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Places to donate your used furniture in Toronto

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Salvation Army is a good place to donate your used furniture in Toronto!

The absolute best way to get rid of your furniture is to donate it. You will make someone else happy and you will remove a troublesome item from your possession. If you want to donate your used furniture in Toronto, there are a few places that you can do so at. So, before you hire movers, make sure that you have the least amount of weight to transfer and that all of your furniture is either thrown, sold, or donated. Of course, you can’t donate everything. The furniture has to be in good, usable condition. These places are not trash dumps, they are places that will see that your furniture goes to the right hands.

What are the best places to donate your used furniture in Toronto?

Here is the list of places where you can safely donate your furniture:

  • Salvation Army
  • Donate your used furniture to Furniture Bank in Toronto
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Red Door Family Shelter
  • Just Junk
  • Value Village
Don’t throw away your old furniture! Donate!

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army will accept all of your couches, tables, and even shelving. There are multiple Salvation Army bins and you can drop your furniture off at any of them. Ideally, you will drop it off at the Donor Welcome Centre. However, do note that if you possess more than three items to donate they will come and pick it up from your location. That is really handy if you don’t have the time to go to their bins. Alternatively, you can also hire furniture movers Ontario to carry your stuff for you, as a sort of a package deal. Ask them about it and see if you can strike a deal that will have them leave some of your furniture at the Salvation Army.

Make sure that you clean the furniture before you donate it, every little bit helps!

Donate your used furniture to Furniture Bank in Toronto

This particular charity organization takes your furniture and gives it to all of the transition families or even people who just arrived in Canada. You will need to either fill out a drop-off form and take your furniture to their center, which is by Kipling and the Queensway or you can arrange for the items to be picked up. If you fill out the form, there will be no appointment necessary. However, you can also pack and move large furniture and donate it on your own if you have time and will!

table and chairs
Donate your furniture to Furniture bank in Toronto!

Furniture bank is a great place to drop off anything that you think that newcomers to Canada might appreciate. If you have any pieces that scream “Canada” this is the place to send them to.

Habitat for Humanity

This nonprofit organization is all about providing affordable housing for all that is also safe. In their possession are twelve Habitat ReStores where you can take your furniture. They do sell the furniture at these places, as well, so if you might check if there is something that you like. All of the money that they get by selling the furniture goes towards future homes.

If you donate your stuff here, you will be helping with the creation of future homes in Canada. That is always a worthy goal!

Another great place to donate your used furniture in Toronto – Red Door Family Shelter

At the red door family shelter, your items will be going towards the families that are trying to avoid being homeless. It will also go to the people that are running away from abuse. If you have items such as kitchen or coffee tables or perhaps some dressers, these are what is needed the most. Of course, they also accept anything that is a home necessity. So, you may be able to drop off even more stuff. They do pickups but there is a fee associated if your residence is anywhere between Markham and Bathurst. That is between Lawrence all the way down to Lake Ontario.

Of course, you can always go to their center and deposit your items, you don’t need to arrange a pickup. As they are not really that big as some of the other organizations, they have to have a fee to cover some of their costs. Giving your items to the red door family shelter will ensure that they go to someone that needs them to feel comfortable in their new place of residence. However, if you can not decide whether you want to donate or throw away your furniture, you should prepare and store your furniture in a long term storage facility.

Just Junk

This is an option for the items that are in bad condition. You can schedule a pickup and get rid of absolutely everything. However, it will cost you. If the items that they pick up are in at least decent condition, they will donate it to a charity organization. Approximately 60% of these items will go either to Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, or any other charity in Toronto.

Call Just Junk and schedule a pick-up if you have furniture in a very bad condition.

Value Village

Finally, there is the Value Village organization. This organization is a profit one but what they do for the charities is they buy items from them and resale them later. That is why supporting them might not be a bad idea. If you want to donate your items to Value Village directly, do note that all the profits that they make, they will keep. While your items might not be going towards charity, there is a good economical reason at play, here.

But, to be honest, I’ve always found charitable reasons to be stronger than economic ones. However, it is still an option and a good one at that. There are many locations that you can drop your items at, and depending on where you live, these might be the most convenient ones.

Regardless of where you donate your items, you are doing a good thing. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or so the saying goes. This is actually quite true when it comes to furniture. A piece that you do not need and think does not look good can literally make someone’s day if he or she is to receive it. Never underestimate the value of items to someone. What may look like ordinary items to you might be valued treasures to someone else.