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See what factors make up the costs of junk removal in Vancouver and how to minimize it

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    When you decide to get rid of the extra junk in your home, the common confusion that holds you back is the lack of clarity on the cost of the service. It is essential to know what goes into the cost of junk removal services when you start to look for one in your area. The cost of junk removal in Vancouver can depend on several factors.

    Let’s go over the cost factors one by one:

    1. Volume of junk: The junk removal costs largely depend on the volume of
      sorted junk kept outside
      Junk sorted in trash cans

      the garbage. The companies use trucks with large capacities of 10-15 cubic yards and the cost can depend on the amount of space your stuff takes. A minimal truckload can cost you around $200 – $250 and approximately $500 for a half to full size truckload.


    1. Weight: In case you have some heavy stuff with you, the cost can easily add up. Weight is a big factor in the cost because hauling weight is usually fixed per pound of junk for the junk removal companies. To keep the cost as minimal as possible, try to keep everything dry. Some junk like a mattress can easily become heavy when it is wet, and keeping everything dry is a good practice to lower the costs by a significant amount.


    1. Labor: Companies include free labor of 1 hour in their package. This is for the general loading of goods into
      workers loading a small junk removal truck
      Junk removal in progress

      their trucks. But if the process requires more labor to take all the junk out of your home, it can add up the hourly rate of labor in the total amount. You can expect to pay anywhere around $45 – $60 in labor charges per hour for junk removal services in Vancouver. Labor costs are the easiest way to save money in junk removal services and reduce the total cost. If you can spare some time to take the stuff out yourself or even ask someone in your family or friends to help you, you can easily save up on cost.


    These are the 3 main factors that goes into the cost of junk removal in Vancouver. You can expect the prices to be $40 – $60 per cubic yard on average if you include all the factors in. You can even save up some money to keep the cost low if you take the stuff out yourself and keep everything dry like we mentioned above. It is worth the effort if you have some time to spare and it will be a fun way to catch up with your friends if they’re helping you out in it. Now that you know about the cost structure of junk removal companies in your area, you can estimate the total for yourself and move on ahead with the process.