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Last minute large household moves

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    Last minute large household moves

    If you are moving soon then you will have to know how to properly prepare for an upcoming relocation. Especially when you’re organizing a last minute large household moves. This can be very difficult because most of the time people get scared and don’t know what to do. That is why today we will provide you with the best guide you can have to make your relocation easier. And with the help of Number 1 Movers, you will certainly have a stress-less move. Keep reading to learn more. Continue reading “Last minute large household moves”

    Essential long distance moving services to consider

    Organizing a long distance relocation is something that can take a lot of time and patience. And if you don’t know what are the essential long distance moving services then you will have a hard time. Today will guide you through the moving process and tell you what kind of moving services and need to consider when you’re moving far away. Once you contact your Number 1 Movers, you will get to know more about this in detail, so you won’t have to worry. But for now, here is what you need to know. Continue reading “Essential long distance moving services to consider”

    Tips for finding an apartment in Oshawa

    Deciding to move usually starts with apartment hunting. This may seem like a challenge, but with enough information, it can be a breeze. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what are your specific needs and then go from that. Finding an apartment is easier if you know what exactly are you looking for. With this out of the way, here are other tips for finding an apartment in Oshawa. Continue reading “Tips for finding an apartment in Oshawa”

    Tips for planning a garage sale before moving

    Decluttering is a process when you try to get rid of all the items in your household you do not need anymore. There are several ways you can do this, and planning a garage sale before moving is one of them. This way you can earn some extra cash you can use for something once you are done moving, or for anything else. And when you are done with the sale, you can contact your Number 1 Movers and plan your move. Now, let us tell you what you need to do. Continue reading “Tips for planning a garage sale before moving”

    5 Common Office Move Mistakes

    Every business faces tough decisions over time. One of them could be the relocation of the offices. Hopefully, this is because your business is growing, so you need a bigger space. However, moving a business is a delicate and complex procedure. The move must be carefully planned and carried out efficiently or your business can suffer. Fortunately, you can count on commercial movers Toronto to help you in this difficult period. Nevertheless, mistakes are always possible. Therefore, stay with us, as we will pinpoint the 5 most common office move mistakes, so you know how to avoid them. Continue reading “5 Common Office Move Mistakes”

    How to avoid hiring low-quality movers in Toronto

    When you’re preparing for the move the best thing you can do is avoid hiring low-quality movers in Toronto. If you are a first-time mover you will probably have a hard time picking the best moving company for your relocation. That is why the following article will tell you how you can find the best movers before moving and see how you can organize your relocation wheat the help of Number 1 Movers in Canada. Continue reading to learn more. Continue reading “How to avoid hiring low-quality movers in Toronto”

    Tips for hiring local movers in Toronto

    Relocating your belongings in the city of Toronto means that you probably find a better place to live in and that is why this move should be a positive experience for you and your family. Relocations are supposed to mean that you get a new start and that everything will be much better from now on. That is why it’s crucial that you hire some of the best local movers Toronto residents recommend all the time. This way, you can leave all the hard work to someone else and enjoy this event without any stress or issues. But, knowing some of the best tips for hiring local movers in Toronto will definitely help you make the right choice and hire reliable and trustworthy movers. Check our blog and we will tell you what traits to pay attention to and how to handle this part of the move.

    Continue reading “Tips for hiring local movers in Toronto”

    Moving from Niagara Falls to Toronto

    Relocating your home from Niagara Falls to Toronto will be a great experience if you know what are the things you simply have to pay attention to. Number 1 Movers are here to help you relocate your home with one of the best moving companies Niagara Falls residents recommend, without any issues. Having a great move is going to help you have a great relocation as well. That is why, you can relax and prepare for your new home the right way, getting all the vital information and you will be ready for this next step. Moving from Niagara Falls to Toronto will definitely transform your life for the better, and you will love living in this amazing city. Now, you just have to prepare and enjoy! Continue reading “Moving from Niagara Falls to Toronto”

    How to get a business license in Toronto

    If you’re planning to open a business in Toronto, then you need to know what kind of paperwork you have to do. Having proper licenses will allow you to work. That is why we can help you learn how to get a business license in Toronto. Follow our guide, and with the help of Number 1 Movers, you will move fast and open your business with ease. In other words, this is what you need to do. Continue reading “How to get a business license in Toronto”

    Things to do in Oshawa

    People who think about moving somewhere new and fresh but haven’t decide where they want to move can travel to see and feel some new places. Traveling is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Some people don’t like to travel at all, but we could say there are more those who do. We can choose to go to short destinations, somewhere near our place where we live. Others can choose long trips and faraway places. Let’s say there are many choices in the world. In this case, we say Canada, and we analyze all things to do in Oshawa. Why Oshawa? Why not. Because people need to explore, see and move from time to time. The important thing is not to be afraid to move and there are always professionals who can assist, whether they work in traveling or moving companies.

