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Questions to ask your Toronto movers

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Moving home can be hard and complicated. Not to mention that is time-consuming and costly as well. On top of it, you must organize everything, make a packing plan, and search for moving companies Ontario. It can be confusing at times especially if you need guidance and you do not know the questions to ask your Toronto movers. So, let us help you with the whole process and secure a seamless transition. Let’s go!

Are they licensed?

You will search for your residential movers Toronto online. And the very first question you want to ask is if they are licensed and if they possess all the permits. You can obtain this info online by reading reviews or simply digging through their website. If you cant confirm it this way, give them a call and confirm verbally. That being said, we are moving to the research about the company. Even if they are licensed, this does not mean they are not running a shady business or not following safety rules and regulations.

Two people looking at the laptop
Read moving reviews and confirm the legitimacy of your moving company.

Begin your research online. Find a couple of interesting choices and take a closer look. Narrow your search down and firstly check if they are listed and registered online. Then, browse through their services, prices, and again, read reviews. This way you will learn what kind of approach they take and if previous customers are satisfied. And the last thing, your movers should have a physical address and contact info displayed on their website. All in all, give them a call and ask whatever you like. If your movers operate online only, it can be a red flag and you should think twice before doing business with them.

How safe is it?

The main concern is the safety of your relocation. Do you want to know how safe it can be? Then your movers should reassure you by confirming that they are operating safely. This means they follow the rules, regulations, laws, and have all the means for this kind of physical labor. Also, you should ask if their workers are protected adequately because you do not want anyone getting hurt when moving your piano or any other robust pieces.

Do they have all the tools and equipment?

Ask your movers if they possess all the means to operate. Actually, if they are ready to undertake your moving project. Many moving companies will confirm they are ready but if they do not provide onsite estimates, they rely on your info alone. So, be sure that your movers have the following:

  • Tools and equipment
  • Sizeable moving truck
  • Enough manpower
  • Knowledge, skill, and expertise
  • Enough experience
Do they have all the tools for the job is among the questions to ask your Toronto movers
Check if your movers have all the equipment to cover your moving needs.

Most of the questions related to this topic should come from your movers. If they do not ask how much stuff you have, what kind of furniture you are moving, and what your environment is like, then the communication is wrong. Let them speak while you listen, and don’t be afraid to ask anything. Remember, you are the customer and you are the one who is paying for the premium service.

Do they offer free estimates is one of the questions to ask your Toronto movers?

One of the most important questions to ask your Toronto movers is if they provide onsite estimates. As we previously stated, your movers can’t know the complexity of the move without this service. They must take your word for it and guided by the info provided, potentially arrive unprepared for the job. So, schedule a visit from your moving representative and let them evaluate everything. They will inspect the environment, all the stairs, hallways, and realize where to establish a loading dock. Moreover, they will weigh your cargo and count the moving boxes.

Once they are done, you will have the precise moving cost on hand. From there you can wiggle around and figure out if you should purchase additional moving services to make your relocation easier. Or to pull back and save money where it is possible. An amazing service your Toronto movers provide. Give them a call as soon as you are ready and wrap it all up.

Ask if they offer storage solutions

If you are moving into a small apartment or you are renovating your old/new place, you might need additional space. Another among the questions to ask your Toronto movers is if they offer storage service. In most situations they do and it is another amazing and affordable service. Rent a short or long-term solution. Stash all your excess items and come back when you need them. But be sure to rent the appropriately sized unit. Check the cost of renting a storage with your movers and let them help you pick one. Maybe you need a small unit to accommodate a few boxes and a few pieces of furniture. Or a medium-sized one to store half of your apartment. Just know that prices vary significantly on the size and location of your storage unit.

Storage facility
Ask your movers if they offer storage solutions and what are your options.

What kinds of moving services they offer? It is another among the questions to ask your Toronto movers

Now, the moving services we mentioned before can be quite lucrative. Movers offer a variety of services that will make your life much easier. Or should we say, your relocation easier and more efficient? You should know that there are storage services, packing services, long and short-distance relocation, and special services. Special services cover special requests and items that are not common when moving. Usable when you have a piano, pool table, gun rack, home vault, and other robust, heavy, and dangerous items. So, check what your movers offer before you decide on doing business with them. If they lack a necessary service, then you should find another company to cover you.

The moving costs and the payment method

When you calculate your moving costs and dedicate a moving budget, call your movers and ask them how they charge for the service. Usually, all payments should go through a credit card. No moving company accepts cash on hand. Maybe if you are paying directly in their headquarters. But do not ever give movers cash on hands for the service. Your moving contract should cover all services you purchased and your final moving cost. Read your contract carefully and pay attention to the fine print at the bottom of the document. Ensure you understand what you are signing.

Now you know the questions to ask your Toronto movers. Some are more important than others and we are sure you’ll add a few more. Guided by your personal situation, do not fear to ask and obtain answers. Good luck and have a safe relocation.