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The Best Places to Live in the Greater Toronto Area

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When people are looking for a new place of residence, they take many important factors into consideration. The economy, prices of rent and real estate, job opportunities, healthcare, educational system, and many other elements of everyday life make some places stand out. When it comes to the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area, there is a multitude of interesting towns to choose from. Number 1 Movers Van Lines are experienced in performing relocation jobs in this area. Therefore, these professional movers will give you an overview of the most desirable places to live in Canada’s biggest city.

There are plenty of beautiful places to live in the Greater Toronto Area

Home to almost 6.5 million people, the vast space of GTA is a financial and economic hub and a very appealing area to live in. It is known for diversity and multiculturalism, so everyone feels welcome. The four major boroughs of GTA consist of a large number of towns. That is why it can be hard to choose a place of residence. Every town is special in its own way, and they all offer great activities and amenities. However, some towns have reached the top of the list for various reasons. Those are as follows:

  • Burlington
  • Markham
  • Oakville
  • Halton Hills
  • Mississauga
a photo of Toronto taken from the plane while looking for the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area
There are many beautiful places to live in the Greater Toronto Area!


Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Burlington is one of the best towns in Canada to raise a family. It is a vegan-friendly place, with numerous recreational facilities, great schools, and a low crime rate. Cyclists will be thrilled to find a 48 km-long cycling lane. The combination of an urban downtown and a rural rest of the town caters to various tastes and preferences.

The employment opportunities here are great, and the unemployment rate is very low. The citizens of Burlington boast high incomes, as well as a diverse art scene and a strong sports community. If you are coming from afar to Burlington, you can rest assured that the best long distance movers Toronto has to offer will ensure your relocation to this place goes seamlessly.


Settled just half an hour away from Toronto, this city boasts numerous perks. It has received many accolades over the years. The most important is the one regarding safety – Markham is thought to be 86% safer than other places in Canada. The housing prices are lower in comparison to Toronto but higher than in other suburban towns. It is the high-tech capital of Canada and home to the headquarters of numerous multinational companies. Various job opportunities in major companies make Markham a great place to live in.

maple leaves
Move to Markham and experience the real Canadian fall at the local fair

Every October, one of Canada’s oldest county fairs, the Markham Fair, takes place in this charming suburban town. And owing to its famous cultural diversity, you can eat the best Chinese food here. Markham offers shopping malls, bars, restaurants, and everything else that you need for a family or a single life. Here you can find excellent community events, such as the Taste of Asia Festival. Nature lovers will enjoy Rouge National Urban Park, the only urban park in Canada.


Just like many other towns in GTA, Oakville maintains the charm and benefits of a small place, while utilizing the proximity of Toronto’s strong job market. Although it’s a very affluent community, it attracts a lot of people with different backgrounds. In 2018 it made the top of the list of Canada’s best places to live. And for a reason. There is a strong sense of community in this place. And although the number of residents exceeds 200,000, the small-town vibe is still present. Its picturesque harbor, an array of shops and boutiques, and great schools such as Sheridan College, make this place ideal for living.

For those who wish to move from abroad, the best long distance movers Canada has will provide all moving-related services and relocate you to this charming place.

Halton Hills

This small town has a population of just over 60,000 inhabitants. With the downtown of Toronto an hour away, one can say that Halton Hills is a genuine small town in a midst of a megalopolis. The low crime rate and low unemployment rate make this place safe for living. This place boasts some of the best parks in the GTA. There are a lot of golf courses, bike and hike trails, and conservation areas. Families will enjoy numerous skateparks and swimming pools. All of this makes Halton Hills one of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. Moving here can be very easy with the best residential movers in Toronto handling and supervising your relocation.

hiking trail in the forest
Astonishing nature with plenty of hiking trails is what GTA offers to its residents


The sixth largest city in Canada, Mississauga is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. With a population of over 800,000 residents, this place stands out in the GTA area. With the Toronto Pearson International Airport in its vicinity, this city is a very convenient location for frequent travelers and businesspeople.  It is also a melting pot of various cultural events. Music and art lovers will enjoy living here, as they will be able to attend extraordinary events and places such as The Art Gallery of Mississauga, Blues and Jazz Festival, The Living Arts Centre, and many more. The residents of Mississauga mostly use public transport and bike to get around town, as only two-thirds of residents drive a car. In Mississauga, you can take part in various activities – from shopping to salmon fishing and kayaking. The costs of living are in line with the rest of the area, as well as the quality of schools.

There are many extraordinary places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you are keen on a small-town suburban feel or vibrant urban energy, you are likely to find a perfect place for yourself and your family. No matter which town you choose for your new place of residence, you will have all the necessary amenities at your disposal, as well as great traffic connections to Toronto. Relocation opportunities are countless, and with the right moving company, you will be able to adapt to a new environment in no time.