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Moving your office from Toronto to Oshawa

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Moving your home can be stressful and requires a lot of planning and good organization, now imagine organizing a complete office move. An office move is for sure more complicated than a home move because there are many more things to be moved and considered. Therefore in order to make moving your office from Toronto to Oshawa, optimal, long-term preparation is essential. In this way, you can ensure that employees and inventory can move to the new location in the shortest possible time. That is how you can minimize the loss of working hours and orders.

Where and when to start

How much time you will need for the relocation of your office depends mainly on the size of the company. In the case of smaller companies, a preparation time of about two to three months is usually adequate. Draw up a schedule and see whether the move could be done partly during the weekend. By doing it so, there will be no loss of working hours. In addition, the furnishing of the new business premises takes a lot of time even after the actual move and should not be forgotten in the planning. A company move is not just the move itself, but a project for a period of several months. It is therefore advisable to hire office movers Toronto.

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When moving your office from Toronto to Oshawa planning is everything.

 The moving company for companies

There are special companies that specialize in a company move. It is better to hire movers Oshawa also for insurance reasons. In case something breaks, one does not stand there in the rain. Also, such companies always have specially designed boxes or packaging that is perfectly suitable for computers, tablets, etc. Putting all the responsibilities on employees’ shoulders can be very complicated as they need to know by themselves how to transport large items. With all the tasks that need to be done before the moving day together with your business operations, you may not be able to keep track of everything during this process. Therefore, contracting a moving company will make sure that everything is considered.

Inform your employees that you are moving your office from Toronto to Oshawa

Open communication is very important. You should involve your employees in relocation planning at an early stage. Inform them about the entire relocation process in time and keep them updated. If you inform employees about the moving plans, they can better manage their working time during the transition period. Choose a person for each department or team that can share information regarding the move. It is a good idea to conduct regular meetings. In this way, employees can address all concerns regarding the move, and it can make the entire transition smoother. Company relocation usually brings many advantages to employees. It is important to point it out and to share them appropriately in the company in order to create a positive atmosphere. Before you choose a moving company don’t forget to compare several moving companies and find the best match for you.

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Inform all your business partners, your customers, and employees about moving your office from Toronto to Oshawa

Make a Checklist

A checklist is essential for the company or office move. Here you can find some point so that you can set up the best checklist for you. No matter if the reason for your move may be soon expired lease or your company may need to expand to a larger office to follow the growth. Moving can disrupt the daily business, so to avoid that you should seek the help of Number 1 Van Lines.

  • Pay the deposit on time and set up a standing order for the rent.
  • Do an inventory of equipment, stocks, and furnishings.
  • Terminate the contract for the old office as early as possible.
  •  Report on your move to all your suppliers.
  • Order your new telephone and internet connection before your move.
  • Be sure to point out your new address and telephone number on the imprint and contact pages and also on your website.
  • Make a forwarding request at the post office. That way, documents, and parcels will arrive safely – even after the move.
  •  Get several offers from moving companies.

 On the day of the move

So the big day has finally arrived. Take photos of old offices to prove that nothing was damaged. After the move has everything professionally cleaned. When the old premises are empty and it has been checked that nothing has been forgotten, the keys of former company building can be handed over to the landlord as agreed. Check the offices and other rooms of the new buildings for previous damage, so that you cannot be held responsible later. Check also that the utilities are being provided properly. This includes telephones, computers, networks, and important electronic equipment. Examine the condition of the new office and take pictures as well to prove the current state. Find a few representatives from each team or department to oversee the relocation process for their area.

After the office move

Even after you move, there are still some small things that need to be taken care of. Involving your employees is critical not only before, but also during the move. Additionally, the tasks that you need to do after the move, you can conquer together as a team. Therefore, the feedback that you can get from the employees is vital.

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After moving your office from Toronto to Oshawa you can review together what went well and where you can improve.

After all the stress regarding the move is behind you and the move has been successfully completed, it is a good idea to organize a party for customers and employees. For marketing reasons, it is a good idea to do this also for customers and to present the company in a new light. For employees, a small celebration is a great way to show your appreciation for helping with the move.