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Reasons to avoid companies that use day laborers

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Often people talk about this topic, and in the end, there is no precise article or conclusion to it. Everyone has its own opinion, but what matters are the facts. There are plenty of reasons to avoid companies that use day laborers! Most of them revolve around being licensed and well-trained workers. On the other hand, day laborers are hired by companies who do not want to pay the full price of their workers, thus lowering the quality of the moving company. In the following article, we will tell you more about why avoiding such companies is a good idea!

Legal issues are one of the reasons to avoid companies that use day laborers

First things first, you should know that if the moving company is hiring day laborers, they are probably hiring illegally in order to avoid paying high taxes on workers. Those who work like this get paid far less than any other legal workers. And it is also against the law to hire an illegal immigrant. Movers can face serious charges that can land them in prison with high legal costs. Also, you might not know if the workers you hired are former criminals or have a record of criminal activity. This may put both your items and yourself in danger. This is why it is very important to check in with your reliable movers about their licenses for work. The best thing you can do for yourself is to search for legal moving companies St Catharines Ontario! This way you will rest assured you hired legal movers that can help you with your relocation!

A person choosing a paper that says legal as a reason to avoid companies that use day laborers
Legality is often the reason to avoid companies that use day laborers

Day laborers are inexperienced workers

Another reason to avoid companies that use day laborers is that they are very inexperienced! These people, although probably very hard working and would do any jobs to support their families, lack the required experience to handle the relocation as it should be. Starting with the packing of items. Most of them do not know how to pack your items for relocation properly. This will only lead to more broken and damaged items. Problems like this will happen most of the times so if you do happen to hire a company like this, get ready for it. Day laborers may not know how to properly load the moving truck! This is a very important issue you need to think about. Because if they can’t do it properly, they are risking both safeties of the passengers and your items! This is especially the problem when it comes to long-distance relocation! But, knowing that there are reliable long distance movers Canada at your disposal, you should rest assured everything will go according to plan!

People shaking hands and words written on the image
Day laborers are often inexperienced in moving



Do it yourself

If you just can’t find a proper moving company in your area then you will have to do it yourself. This is far better than to hire the moving company with day laborers. One thing is for certain, you will be responsible for your own mistakes and successes in the moving to come. In order to have a successful DIY move you should do the following:

  • Gather necessary packing materials
  • Purge items you do not want to bring with you
  • Pack everything
  • Pack important documents
  • Move

These tasks may seem simple enough, but you should know, they are not. It takes weeks of preparation to have a successful move, so have that in mind if you opted to avoid companies that use day laborers. Also, you should be aware of the Canadian Day Laborer laws, in order to avoid any mishaps or troubles with the authorities!

Two cartoon people holding a box
Doing it yourself might not be a bad idea

They are not efficient

Due to their lack of experience, day laborers can be very slow and inefficient. This is very important because you already probably planned your relocation well! Meaning, you started weeks in advance with the packing supplies, packing and handling all of your items. We all understand that time is of the essence and value, but they probably can’t do anything about it! Because of their inexperience, they will do it slowly and probably make some mistakes! This leads to broken and damaged items!

This is why it is important to know more about the moving company. Especially in situations where mishaps happen! Knowing more about dealing with moving disputes with movers can help you sort out any issue that may happen!

A man looking at his watch
Inefficient workers can take more time to relocate you. 

They are not covered in case of injuries

As we told you before, day laborers are mostly not covered by the moving company. While they are extremely cheap to hire, no one takes responsibility in case they get injured during the relocation process. This implies that you shouldn’t worry about it too! But, we can’t afford ourselves to be such persons. One of the biggest reasons to avoid companies that use day laborers are their lack of health care and insurance. If by any chance they get seriously injured, you can get in trouble because you hired a company with day laborers. Furthermore, they will get deported, their employer and you fined. And you probably can’t allow this to happen when you are planning to relocate.

With their lack of experience, it will be hard for both packs and unpack your items! You will be stuck with hem until your relocation is complete. Which is why it may be a good idea to know how to unpack in the most efficient way after the move!

Knowing all these reasons, you should definitely avoid companies that use day laborers! Unexperienced, inefficient, and illegal, can cause you enough troubles as it is! The best option you can get is to look for reliable and legal moving companies near you! We hope you learn something from your article! Feel free to leave us your feedback on this topic!