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Safety Tips for Moving Sculptures and Statues Long Distance

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    A statue of a sleeping angel

    Many people have artwork in their homes. Once you get one piece and get mesmerized by its beauty, you will want more. This is a serious way to start a collection. But in that time, you don’t think about having to move all those fragile items one day. But once it is time to move, this will swiftly occupy your mind. These breakable and valuable items are safest in the hands of Number 1 Movers Van Lines. But before you give them over to your movers, you need to prepare them properly. But moving sculptures and statues long distance the right way requires care, attention, and skill. And we are here to help with it.

    Moving sculptures and statues long-distance – safety tips

    When moving locally, there is a low chance that something will happen during transport. But during a long-distance move, the chance is higher. Your best bet to minimize the possibility of something bad happening is to hire some office movers Burlington Ontario. But since moving sculptures and statues long distances requires extra attention, you should also:

    • Use a lot of packing materials
    • Get insurance
    • Gather high-quality boxes
    A picture of three monkey figurines
    When moving sculptures and statues long distance, you need to put in extra effort

    Be generous with packing materials

    The number 1 tip you will get from any long distance movers in Canada is to use extra packing materials. They are the biggest barrier between your items and outside factors that could damage your items, so you should take the advice. When bought in larger quantities, packing materials can turn out expensive. But if you want to save on packing materials, do this for less fragile items. Extra layers of bubble wrap and packing paper will go a long way when it comes to expensive sculptures.

    Get insurance

    There are different types of insurance, and some Mississauga office movers offer at least basic insurance for every customer. But when it comes to valuable items, you should investigate a little and get additional insurance. The best one you could get for sculptures is fine art moving insurance. If something happens to your items, you will get the full value back, but check with your moving insurance to ensure there are no exceptions.

    High-quality boxes

    Another important packing supply that helps protect your items is the moving boxes. No matter what kind of moving boxes Ontario you get, make sure that you get the right size. The size of the sculpture should decide the size of the box, and you shouldn’t put more than one art piece in one box. Surround the wrapped item in a generous amount of crumbled-up packing paper until nothing shifts when you move the box.

    A couple getting ready for moving sculptures and statues long distance
    The right moving boxes will protect your items

    Conclusion on moving sculptures and statues long distance

    Remember that you are relocating valuables when moving sculptures and statues long distance. Whatever you might try to save when preparing for a move, whether it is time or money, it could backfire. If something happens, you will end up paying much more than you would for proper preparations. So hire professionals to save the day.