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The Best Activities for Kids in Hamilton

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There are a lot of Activities for Kids in Hamilton

Hamilton is a port city located in Ontario, Canada. You can find it at the west end of Lake Ontario. Residents claim that the city has changed for the better over the years. Good universities and a quality community separate it from the previous reputation of a dull industrial area. If you consider moving to Hamilton, now would be the time. Affordable and safe neighborhoods will make your search for a home considerably easier. With an abundance of content for learning enthusiasts, this city also offers great nature getaways. Activities for Kids in Hamilton are plenty, and in the text that follows, we will name just a few.

One of the favorite activities for kids in Hamilton

Let’s face it, every kid enjoys water activities. Come summer, and all they want to do is swim and splash. What better place to visit on a sunny day than Wild Waterworks? The fun starts on the first Saturday of June well to Labour Day. Your little ones are free to ride tube and body slides. Wave pool tends to be a universal favorite, while no too few opt for an Eazy River experience. For the youngest of offspring, there is a separated children’s area where they can have all the fun while staying safe. It is a great place for the whole family, where everyone can have an amazing time.

Two little girls with sunglasses swimming with swimming rings
Staying safe while maintaining the ultimate coolness

A true delight for the senses

This one is a real and delicious treat for every nature enthusiast. Royal Botanical Gardens will leave you feeling truly royal. One of the reasons for this is that in 1930 King George V of England has deemed it fit to bear such a name. It is the only botanical garden in Canada that holds this honor and right. Next to 27km of nature trails, two exquisite restaurants, and a teahouse, Royal Botanical Gardens are filled with wonderous views. For a true experience, you will need nothing but time. Pick and choose from:

  • Hendrie Park, the largest garden area, with sites like Centennial Rose Garden, the Scented Garden, the White Garden, the Medieval Garden, and many others.
  • David Braley and Nancy Gordon Rock Garden. This was once the entry point of the city when coming from Toronto. All residents, as well as visitors, consider it a worthy enhancement to Hamilton’s beauty, and it’s rather easy to see why. You can enjoy a year-round perennial display, conifer display, and a tranquil waterfall.
  • Arboretum is a true treat. Diverse trees and woody plants are just the introductions to the Lilac Collection. It is considered to be the most diverse in North America, possessing over 600 species. Don’t be too surprised to also find magnolias, dogwoods, redbud, crabapples, and evergreens.
  • Indoor and outdoor displays, the Mediterranean Garden, and an underground tunnel leading to Hendrie Park are at a hands reach in RBG Centre.
A beautiful garden trail
Royal Garden fit for a king will also be fit for your little prince or princess.

Lions in Canada?

But, of course! Lions, giraffes, and even elephants. One cannot name all the best activities for kids in Hamilton without mentioning the African Lion Safari. This drive-through wildlife park started with only 40 lions, but now homes over 1000 animals over 750 acres. Game Reserves offer an experience similar to that of the zoo. However, the tables are turned. Human visitors are ”caged” in their vehicles, while animals roam free. This nine-km drive will take you through seven distinctive reserves, where you’ll see different kinds of exotic birds and animals. African Queen is a boat that will take you on an exciting, 15-minute cruise along Water Safari Lake. You will be able to enjoy to view of the Australian black swan and African pink-backed pelican. Kids especially love the sight of primates like lemurs and spider monkeys. However, a true favorite to all the young ones is the Pet’s Corner. Here they are able to get close and even pet alpacas, goats, rabbits, deer, and other furry mammals.

A little lion
Taking your kids to see Simba is certainly one of the best activities for kids in Hamilton

Great opportunity to learn and have fun

Head over to the Steam and Technology Museum and have a great weekend with your whole family. Just ask your Number 1 Van Lines Ontario and they will tell you how the Steamer days are especially fun and offer plenty of activities. Catch a ride on their infamous miniature steam trains, or enjoy Boats in the Park. We bet it won’t surprise you to know that parents lean towards Building Mechanical Toys the most.


All kids love trains. It is a familiar fact to many. The Steam and Technology Museum has a miniature (made to scale) steam-run trains that run on tracks throughout the whole park area. You can have a ride on these bad boys during the whole summer, twice per month until September, to be exact.

An old train running on tracks
Harry Potter has made train stations a whole lot more exhilarating for little wizards and witches in the making.


Miniature models of boats and ships varying in shapes and sizes are also big crowd pleasers. Sailboats, yachts, tug-boats and the like have their cruises in the large pool. On certain days, you can even see the members of  Confederation of Marine Modellers steering the boats with radio remote controls. Everyone is welcome to give their own boat a ride.


The Steam and Technology Museum uses its activities for kids in Hamilton as an opportunity to teach. The best example of this may just be the display of mechanized toys. Canadian Modeling Association for Meccano and Allied Systems has really stepped up and shown their quality with this project. Amongst others, you will be able to see cranes, robots, planes, ships, windmills, Ferris wheels, and telescopes.