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Moving your family to Kitchener – guide

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cute house in Kitchener

Kitchener is part of the Tri-Cities area comprising three cities, but it also has its own distinct character. Historically an industrial city, Kitchener’s economy has diversified in recent years, and the city now boasts among of the lowest unemployment and crime rates in Canada. Now is the best time to move to Kitchener. If you are considering moving your family to Kitchener, a safe and adaptable city, read on.  We at Number 1 Movers are here to help you.

moving your family to Kitchener in a beautiful house
Kitchener is a very charming and affordable town.

Moving your family to Kitchener – what to expect?

Making the choice to move to Canada is a major one. Another critical step is deciding on a city to call home. Your job, earning potential, cost of living, and general well-being are all influenced by where you live. Because of this, your future in Canada will be heavily influenced. Investing in the Kitchener-Waterloo area has never been more exciting. The area is a magnet for immigrants from all over the globe. Located in Ontario’s fourth-largest Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), it boasts a booming technology industry. The CMA contains Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo, as well as North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot, and Woolwich, four picturesque rural townships. It is sometimes referred to as KW or the Tri-cities.

The Climate

Kitchener has a typical humid continental climate and experiences all four seasons with warm summers and cold winters. Summer highs average 26 degrees Celsius, while lows hover around -10 degrees Celsius. However, the city of Kitchener is not near enough to the coast or the Great Lakes to experience any lake-effect or marine weather patterns, therefore it endures a significant amount of precipitation.

What are the neighborhoods like?

There are many similarities between Kitchener and nearby Waterloo, including a low crime rate and even a few neighborhoods. Some of the city’s neighborhood organizations extend into Waterloo, where there are 29 in total. Although the city of Kitchener has a central business district, many of its neighborhoods are characterized by a more rural feel. Doon, for example, is a Kitchener neighborhood well-known for attracting rich individuals outside of the city’s core… If you’re looking for a more central area, check out Victoria Park or the Civic District.

No matter where you reside in Kitchener, you shouldn’t have to worry about becoming a victim of crime. Every year, the city of Kitchener-Waterloo is recognized as one of Canada’s safest places to call home. If you want to call Kitchener home, feel free to contact Kitchener movers. Moving your family to Kitchener is the greatest decision you can make. You really have nothing to worry about over here. And you can be sure you’ll have your peace of mind.

Cost of living in Kitchener

Kitchener has a comparatively cheap cost of living. Food, housing, and utility costs are on par with or cheaper than in other comparable Canadian cities of similar size. It’s a little more expensive to live in the city’s center, but the cost of living drops dramatically as you go out of town. Kitchener’s rents are generally less expensive than those in Waterloo.

Schools in Kitchener

With a large number of elementary, high, and postsecondary institutions, Kitchener is well-equipped to educate its residents. As the city’s most famous school board, Waterloo Regional School Board (WRSB) has an important role to play.

  • There are many great colleges and universities in Kitchener, including the University of Waterloo
  • Doon’s Conestoga College is one of Ontario’s most esteemed educational institutions.
  • Pharmacists may now attend the UW School of Pharmacy in downtown Kitchener, which first opened its doors to students last year.
  • Lyle S. Hallman is the founder of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Faculty of Social Work. It is a satellite campus situated in Kitchener, Ontario.

How to register a car in Kitchener?

Following your arrival in Kitchener from outside of Southern Ontario, your must register your vehicle in Ontario. Proof of ownership and insurance, identity, and a passing inspection are common requirements. Visit Service Ontario for more detailed car registration information.

a girl and a car
When moving your family to Kitchener from a different region, you’ll need to register your car again.

Tips for moving to Kitchener

  1. If you want to live in the Waterloo-Kitchener region, renting in Kitchener is generally less expensive than renting in Waterloo.
  2. Rent costs outside of Kitchener’s city center are much lower than those inside the city center, so plan your budget appropriately while searching for a place to call home.
  3. If you intend on remaining in Kitchener for the whole year, be sure to carry a comprehensive wardrobe for both the winter and summer months.
  4. Because Kitchener’s airport does not get a great deal of services from large airlines, if you are flying into the region, you may have to travel through Hamilton or Toronto instead of directly into Kitchener.

Hiring a moving company in Kitchener

Have you made the decision to relocate to Kitchener? Now it’s time to find a good moving company to help you relocate to Kitchener. Always seek at least three separate estimates from various businesses. In order to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible for your specific requirements and circumstances. Consider hiring our reputable residential movers for your move to Kitchener. It’s much easier having professionals on your side.

Living in Kitchener vs living in Toronto

When contemplating a relocation, many individuals make the comparison between Toronto and other Ontario cities. Many of the same job possibilities, particularly in technology, are available in the Kitchener-Waterloo area as in Toronto. But the cost of living in Kitchener is around 20% lower. Because Toronto is just an hour away by car, you can make use of the big city’s advantages without paying the higher prices. If you want to move to Kitchener quickly, our long distance movers are more than happy to help.

a street in Kitchener
In Kitchener, you get to avoid crowds and rush hour, but you get all of the amenities of a bigger city.

Kitchener has a lot to offer newcomers. Many fantastic festivals and cultural events are held in the area, making it a safe place to live. It’s also a short drive from nearby towns. There are other villages in the surrounding area where you might find a place to call home. Because of its two colleges, the city’s reputation as a college town is well-deserved. Moving your family to Kitchener will be very beneficial for your wallet.