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Reasons to live in one of Canada’s small towns

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If you want to live in one of Canada's small towns like this one, you won't make a mistake

Having in mind that a large number of Canadians now work from home, you can live wherever you want. Therefore, many people consider leaving bustling big cities, and moving to the countryside in search of better life and cheaper housing. Besides affordability, there are many reasons to live in one of Canada’s small towns. Keeping this in mind, it’s no surprise that movers Ontario have their hands full moving people to these places.

Affordable housing & low costs of living

If you are looking for cheap housing, there’s a bigger chance you will find it in a smaller town or a rural area. Just take a look at the median home prices in Toronto, and you will see the allure of moving to a smaller town. Furthermore, because your home will be less expensive than one in a big city, you’d be able to invest more money in other things.

Example: Grimsby, ON

The cost of living greatly depends on the location of the town. In most southern and central parts of Canada, you will find living in a small town to be cheaper. House prices and rents are lower, and you have fewer opportunities to waste your money on cheap thrills. For example, the average house price in Grimsby is $534,450. This is significantly less than the average house price in Toronto, which is CA$699,000.

A photograph of Lake Ontario you can see everyday if you decide to live in one of Canada's small towns.
Grimsby is on Lake Ontario, a great place to move to for nature lovers everywhere.

Grimsby is located on Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, in proximity to Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo. It also has plenty of wineries and farm-fresh food in vicinity. Keeping that in mind, Grimsby is one of the places to consider if you want to relocate to a smaller town in Canada. Contact the movers Grimsby has to offer if you find this beautiful small community appealing. This town is a hidden treasure for anyone looking for the conveniences of modern life but with a rural community atmosphere.

Desire to be closer to nature is one of the reasons to live in one of Canada’s small towns

In a bigger city, you have more entertainment options, but opportunities to enjoy nature are pretty much scarce. Meanwhile, small towns and rural places are typically less dense, with more access to forests, provincial parks, and conservation areas. You’ll also have greater accessibility to properties with larger yards where you can enjoy outdoor living space.

Example: Dundas, ON

For those who prefer to be a little closer to nature, the picturesque town of Dundas may be the perfect location. Located within the Hamilton area, this small community is well known for its beautiful parks and forest trekking trails. On top of that, it also has numerous waterfalls nearby! However, perhaps the biggest Dundas treasure is its downtown, as its XIX-century architecture makes it a popular filming location and tourist attraction.

Tew's Falls near Dundas, one of Canada's small towns
The nature of Dundas is so fascinating that you will not regret moving there for even a second!

People who wish to escape the metropolitan areas are constantly drawn here, not just for a tourist visit but with plans to move in for good. Its proximity to the scenic Dundas Peak, as well as The Bruce Trail and the Tews and Webster Falls, makes it ideal for those seeking to relax in the serenity of untouched nature. If this sounds interesting, we’re sure Dundas movers have some good offers for you to consider!

Less traffic & better quality of life is a good reason to live in one of Canada’s small towns

If you’ve experienced rush hour in a major city such as Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal, you probably dream of avoiding long commutes and traffic jams. Just imagine that having to wait for the green light is the worst part of your daily commute! Living in a small town offers exactly that. Besides, living in these towns can provide you with better balance of work and leisure time, as most places you need to visit daily are within walking distance.

Example: Ancaster, ON

If you’re working in a city like Hamilton, Oakville, or even Toronto, living in Ancaster might just be the best option. Hamilton is only fifteen minutes away by car, getting to Mississauga takes around thirty-five minutes, and if you need to visit Toronto – it will take you just over an hour.

Condo in Ancaster, where you might live if you decide to live in one of Canada's small towns
If you move to Ancaster, you might have a better quality of living in one of the city’s modern condos

Pre-COVID, there were 10 new developments in progress in Ancaster, offering new homebuyers plenty of choices in terms of housing options. Three of the 10 developments were planned condos, 3 were townhouse developments, and 4 were comprised of beautiful, multi-level single-family homes. So, if you’re considering moving to Ancaster, now is probably the best time to hire Ancaster movers and relocate to this welcoming and friendly little town.

Living in a small town offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs & job seekers

Finding a job is one of the top priorities for most people who change their place of residence. While employment possibilities have always been better in large cities, it’s important to point out that rural towns also offer good job opportunities. Many mid-sized and small cities have an aging population that is retiring soon and need to fill those job vacancies. Hence, compared to big cities like Vancouver or Toronto, small communities have an unemployment rate that’s traditionally below average.

Although some sources claim that smaller towns offer little to no job possibilities, tourism in rural Canada is always big. Therefore, others argue that quite the opposite is true: with a little bit of imagination, business opportunities await around every corner. For instance, you can try to become a winemaker in Lincoln, Ontario.

Example: Lincoln, ON

Lincoln, located between the southernmost tip of Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, has a temperate climate and mild winters. The region is in the heart of Ontario’s wine country and contributes immensely to the wine industry on the Niagara Peninsula. As such, there are also a lot of local wineries and restaurants offering local, homemade wines and food. So, if you would like to open your own windery or fruit business, contact a Lincoln moving company and relocate here!

These are just some of the reasons to live in one of Canada’s small towns. If you are serious about moving to the countryside, you will find many more But be warned: the joys of simple, rural living might not be for everyone. Nevertheless, we all need a break from time to time. We hope this information helps you at least consider some of the mentioned places! If not for moving, then at least when planning a holiday retreat or romantic getaway!