian mansions with cast-iron gates.

    a mansion in the most expensive toronto neighborhood
    You can find a lot of beautiful homes in Rosedale

    The access to the downtown area is easy and quick, the parks surround the whole area, and there is plenty of shopping and dining to do. The home design makes this area one of the best places for real estate investment. Even though Rosedale is right in the center of the city, living in this area will make you feel like you are in the far countryside. Major roadways, such as the Mount Pleasant Road, and the Yonge and Bloor street intersection. Paired with the excellent coverage by the Toronto Transit Commission, you’ll be able to reach any part of the city in a matter of minutes.

    The Bridle Path – easily one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Toronto

    This is one of the most interesting places in the Great Toronto Area. Located in the Don River valley, people often refer to it as “Billionaires Row”. What makes Bridle so unique and interesting, is the way in which it has been built. Each property takes up roughly 2 acres of land smack dab in the middle of Toronto, all homes look like big family estates. Thеy’re encircled with tall walls and big gates, with greenery both in and outside the property. The Bridle Path owes its design to a man who had a deep passion for horses and horseback riding. His idea was that the homeowners of this area could enjoy a wide road with plenty of riding space.

    garden wall with flowers
    Tall walls and wide roads make Bridle Path so special

    The neighborhood is located roughly 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, and the Edwards Gardens, Toronto’s most beautiful botanical garden, is within walking distance. If you are a fan of long walks, Bridle Path is connected to the Sunnybrook area with a 9 mile long walking trail. The neighborhood itself attracts a very multicultural group of people. Most of the inhabitants are businessmen and international buyers from Russia, China, and Iran, as well as entrepreneurs seeking seclusion.

    York Mills – a retreat to nature

    York Mills gets its name from the mills that existed before, but now, it is far from a blue-collar area. Tall skyscrapers now stand where the gritty mills once stood. Through the years, it became one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Ontario, and maybe even all of Canada. The community revolves around nature and the residents are focused on tending to the scene. So, by moving here with the help of quality residential movers, you can expect to see a lot of greenery and beautiful gardens.  York Mills has many shopping malls, wineries, and craft shops. Because of all this, it easily earns the spot on the list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Toronto. Even though it is relatively far from Toronto, and can be considered a city escape, it is still 20 minutes away from the city.