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Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022

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When moving, apart from all the difficult decisions you need to make about packing and moving, you also need to decide where to move to. This is not a physically hard task, but it can take an emotional toll. Since so much dedication goes into moving, you should move to a place that suits you. There are so many things to watch out for, like the cost of living, quality of the educational system, entertainment options, etc. If you consider moving to Ontario, Canada, we recommend doing this with the help of Number 1 Movers Van Lines. If you have picked Ontario, then you should get to know the best Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022.

What are the Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022?

In a city with 14,57 million residents, there are numerous Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022. We will give you the general information about the best ones so that you can hire some of the best movers in Hamilton Ontario as soon as possible. Some of the most popular boroughs are:

  • Port Credit
  • Blue Mountain Village
  • Kensington Market
  • Downtown Oakville
  • Little Italy
  • Cabbagetown
  • The Annex
  • Yorkville
  • Downtown Core

Port Credit

This is a perfect neighborhood for people who love nature and being outside. If you hire some local movers Toronto, you will be here in no time! Its prime location allows its residents to be immersed in nature as soon as they step out the door. Since it is situated near the water, there are also plenty of water recreations available. A lot of the available activities are family-friendly and there are also highly rated schools. There is also a strong sense of community because it is a small town that supports local businesses.

Kid playing outside
People who love being outside will love this neighborhood.

Blue Mountain Village

The quality of life here is very good. If you are also looking for high-quality movers, hire some North York movers. The community is made mostly of retirees. The main reason for this is the easy access to health and medical services. Since it is at the bottom of a mountain, the fresh air here feels amazing, especially if you are used to living in a crowded city.

Kensington Market

This neighborhood is the one with the most multicultural history. That influenced the appearance of so many independent businesses like shops, bars, and restaurants. Let us tell you, this close-knit community enjoys some amazing food from all over the world. They can also enjoy using the services of some movers Markham ON. Since this is another small place, with quite a lot of different people, the traffic can sometimes get crazy. The good thing is that it has an amazing public transportation system.

Downtown Oakville

One major benefit of this neighborhood is its great location. In just 20 minutes you can get to Toronto, perfect for people who commute. Another benefit is the fact that there are many great movers Vaughan ON that can help you with your move. The cost of living is good and there are many job opportunities. This makes it perfect for young professionals.

Young businessman thinking about Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022
Many young people live in this neighborhood.

Little Italy

It is quite similar to its neighboring boroughs, it does have a slightly different feeling to it. As you would expect for a place called Little Italy, there are plenty of good places to eat. Apart from amazing food, this is one of the best Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022 if you want a fun night out. The Taste of Little Italy is a beloved street festival that takes place in this neighborhood, and it is organized every June. It is also a great location to invite your buddies out to watch a soccer game. All in all, it is a lively neighborhood that people feel proud to call home.


This neighborhood’s name dates back to the 19th century when immigrants would grow vegetables on the little patches of land in front of their houses. Things have changed drastically in this neighborhood since then, but there is still a small part of it that gives off the feeling of a small village. It has some of the prettiest shops in the city and some decent restaurant choices.

The Annex

The Annex is a hotspot for students and young professionals who are looking to upgrade their careers. It is home to the University of Toronto, which makes it home to many students. But these two groups of people are not the only ones living here. This neighborhood is a combination of tree-lined streets with old houses and restaurants and pubs that are appealing to the student’s budget. In the past few years, there have been many new businesses that came to this neighborhood, attracting young professionals also. Because of that, it has lost a little of its character, but it still has some signature cafes and bars that are still open.

professor with students
The Annex, a popular student neighborhood is one of the Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022.


For those who can afford it, this neighborhood is one of the wealthiest parts of Toronto. Even though there still exist buildings that can be afforded to the middle class, it is mostly a hub for rich people. Famous people come here to shop in one of the stores like Prada and Gucci. If you want to do some celebrity spotting, you can do this the best during the International Film Festival, which takes place in September.

Downtown Core

Another neighborhood that is amazing, if you can afford it. The costs of living in this part of Toronto will leave a significant hole in your wallet, but it is worth it. Even though this part of the city is mostly known for its banks and shopping centers, there are also people that call Downtown Core their home. It has easy access to practically everything you could ever want, and that is its main benefit.

Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022 – conclusion

These are just some of the Ontario neighborhoods to watch for in 2022. Depending on your preferences, needs, and lifestyle, you need to choose one that fits the best. This way, your effort when moving with kids won’t be in vain. We wish you good luck and a seamless move!