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Pros and Cons of Living in Greater Toronto Area

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Toronto skyline

Moving to a major city might provide you with a plethora of new opportunities, new adventures, and excitement. The Greater Toronto Area has both benefits and downsides. It could be said that residents here lead radically different lives than in the rest of the country. That is why it is important to get to know the area before you relocate. If you are relocating soon, you should be well informed of all the pros and cons of living in Greater Toronto Area. But if you’re not, let’s just say it’s not as frightening as you may think. You just need to do your homework and hire a reputable moving company. The right kind of assistance is just around the corner; call Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines right away to get started on your adventure!

Learn more about Greater Toronto Area

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the most popular area. Although it is not the country’s capital, it is the most populated. It has a population of more than 2.7 million people and ranks fourth in North America in terms of population. The city is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario and one of the world’s most developed cities.

downtown Toronto
Living in the best part of Canada is a big privilege.

Toronto is a global center for several industries, including commerce, banking, arts and culture, economics, and so on. It is also a major media metropolis, with several news outlets and TV networks located here. Toronto is a corporate and cultural powerhouse, with five of Canada’s top banks as well as several museums, galleries, and libraries. This city has something for everyone, so what’s keeping you from relocating there? Moving to Toronto has never been easier. If you’d like to move here, long distance movers Toronto are here for you.

However, one of Toronto’s finest features is that it is one of the world’s most multicultural cities. More than half of its people are members of a minority group. Toronto is also home to a large number of indigenous people. In the city, you may hear around 160 different languages. More significantly, you may sample over 200 different traditional cuisines. It’s as though the whole globe is contained inside a single metropolis.

Toronto has a great deal to offer. But so do the places nearby. The Greater Toronto Territory (GTA) is a massive area stretching from east to west that includes the city of Toronto as well as 25 municipalities. Communities east of Toronto, such as Oakville and Burlington, are less expensive than those in downtown Toronto or the west end. The Go Train system services the majority of GTA municipalities, making commuting so much simpler. You can easily go from one town to another and you can even get a monthly pass.

buildings next to the body of water
There is a place for every budget in the Greater Toronto Area.

All the pros of living in Greater Toronto Area

Living in the Greater Toronto Area offers several advantages, as you may have anticipated. Moving there and starting a new life is a huge undertaking, but it is well worth it in the end! Long distance movers Canada will happily assist you if you have any questions before or throughout the moving procedure.

The diversity

Yes, Toronto is a city with a diverse population. That implies that you may meet someone fresh with a different background everywhere you go. Extending your viewpoint and boundaries is a rare opportunity. Toronto really is the globe in one city, with over 230 ethnicities. This is the city to visit if you want to learn a new language! Furthermore, with so many various ethnicities, this city has so much wonderful cuisine from all over the globe to offer. Every week, try something different, from Asian to Italian to Indian.

Stunning views

Downtown Toronto features some of the most magnificent buildings as well as wonderful residences. You will discover something that fits you whether you are relocating alone or with a family. You may design your new house any way you choose. It is also not a problem to transport furnishings from your previous residence. With Toronto residential movers, your new flat will feel like home in an instant.

a couple living in Greater Toronto Area
Living in Greater Toronto Area, you’ll have plenty of cool spots to hang around.

Outside of Toronto, you will find great places as well. And even more stunning views. If you choose Toronto as your main base, you will have plenty of getaway spots nearby for a romantic weekend or a trip with friends. Within a short drive of the city, there are a plethora of beautiful inns and isolated settings where you may turn up the romance while getting comfortable by a fire, luxuriating in spa treatments, or just soaking up the ambiance of small-town Ontario.

Many employment opportunities

As previously said, Toronto is a worldwide business center. There are several work options available around every turn. This is the place to be, especially if you want to establish your own company. Walking around downtown can spark your new company concept with the entrepreneurial energy in the air. The Financial Post rated Toronto one of the finest cities to start a tech career. So there is nothing holding you back from pursuing your aspirations. If you’re thinking of expanding your business to the GTA area, look no further than our commercial movers Toronto. They will be able to move you in record timing.

The cons of living in Greater Toronto Area

Of course, nothing is ever flawless. Even in a city as beautiful as Toronto, there are certain things to keep in mind. The disadvantages of living in the Greater Toronto Area are minor, but you should be aware of them before relocating.

Living in Greater Toronto Area will be costly

In terms of median rental pricing, Toronto has the highest in Canada. It’s no wonder that real estate and rental costs are expensive in such a large and sophisticated city. Living in the city center is also a consideration since it is more convenient and hence more expensive.