    Wooden house in the park
    All the things to do in Oshawa…feel them and see them!

    Step up and decide!

    So if you don’t know whether to move somewhere for permanent or not, you can first go on vacation and see can you imagine yourself living there. So now we are going to go through few things that you can visit and see during spending time in Oshawa. If you decide that you do want to live in Oshawa after the vacation, don’t worry, there are the best people who can help you move. Movers Oshawa is the most reliable mover company there, and they work at short and long destinations as well. 

    Things do to in Oshawa:

    • Visit some of the cultural places
    • Take a walk and feel the nature
    • Know the life in the city – in the day and night
    • Try cuisine in Oshawa
    • Meet some new people

    First thing first, if you travel in winter bring something warm to wear. If you go in the summer, the weather is usually very nice, not cold and not too warm. Put on your best jacket and enjoy some of the many museums in the city, parks, gardens, and places to go for drinks and to eat.

    History on our palm

    Museums are important for every human and society, so the more we recognize that the more we do for our spirits. In the end, maybe you choose to stay in Oshawa for a living, so in this way, you could know better this place. These are some examples from you could choose to visit while in Oshawa:

    • The Canadian Automotive Museum

    Something that you don’t expect often when comes to museums are cars.

    Cars are not the first thing that crosses your mind when you expect some history around. The Canadian Automotive Museum is a place where you can see over 65 cars collection. It is an interesting story of automotive history in Oshawa. 

    Old cars in the gallery
    How we used to drove at the beginning
    • The Ontario Regiment Museum 

    Here you can see the biggest collection of operational military equipment in Canada and it also shows Regiment’s history from the early 1800s to the present day.

    • The Oshawa Museum

    It is located on the margins of Lake Ontario in lovely Lakeview Park, it shows the story of Oshawa from Indigenous inhabitants to the present day. 

    • The Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

    The Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame and Museum exhibits Oshawa’s rich sports history and achievements.

    • Parkwood Estate National Historic Site 

    This was the home of Canadian auto baron, R.S. McLaughlin who would in the early 1900s. ultimately supervise the operations of General Motors of Canada. Parkwood Estate has notable architectural, garden & landscape designs and unique furnishings.

    • The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

    is the most extensive gallery with over 4000 artworks in its collection. The collection contains modern and contemporary Canadian art. Also includes the historic Thomas Bouckley Collection and the greatest collection of art by the group, Painters Eleven.

    Look at all the colors, feel the breeze on your skin

    Imagine yourself living surrounded by all the green color you could get, you would get out of your home and just walked till the sun goes down. In the summer Oshawa is nice for taking a walk through some nearby park or garden. Of all the things to do in Oshawa, experience nature is maybe one of the better ones. Take a time to smell the flowers. You can experience new surroundings, now when you are in this city. If you moved from your maybe old home where you weren’t surrounded with all the green, to the new one you can just relax and enjoy some of the places filled with energy from the list:

    • The Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens
    • Valleyview Gardens
    • North Oshawa Park
    • Brookside Park
    • Russett Park
    • Durham Court Park
    • Memorial Park
    • Airmen’s Park
    • Lakefront West Park

    There is also Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm, seven kilometers for walking and cycling paths in the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve. Also, a little bit furder and near Toronto – Niaraga falls are just a driving distance of 190 kilometers from Oshawa.

    Path with flowers by the side
    Relax and smell the flowers

    Go to grab a bite with your new friends

    Lonely people are sad people, don’t let yourself be miserable because you are in some new town. Whether you going on a vacation or you are moving to your new home you need friends and food.

    Oshawa like every other place on earth has great people, choose ones that suit you, go to a bar or a coffee place, maybe you will meet someone and if you decide to move there also, they could help you with various things till the time Oshawa becomes your second nature.

    Go to some restaurants, this is the place where you have all kinds of food: vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian, barbeques, Chinese, Italian, all sorts of baking and pastries, spicy Indian food, Greek, etc.

    When you meet people in person, everyone thinks differently and from everyone, you can learn something new, in that situation, you will never lose new things to do in Oshawa.

    One step ahead – starting a new life

    Find someone to help you with packing bags and/or all the belongings you have. Grab your suitcase and prepare because you are going to investigate some different things. Be ready to maybe fall in love with Oshawa in the great and wonderful Canada. You will go on a vacation and perhaps you will start living there in the end.