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The Best Brampton Neighborhoods for Retirees

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    Seniors talking about Best Brampton Neighborhoods for Retirees

    Retirement is actually an ideal time for finding a new home as you are not bound by a job or kids’ school to stay in one place. Now, you only need to find a new city and hire Number 1 Movers for your relocation. As for where you are going to move, you should consider Brampton in your choices. Brampton has many benefits that are good for retirees. For this reason, here are the best Brampton neighborhoods for retirees.  

    What are the best Brampton neighborhoods for retirees?  

    Brampton is the ninth biggest city in Canada and also, in the top 15 best cities for living in Canada according to a couple of magazines. It’s a big city with a population over of 600 000 and many benefits for people of all ages. Brampton has around 835 parks where you can go for morning or evening walks to stay in shape. All Brampton neighborhoods are good for moving with movers Brampton, but you should consider these ones:  

    • Downtown Brampton  
    • Westgate  
    • Brampton South  
    • Gore Meadows  
    • Heart Lake  

    Why is Brampton good for a living?  

    Brampton is known as “The Flower Town of Canada” for its large greenhouse industry. Moving for seniors is not easy and it’s important to stay healthy during a move. For this reason, Brampton could be a good city for seniors as it has a high-quality lifestyle and hospital services. Also, there are many other fun outdoor and indoor activities that are suitable for retirees.  

    cars on the street
    It is important to live in a peaceful neighborhood

    Why Downtown Brampton is a good neighborhood for retirees?  

    When looking for a good neighborhood for living as a retiree, it’s important that the neighborhood is safe, affordable, and close to institutions like hospitals. Also, you should know that personal documents and medical history are belongings you should personally transport. Luckily, these items are easy to pack and very light. Downtown Brampton has more affordable housing options with an average price of $560,000 which is lower than in other neighborhoods. Furthermore, it’s a relatively safe neighborhood with attractions and an active lifestyle.  

    Westgate is one of the safest neighborhoods 

    If your main goal is to find the safest neighborhood in Brampton then you should move to Westgate. This neighborhood has less than 1% of crime rate, so you can hardly find a safer place than this one. Westgate neighborhood also has a quality lifestyle and more affordable housing costs. You can say that you found a perfect neighborhood for retirees in Westgate.  

    white house
    Houses are quite affordable

    Overall lifestyle in Brampton could be suitable for retirees  

    Finding the Best Brampton neighborhoods for retirees is pretty easy as all neighborhoods are great in this city. However, which one you will pick depends on what you are looking for in your new neighborhood. Most retirees like peaceful neighborhoods close to parks, and nature. For this reason, you should consider Gore Meadows and Heart Lake. Gore Meadows has a lot of green space, hiking trails, and a library. Heart Lake on other hand has a heart-shaped lake, the Loafer’s Lake recreation center, walking, and bike trails.