Furthermore, it’s not simply your new property that’s pricey. Your monthly expenses will be significant as well. Utilities and other fixed costs might be surprising if you relocate from a smaller city. Living expenses, transportation, food, and other essentials are also more than in other Canadian cities. Unless you land yourself a job with a high salary, you won’t be able to afford the GTA for long.

The housing market in GTA

It’s no secret that the most popular area in Canada is very costly. If you’re planning on moving to GTA, rent will take quite a lot of your money. If you want to buy a house in GTA, things may be a little bit better. A new GTA housing market analysis indicates that things may be calming down in the area (but it’s not all good news).

a house in GTA
The further away you are from Toronto, the more choice you will have.

According to the Building Industry and Land Development Association, the GTA’s real estate market is “slowing down,” and if you’re wondering what that means, they’re referring to the region’s new house sales. This past April, the benchmark price for new single-family houses in the GTA was $1,787,186, while the benchmark price for new condominiums was $1,189,134, according to the research. Which is still a lot of money. And not many people can afford that.

It can become rather noisy and crowded

When it comes to this, Toronto is no different from the rest of the major cities. Because it is a renowned tourist destination, you may expect to see a lot of people strolling about the city during high tourist seasons. In addition, with the growing business sector, more individuals are relocating here to pursue the career of their dreams. Prepare for a huge visitor population. But it doesn’t have to be a disadvantage; you can meet new individuals every day. When local movers Toronto settle you in your new residence, feel free to ask them about some hidden spots where you can get away from the tourists for a while.

Winters are very cold, while summers are scorching hot

If you’re not accustomed to it, the weather in Toronto will be a challenge at first. With temperatures as high as 35 degrees in the summer and icy winters, you’ll need some practice. But don’t worry; you’ll quickly realize that this weather is ideal for experiencing all four seasons. Make sure you bring enough clothes for all seasons. We are sure you’re going to make the most of it. After all, your Instagram color palette probably needs some refreshing.

a man with a red jacket walking while the snow is falling
Prepare for harsh winters!

What are the best places to live in the GTA area?

Living in downtown Toronto offers several advantages as you have seen previously, including proximity to business and entertainment. However, with the benefits come drawbacks such as traffic and excessive pricing. There are lots of other cities in the GTA that provide distinct character and handy paths to the bright lights of the major metropolis for those looking for more room and a lesser price per square foot. Here are our recommendations for the top GTA neighborhoods to reside in:

1. Woodbridge

Woodbridge, Toronto’s northern downtown, has fast grown into a city unto itself. Everything you need is right here, including the headquarters of several large organizations, which provide a variety of professions as well as all the comforts one could need. Woodbridge is also the site of several new constructions. There have already been hundreds of them created throughout the years, and more are on the way. Woodbridge not only has plenty of excellent detached homes on well-manicured lots but there are also townhouses and condos being built every year, such as 9560 Islington Urban Towns and Avenue on 7 Condos.

2. Mississauga

Mississauga is another entity inside itself. As the city’s costs have grown, it has attracted a large number of Torontonians. There have already been a number of new home projects in the city of Mississauga that provide purchasers the opportunity to live near downtown Toronto without paying downtown costs. The Exchange District condominiums are now being built in the center of Mississauga at 151 City Centre Drive, with a completion date of late 2023.

It’s a walker’s paradise, with a high walking score of 92 owing to all the conveniences just outside your door. It’s also scored highly for public transportation, due to the nearby GO and upcoming LRT fast transit. If you’d like to move here, we’d suggest that you choose your moving company wisely. Compare Number 1 Van Lines vs Atlas Van Lines and other companies as well, and see which ones know the area the best.

a house in Mississauga.
Mississauga is near Toronto and you’ll have many housing options.

3. Essa

Essa, located southwest of Barrie, isn’t quite nearby, but owing to Highway 400, you can reach there in minutes from the GTA. And, since there are so many housing options in this region, it is a lot more inexpensive way to buy a wonderful house while still being near to the city. While there are no new housing projects in the works right now, Essa has plenty of possibilities for cheap houses for individuals who value vast lots that are difficult to find in Toronto or the GTA.

This is an excellent location for purchasers trying to get the most bang for their money while still being close to the city. Essa is more suited to individuals who like rural life while yet being near to conveniences and essentials since it is greener. If you plan on moving here just make sure you contact GTA movers on time to book your move.


While living in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) might be costly, there are bargains to be discovered if you seek in regions that are not as high-end, popular, or attractive. You may be able to locate the house of your dreams if you are prepared to look at certain communities a little further from Toronto, that may not be on your radar. Finally, you may have a greater chance of locating a more reasonable property or a home within your budget in the surrounding areas. However, things change, so what is inexpensive or the latest hot spot to live in in 2022 may not be the same a few years later.