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Long distance movers in Calgary: 4 Ways to find the best movers

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    Long distance movers in Calgary: 4 Ways to find the best movers

    Moving can be an exciting time. You’ve got some boxes and a few days to fill with unpacking, putting away, organizing, and rearranging. But when you’re looking for movers, you must choose the right company and the ones who are experienced at making long-distance moves. To help make sure this doesn’t happen (and ensure that everything arrives safely), we’ve assembled a list of 4 tips you can use when searching for long distance movers in Calgary:

    1. Create a shortlist of movers.

    1. Create a shortlist of movers.
    2. Look for licensed and insured companies and those with good BBB ratings.
    3. If you’re moving across town or the country, consider a wide range of services from packing to storage and unpacking—the more your mover offers, the better!
    4. Ask about customer service: how long does it take them to respond? Do they answer their phones? How long will it take them to show up at your house/apartment/condo?
    Long distance movers in Calgary
    Long distance movers in Calgary preparing for the move

    2. Get estimates from each of the movers on your shortlist.

    1. You should get a detailed estimate of the entire move.
    2. Ask for a quote for the packing and unpacking.
    3. Ask for a quote for the moving truck.
    4. Ask for a quote on insurance coverage if you’re worried about how much it costs to insure your belongings during transit across the country or around town (and don’t forget to factor in any damage to them).

    And lastly and most importantly ask any movers you’re considering hiring what their delivery fee will be!

    3. You should ask every moving company for references.

    1. Get references from every moving company you consider.
    2. Ask for references from previous clients.
    3. Find out if anyone you know has used the company before and ask for references.
    4. Ask for references from people who have used the company in the past 5 years or 3 years, and give them your contact information so they can pass along any feedback about their experience with your new mover!

    4. Look for reviews of the movers on your shortlist.

    Before purchasing anything, make sure you do your research. For example, if you’re looking for a new car, you’ll want to check out reviews from the owners of other recently purchased vehicles. The same goes for movers!

    Long distance movers in Calgary
    Long distance movers in Calgary loading stuff.

    You can find reviews by searching Google or Yelp (or any other review site) and checking out the number of reviews each company has received. It would help if you also looked at what people say about long distance movers in Calgary on social media and their overall rating on Google Maps.

    If possible, try searching for all three things: the number of total positive ratings combined with positive ratings per person, negative ratings combined with negative ratings per person, and average rating based on all three measurements combined.

    There are so many moving companies in Calgary, and it can be hard to decide which one is best for your needs. We hope our tips have helped you find the perfect long-distance movers in Calgary! If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us at any time, and we’ll be happy to help with all your questions about moving services or give recommendations based on our personal experiences.