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Reasons why Professional Limo Companies are Better than Uber

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    Limo Service Chicago
    Limo Service Chicago

    1. Costs

    Quite possibly the most needed and basic excursions in Chicago, for instance, is the one from O’Hare International Airport to Downtown Chicago and the other way around. A straightforward correlation between numerous Limo Service Chicago organizations from Windy City and Uber’s costs will uncover that the rates are 15% to 20% lower for an O’Hare – Downtown ride. The justification that is straightforward – the majority of the ground transportation organizations have level rates dependent on mileage, yet Uber consolidates the mileage with the time factor which makes it pretty harsh for you during busy times.

    2. Booking

    So is there a contrast between booking with a standard limo organization and mentioning a dark vehicle from Uber? Not actually. On the off chance that you need to utilize Uber’s administrations you need to make a record with them. You can do totally something very similar with any authorized limousine organization and book a vehicle a similar way you do with Uber.

    3. Money

    Indeed, old fashioned King Cash. A sovereignty which isn’t permitted to go with you in the event that you are having a limo ride with Uber. What’s more, ordinarily you’d prefer pay cash than utilize a Visa since you don’t have one or simply don’t have any desire to put charges on it right now. In contrast to Uber, limo organizations give you the advantage to pay the manner in which you need to, including cash, and don’t restrict you to only one choice. Exploit!

    4. Contact

    Converse with genuine individuals in the event that you need to book, get a statement or need any sort of data. The live contact makes everything go smoother, and you will feel more certain about the limousine administration you are getting. An accomplished dispatch will answer your call whenever and offer you clear responses to your inquiries. But picking up the telephone, the dispatches are likewise following flights and drivers day in and day out ensuring that each client gets top notch administration. Appreciate the ride!

    5. Meet and welcome

    This is one of the numerous additional items that Uber doesn’t give, and others do. Meet and welcome is an extraordinary alternative for individuals who need assistance with the baggage after their flight or need to dazzle a meeting colleague, relative or companion. Your driver will welcome you by baggage carousel with a sign with your name on it, help you with the packs and furnish you with a straightforward excursion.

    6. Vehicle seat

    Each limousine organization offers three sorts of vehicle seats for your little ones – back confronting one, forward looking and supporter. With Uber, you need to bring your own vehicle seat, append it and withdraw it and shuffle with it and the remainder of your things when the ride. It will cost you some extra in the event that you demand one from a limo organization however it will save a ton of time and exertion and will make your movement experience considerably more wonderful.

    7. Notes

    At the point when you are reserving a limousine, you can alter your request by adding notes for your driver – an alternative you don’t have with Uber. For example, you can pick more explicit get area (your indirect access, carport, and so forth) or solicitation a non-smoking driver. You can make changes that way and get the best out of your limo experience. Your driver will be glad to help you and please you. It’s your call!

    8. Pick a driver

    Certain individuals like certain drivers. On the off chance that you like your driver’s way of driving, his mentality, his appearance or vehicle, you can generally demand him again for your next ride. With Uber you generally end up with an alternate driver and an alternate vehicle. No one can really tell who will deal with you and how. Trust the experts and pick any completely authorized and safeguarded limousine organization.