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Moving your condo to Toronto

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    Moving your condo to Toronto.

    Moving is, in most cases, a tedious and drawn-out process, as it often drains the mind, body, and resources. Organizing everything takes time, from looking for your new home, over finding reliable movers, to planning the move itself. All of this is all the more emphasized if you live in a big city. In other words, moving your condo to Toronto is a complex process, and needs to be taken seriously. Even though hiring a team of reliable and skilled movers, such as Number 1 Van Lines, helps a lot, it is also good to have a guide to rely on. In it, you will be provided with a moving checklist and a few handy tips for your convenience.

    No move can begin without a team of skilled movers

    Even if you are moving a few blocks away from your current condo, it’ll be much easier with good movers. There are many steps in picking the team that fits your needs and your budget. The bottom line is, you need a team of professional condo movers with years of experience. Although a moving budget is important, if your chosen company is flexible, you’ll be able to negotiate everything with them. Before you strike a deal with the moving company, it is good to have them do a moving review. By taking a detailed look at your home’s layout, and the items in it, they’ll know what they’re working with. This will help them prepare for the move the right way, knowing what kind of equipment they’ll need.

    Looking for movers online to help you with moving your condo to Toronto.
    Choosing a reliable moving company will turn your move into an amazing adventure and help you with moving your condo to Toronto.

    Furthermore, they will be able to precisely tell you how much the move will cost. With this information, planning your moving budget will be simpler. Once you hire condo movers Toronto, you will be ready to take on the rest of the relocation process. All that is left is to discuss the different moving insurance options the company provides and finding the optimal one. Just to make sure your movers are absolutely reliable, you can visit a website such as the Better Business Bureau and go over the reviews. Keep in mind that, the quality of a mover doesn’t lie in the number of positive reviews, but in the way, they handle and rectify the negative ones.

    A few more steps to take before moving your condo to Toronto

    After securing yourself with upstanding movers, it is time to divert your attention to preparing for the moving day, as it is getting closer. A good starting point is figuring out what you will take with you. Moving your condo to Toronto is a perfect time to downsize your home and get rid of unwanted items. There are a few ways to go about this task. You could sell your possessions at a swap meet or an online auction website. Alternatively, donate items to a local charity foundation. This way, you will have fewer items to pack and move, which will make the whole process easier, and cut back on moving costs. In addition, selling your old items will bring you a certain amount of profit, which can cover a part of the moving expenses, such as purchasing packing materials.

    Large condo complex in Toronto.
    Most condos have several elevators, so try to secure one for yourself.

    Given the fact you’re living in a condo, you will more than likely need an elevator to transfer your items to the moving truck, and vice versa. Because of this, renting an elevator is a good idea. Check with the management if you can “reserve” one of the elevators in the building for the purpose of moving. Most condos have more than one elevator, so you wouldn’t cause a problem to other residents, and your move will be faster.

    While you are in the process of preparation for the move, there are a few more things you can do. It is wise to cancel or transfer the services you are using at your current address. This includes magazine or cable tv subscriptions, and other services you pay on a monthly level. Any important documents, such as personal ID and medical cartons, should be transferred to the new location.

    Once everything is ready, the relocation can begin

    We covered the important preparation steps, and at that time, the moving day came closer than ever. So now, it is time to set everything into motion. The standard first step is to pack your items and prepare them for transport. The most convenient way to go about this task is by making a moving checklist to keep the process streamlined.

    Do your packing room by room, and label every box you pack. Write down the name of the room the box came from, together with the table of content. This will help you to easier recognize each box and will make the unpacking much faster as well. Furthermore, labeling your items helps you keep track of them, just in case something gets misplaced in the process. As far as furniture goes, dismantle every piece that is either too big to carry or fit through the doorways.

    Person carrying a plastic container for moving.
    Labeling your boxes makes both packing and unpacking much more efficient.

    You are all set for moving your condo to Toronto

    Once everything is packed and ready, prepare an essentials box which you will use right after you finish moving your condo to Toronto. It should contain basic hygiene supplies, some food, and a few changes of clothing. This box helps cover the first few days until you unpack all of the boxes. Load your truck by storing the biggest and heaviest items first. Place the smaller boxes on top of the larger ones to prevent damage, and, if possible, load your beds last, so they are readily available after the move is done. The last step of the move is making sure that all of the boxes are there, and that there is no damage. After that, you can sit back and enjoy your new Toronto condo.