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Packing tips for last minute move

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    It is always tricky to organize a move on short notice. You have to find a good moving company, make an appointment, and hire them. When this end, you have to pack all your belongings and household. This is the part that is truly challenging. Usually, you should start your preparations for relocations at least two months in advance. However, if you do not have that much time on your hands, here are packing tips for the last-minute move.  

    Start at the beginning 

    A last-minute move seems extremely stressful and tiring. However, you should take a deep breath, and make a list of the things you should do. The first one is to hire a good moving company. Search on the Internet for movers Ontario to see what is offered on the market. Afterward, check their creditability by reading reviews and comments about those moving companies. Then, make sure to call them to schedule an appointment and in-house survey. Since you need to move quickly, you probably do not have a set moving budget. For this reason, it is important to know how much movers will ask for their services. Maybe you can save some money on packing. When you hire a moving company, then you can start packing right away. 

    a person writing in a notebook
    Make a list for all the things you should do

    Packing tips for a last-minute move – throw away the things you no longer use 

    If you have too many things to pack, it will take you ages to get the task done. However, if you donate, throw away or sell all the things you no longer need or use, you will finish packing faster. For this reason, you should go through each room and take out all the items you no longer want. For better organization, separate these items into three piles – recycle, donate, and throw away. In addition to this, be practical when you do the inventory, and do not let be swayed but sentimentality. This especially applies for a last-minute packing since it would be smart to travel lightly.  

    Packing tips for a last-minute move – donate your items 

    When you sorted your items, now it is time to donate or sell them. You can donate almost everything to Goodwill, but only if it is in good condition. As for used linens and towels, you can drop them at your local animal shelter. In addition to this, if you want to donate your furniture or other large items, then head to Donation Town. You can enter your zip code to see a list of nearby charities who can come for your large furniture. Schedule appointment as soon as you can so people from the charity can come quickly as well. 

    Make a moving essential bag/box 

    One of the best packing tips for the last-minute move is to put together a moving essential box. You should take a small bag or a box and fill it with the essentials. Your essential bag should include important documents, medications, chargers, toiletries, and a change of clothes. If you have your bag ready, you do not have to worry about losing some important pieces of belongings. This especially applies when you are moving on short notice since the whole packing process can get hectic.  

    a person holding a bag
    Make an essential bag

    Packing tips for a last-minute move 

    • Pack now, forget sorting – usually, you should be organized when packing your item. However, since you do not have enough time, put your items where you can. You can organize them later when you start unpacking your boxes. As long as everything is packed safely and securely, it does not matter if you get your items mixed. 
    • Use all soft items to wrap fragile things – do you have too many socks? Use them. How about towels? Use them as well. Wrap fragile items in towels, socks, shirts, etc.  
    • Get your boxes only when you need them – otherwise, they will only bother you. So, set up one box, fill it up, seal it, and only then get a new one. 
    • An efficient way of packing your clothes – do not bother with folding your clothes neatly. For hanging clothes, wrap a strong bag around them; dresser drawers keep intact if possible. 

    Ask for help 

    Packing is a huge task, and it is especially difficult if you have to do it on short notice. For this reason, ask for help. You can invite your friends and family to help you. Having more people means getting a job done faster. Time-consuming tasks such as packing kitchen cabinets will be finished faster if you have a friend or two to help you out. In addition to this, do not forget to treat them with a delicious meal once the job is done. You can even throw a move-in party and invite all friends over.

    packing tips for last minute move - get your friends to help
    Ask your friends to help you with packing

    Have movers do some tasks 

    Movers can be of immense help when you are last-minute moving. When you go to hire them, ask about their additional services. Most moving companies offer packing and unpacking services as well. If they fit in your moving budget, make sure to add them to your move. Movers are professionals, and they will get the packing done in a surprisingly short amount of time. So, if you feel like you cannot handle packing your items by yourself, hire movers for the job. In addition to this, Ancaster movers do not have to pack everything. Even if they take care of a small part of your packing task, it will help to finish it quickly. 

    Packing tips for a last-minute move  

    As you can see, these are all important packing tips for the last-minute move. When you need to pack quickly, it is important to stay calm. Do not worry much about being organized, but rather focus on being efficient.