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The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

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Are you looking for ideal storage solutions for your belongings? Then you should probably consider all the kinds of storage units, and choose the one that suits you best. Have you heard of climate controlled storage? You are probably wondering if the benefits of climate controlled storage are worth the added cost. This type of units maintains a consistent temperature all year round. And additionally, some units even offer enhanced humidity control. But is this what you need? Let’s find out together.

The benefits of climate controlled storage

If you are moving and looking for short or long term storage, reliable movers Ontario can help you find a storage solution. Basic self-storage solutions are sufficient for a lot of different households, business, and yard items. However, climate controlled storage is necessary and highly recommended for some sensitive items you may want to store. Items like wooden furniture, antiques, musical instruments, electronics, or fine art require special care. If you’re the owner of this type of items and you are looking for a place to store them, you’ll want to consider all the advantages of a climate controlled unit, a humidity controlled unit, or both.

Water drops on the glass cannot affect climate controlled storage.
Climate controlled units protect your items from moisture and mold.

Extreme temperature protection

The problem is that in many parts of the country, temperatures can climb above 100 degrees in the summer and drop drastically in the winter. If you live or moving to a climate that has drastic temperature changes, you may want to protect your possessions from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures. Sensitive materials can suffer from warping, splitting, or cracking due to the change in temperature, and since these items are often expensive ones, you want to avoid that. Additionally, some office items like business records can also be damaged due to the highs and lows of temperature change.

Items that require a climate controlled environment

  • Wood furniture, upholstered furniture, especially antiques
  • Mattresses
  • Musical instruments
  • Books, notebooks, and magazines
  • Business records
  • Electronics
  • Important documents
  • Vinyl records

Humidity control

Humidity control is not something that every climate control unit has. Therefore, check if the climate controlled unit you’re looking at also offers humidity control. Be aware that if there’s too much moisture in the air items may warp, crack, or rot. This kind of units usually keeps the base humidity around 55% by manually removing excess moisture from the air. These special conditions are very important for antique furniture. Furthermore, units that don’t have humidity control may be slightly wet during the entire spring and fall seasons which can stimulate mildew growth. Actually, whatever you are storing can be affected by humidity. If any item is stored long enough in a humid environment without any circulation in the air, it may smell like it was stored in a basement. Hence, humidity control is one of the most important amenities to look for in storage facilities.

And moisture is not the only problem. Additionally, when there is not enough humidity in the air, this can wreak havoc on wood, causing it to craze, dry out, and splinter. In the peak of summer and winter, dryness in the air is very high. Consequently, it could damage your valuables like musical instruments, electronics, and wine. On the other hand, when a storage unit has heating and cooling equipment, any water that enters the space will evaporate quickly and prevent possible damage.

A violin needs to be stored in a climate controlled storage.
Musical instruments requires special care and climate controlled environment.

Preventing mold growth

In extreme and unregulated temperatures, both delicate and not delicate items in a storage unit may become damp, leading to mold growth. And once mold begins to grow on fabrics, it is very difficult to remove it. The mold leaves a stain on the material and creates an odd smell. But with proper climate control storage, you can avoid mold growth on your possessions.

Protecting electrical wiring

The high humidity from weather conditions can create moisture on the electrical wiring of electronics and appliances. And this moisture can cause severe damage of the wires in refrigerators, televisions, or stereos, making the devices nonfunctional.

Weather protection

Most noteworthy, in a climate controlled storage facility, your items are protected from the wrath of Mother Nature. Outdoor facilities are a bit risky when it comes to weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and floods. While indoor, climate controlled units, on the other hand, are well isolated and protected, which means your belongings will be safe and sound.

Protection against pests

This may sound shocking, but outdoor facilities are more likely to experience bug and rodent infestations. And these small creatures, like gnats, moths, and mice, can wreak havoc on your items, damage furniture, fabric, and even electronics. Climate controlled storage units, indoors and well-sealed, keep away these unwanted guests. Outdoor units aren’t enough insulated or sealed to keep out rodents and insect pests. They have a much harder time invading indoor climate-controlled units, which is practically impossible. Hence, you don’t have to worry about pests or spider infestations that could damage your belongings, such as silverfish and the common clothes moth. Climate controlled storage conditions also keep out rodents that could build nests in boxes and contaminate your belongings with dander and feces. Sound scary?

Thunderstorm cannot affect a climate controlled storage.
Indoor storage units are protected from different weather conditions.

Air circulation

Poor or no air circulation in storage can lead to many problems. It can cause high-humidity levels, dust, mold and mildew problems. This can leave your items with a musky smell and damp feeling. To prevent this, Oakville movers recommend renting a climate controlled storage unit.  These units are programmed to circulate air and keep a consistent temperature. This will keep your items in their original condition a year around. People tend to overlook air quality when renting storage units. Keep in mind that a standard outdoor storage unit is not sealed the same way an indoor climate controlled unit is. And since climate controlled storage facilities continuously circulate the air, the air always remains clean. This means you don’t even need to open your storage unit from time to time to ventilate it. Additionally, for sensitive electronics or documents, air quality should be a crucial factor.

From dusk till dawn

Climate controlled storage units are usually inside buildings with insulated and sealed roofs, walls, and floors. Consequently, these units are less vulnerable to minor flooding or tracked in dirt. The big benefit of this type of storage is that you will have less dust and debris. Hence, you will find your items just the way you left them, whether you store them for a week, a month, or a decade. Climate controlled storage gives you peace of mind, and that is priceless.