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Places in Ontario to see with your kids before they are all grown up

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    Kids grow up fast. Very fast. However, as they grow up, their interests change just as fast. As they are growing up, you want to create as many lasting memories with them as you can. Things they will look back on when they grow up. Perhaps even tell their own children about those experiences. No matter how fast kids change, Canada will always remain the same. Magnificent and full of interesting things to discover and explore. This makes it a perfect place for curious kids. If you’re moving to Ontario in particular, we have prepared a list of interesting places to visit and have some family fun. The motto of the province is “Yours to discover”. And we assure you there are plenty of places in Ontario to see with your kids and create those memories that will last a lifetime.

    Places in Ontario to see with your kids – South area

    • Niagara Falls – You simply can’t go to Ontario without seeing the mighty Falls. Boasting three separate drops with over 50 meters in height, it truly is an amazing scene. Certainly, the Niagara Falls are amazing when admired from a distance, but what will really get the kids amazed is going near the wild behemoth. The “Maid of the Mist” ride takes you to the curve of the Horseshoe Falls, the largest of the three. Needless to say, it gets near all the thundering, water splashing action. You can bet your kids will love and never forget the experience. In addition, there is the Safari Niagara attraction. A nature park full of exotic and domestic animals, with picnic areas and even a water park for the summer. Put these two together, and the kids will love it.
    boat under the niagara falls, one of the places in Ontario to see with your kids
    Kids will love the excitement of going near the Niagara Falls
    • Snyder’s Farm – Located in the Kitchener area, it is one more of the amazing places to see in Ontario with your kids. Operating for 25 years, it has an abundance of attractions for children of all ages. As such, it’s a great place for young families. During the fall, the farm has the most to offer. For instance, there is a pumpkin patch spreading over 5 acres of land, perfect for a Halloween trip. In addition, there is even a haunted house. The equally big corn maze gets transformed into a sort of haunted field during the night. Furthermore, there are attractions for a younger audience. Bouncy castles, a barn that serves as a petting zoo, and even a puppet show! The harvest barn is a great source of fun for the whole family. And, in case you get hungry, there is a bakery and a poutinery to replenish your energy.

    The southwest area has plenty to offer for the young ones

    • Stones N’ Bones – This museum is perfect for young explorers with endless curiosity. Stones N’ Bones boasts a collection of over 6000 objects preserved and displayed in a historic setting. There is everything from common fossils, dinosaur remains, and ancient artifacts, to rare butterflies and wildlife. In addition, there is a lot of memorabilia related to the legendary Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The museum offers a scavenger hunt spread across the museum grounds and coloring pages for the tiniest of toddlers to keep them occupied. Given that the museum covers around 10.000 square feet, set aside a few hours to fully explore it and awaken your child’s inner entomologist. To fully embrace the wonders of Ontario’s southwest, and be in the center of the action, consider relocating there with the help of Cambridge movers.
    dinosaur skeleton propped in a museum hall
    The amazing Stones and Bones museum will teach the young ones all about history.
    • Wood carving museum – Dedicated to the fine art of woodworking, and located in Windsor, this museum has something for everyone. Seeing as kids may find working with wood boring, the museum made sure to make it interesting and fun. This special section of the museum called “The Kid’s Club” offers a fun approach to wood carving and is suited for kids ages 4-12. The kids are able to learn about working with wood and participate in fun activities such as soap carving and wood crafts. The activities they offer change depending on the season. All admissions are paid in the form of donations, however, keep in mind that visits are organized via appointment.

    The Toronto area doesn’t lack fun for kids either

    • Toronto Zoo – Seriously though, who doesn’t love the zoo? If you’re looking for places in Ontario to see with your kids, this is definitely the place to be. Home to over 5000 animals from 450 different species, it is the largest zoo in the country, and it’s open to children of all ages. The zoo is split into seven different regions, all with many different animals. The Indo-Malayan section houses amazing animals such as clouded leopards, leopards and orangutans from Sumatra, and Indian rhinos. If you take a walk through the Savannah area, you will spot zebras, lions, river hippos and the giraffes of the Masai planes. In addition, other curious creatures you will find here are wolves, kangaroos, pandas, and grizzly bears. This truly is where the wild things are.
    young boy feeding deers in a zoo
    Everyone loves the zoo! It’s one of the best places in Ontario to see with your kids
    • Ripley’s Aquarium – After you’re done with the zoo and exploring the creatures of the land, it’s time to go underwater. There are many fun activities for kids in Toronto, but Ripley’s is a unique attraction and you won’t find anything similar in the area. The aquarium houses various marine life both from Canada and the rest of the world, contained in over 6 million liters of water. A wide variety of amazing animals waits for you, such as the curious upside-down jelly, and weird weedy sea dragons. Directly interact with the wildlife by touching a shark’s skin or that of a stingray, and even living fossils! You can also walk through a specially designed underwater tunnel and watch in amazement as tiger sharks, stingrays, sea turtles and clownfish swim all around you. With many interactive displays designed to teach everyone about aquatic life, it is guaranteed fun for the whole family.