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The Cheapest Way To Move Across Canada

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    How much your move is going to cost will depend on a few factors. The biggest effect on the price will have the distance, moving date, and the size of your belongings. For this reason, if you want to cut down the moving expenses, you should focus on these factors. You can’t really modify your moving distance to pay less. If you are moving across Canada, that’s is considered a long-distance move and you really can’t do much about it. However, you can choose a moving date during the off-season for Number 1 Movers when some professional movers can be up to 30% less expensive. Additionally, you can downsize your household, so you will have fewer belongings to relocate. This is not the only cheapest way to move across Canada. Here are a couple more just for you.  

    The cheapest way to move across Canada is to pick the right moving date  

    Choosing a moving date is an important step in moving preparation. It’s not the same if you are going to move during the summer months or winter. Summer is often referred to as peak season for movers. For this reason, you should know that the cheapest time of the year to move is from November to April. Additionally, other options you can use are the following.

    • Hire movers  
    • DIY move  
    • Rent a truck   
    • Declutter  

    One of the ways to have safe and cheaper relocation is to hire professional movers. However, you shouldn’t hire the first moving company that you see. You should ask for a moving estimate from at least three moving companies and then choose the best one. Also, keep in mind that there are different kinds of moving estimates and the best one is a binding not-to-exceed estimate.  

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    Choose your moving date wisely

    Is renting a moving truck a good option?  

    If you need to move a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment then renting a moving truck could be the cheapest way to move. However, the tricky part of renting a truck is to choose the right moving truck size. If you choose too small, then you can’t relocate all your items at once. This can be a huge problem when you are moving across the country. Also, choosing the bigger one than you actually need is just wasting money.  

    For this reason, if you are going to rent a moving truck or for any other type of move, you should first declutter your belongings. It’s a very simple step of decluttering items that you don’t need or use anymore. However, this step often is even harder to do than packing as it’s very hard to part ways with your belongings no matter how old they are.  

    Cheapest Way To Move Across Canada is to hire a moving truck
    You should rent a moving truck that can accommodate the size of your household

    Can move across Canada be cheap?  

    The average cost of moving across Canada is between CAD2,500 to CAD 6,500. That is quite a difference and of course, you want the cheapest way to move across Canada. For this reason, you should first decide how you are going to move with help from movers or alone. After that decision, you should then do the listed steps above.