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Moving your business to Richmond Hill

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To relocate your business you will need to be prepared in advance.  Moving your business to Richmond Hill means picking just the right time and place so it doesn’t impact you or your workers a lot. This process needs a bit of a preparation period, but nothing unmanageable by you and your employees. Let’s dig into the logic of business relocation.

Make a solid plan for moving your business to Richmond Hill

Every big step you make takes some planning beforehand. As a business person, you already know how important planning is. However, the same goes for moving your business to Richmond Hill. Making a plan includes activities and parties involved in the relocation process such as Richmond Hill movers and your employees. Planning should start a few months in advance and you need to take your time executing the tasks.

a calendar and a date when you are Moving your business to Richmond Hill
Make sure to contact your movers in time before moving your business to Richmond Hill.

Your plan should hold a task and a person responsible for it weekly. That way you will still get to run your business until the moving time comes. This is why it is important to stretch this into a few months plan. Therefore, the goal is to relocate but keep your business up and running for as long as possible.

Contact your moving company on time

Since you are making a plan a few months in advance, no need to wait to contact your movers. Moving companies give a great deal for those who announce the job in advance. You have the opportunity to spare some money by giving local movers in Ontario an early call. Another great advantage is that you have time to consult. Having that extra time means there is no room for mistakes.

If this is the first time moving your business to Richmond Hill, even better. All that extra time can be used to get things in the clear. Everything that you are interested in and want to clarify, you can ask. Having no confusion about how to handle this relocation with your movers is the key to success. Make sure you are keeping it real with them and yourself as well. You will be getting rid of a lot of stuff, so keep that in mind when making a deal with your movers.

Create a moving committee

Your moving committee should be a small circle of people from your company ready to help. Pick out the ones you trust the most from the bunch. That is how you know you will get the job done. Place a temporary manager for the moving with Number 1 Van Lines. He or she will report directly to you and keep you in the loop.

Making this committee does not mean to exclude yourself from the whole process. Therefore, as a leader, you already know how important it is to stand with your people. Be a part of the whole process and lead the way. This will motivate everyone included to work hard on moving your business to Richmond Hill. That is the ultimate goal and you and your dedicated people are going to manage it.

Inform people you are in business with

First of all, all your employees need to be informed about the decision of moving your business to Richmond Hill. You need to do that of course before making a plan and choosing the committee. A lot of people you are not in direct contact with can be informed via email or phone. Just make sure everybody from your company knows you are relocating. You do not want any surprises on that part. Once your people are informed, move on to others.

an e mail icon
Inform those who need to know about your business relocation

This plan will ensure to keep your business up and running for as long as possible. Despite that, your clients need to be informed about this relocation as well. If something was to go down business related on the days of the moving it would not be great for the job. They will however have sympathy towards the fact that you are moving. Learn how to notify your clients about business changes that might be happening during this time.  That way you will ensure no clients are lost and no damage is done to you or your employees. It is always a good idea to be transparent with employees and clients.

Organize a sale

This part of the moving process is the one you will have the most fun with. Therefore, financing  part of moving your business to Richmond Hill can be done by selling:

  1. Phones
  2. IT equipment
  3. Furniture
  4. Printers
a printer
To get more cash, sell whatever items you are not using anymore

Of course, there is a lot more you can sell. However, if you are relocating your business it probably means you are expanding. And that means rising to the next level regarding your office gear. Have a sit-down with your committee do decide what comes and what goes. If you are selling more than you intended, make sure you notify your movers. Cutting the amount of stuff you need to relocate will make you an even better deal.

However, your employees will probably keep it straight with you about the equipment they need. Since expanding your business means leveling up, you will probably need something better. Do not be afraid of purging your office and selling a lot of stuff. If you are already set on the budget for your move, this sale can finance a part of the new equipment you are going to need. If you are not tight on cash you can donate your household items to those who need it.  Listen to your employees about their needs and equipment suited for them to be able to do their jobs. Tech is as important as the knowledge your people have. Without proper equipment, a lot of them are unable to do their best.

Moving your business to Richmond Hill means starting fresh and thriving. Your business will be back on track in no time. This plan of you will keep you up and running long into the relocation process. Once you are moved and settled you are ready to get back in the saddle. Good luck!