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Moving to Richmond Hill this summer

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A couple that's moving to Richmond Hill this summer loading boxes in their car.

Richmond Hill is a wonderful place to live. However, moving there can be tricky, especially if you’re planning a long distance move, be it within or from out of Canada. On top of that, a move can be even more complicated and uncomfortable if you pick a bad season for moving. Which, unfortunately, summer is. But dwelling on negatives never does any good. You’re moving to a beautiful place, granted under suboptimal conditions, but still, your focus should be on what’s to come after the move. That said, even though focusing on positives can be helpful, you still have to actually plan and execute a summertime move. Luckily for you we, at Number 1 Movers, can teach you how to make moving to Richmond Hill this summer super easy! After reading this article we prepared for you, summertime moving will have nothing on you!

Accept that moving to Richmond Hill this summer might be a bit tricky

The first thing you should do before starting to plan a summertime move is to accept that it may be hard. Even with the best Richmond Hill movers by your side, summertime moving isn’t that easy. Just finding available movers during summer can be a problem since summer is the peak season for moving. That means that most tried and tested moving companies will be fully booked. Because of that, summertime moving requires a lot of timely preparation and thinking ahead. And not only that but there are also extra things you have to be mindful of when moving during summer. If you make peace with your move to Richmond Hill this summer being not as easy, you’ll have a lot easier time than you would if you expected a super easy move.

A woman sitting among the moving boxes and smiling.
Accepting that a move may be hard might actually make it a lot easier!

Tips for a summertime move to Richmond Hill

Planning a move in Canada can be difficult. The weather is simply not your friend here. Even though there are plenty of downsides of summertime moving, moving in winter would probably be even worse. Spring and fall are perhaps the best seasons for moving, but even then the weather can be pretty unstable. But the weather is just one thing you have to be mindful of. And it seems that Canadians think summer is the best time for relocations. So let’s see how you can make your relocation to Richmond Hill this summer more bearable.

Start a hunt for movers early on

To move to Richmond Hill with as little fuss as possible, you’ll need professionals by your side. But as we’ve mentioned before, all expert movers get booked pretty early. To avoid getting stuck with an inexperienced moving company, you should start hunting for movers months and months in advance. That way you’ll be more likely to book true experts and, on top of that, choose the exact date you want! This rule, however, applies to pretty much everything else as well when it comes to moving. You’d be surprised how quickly the time flies by when organizing a move. So start early, look for movers early, and make your move is as stressless as possible!

Packing in heat can be a problem

Packing in the summer can be a nightmare. Crouching, kneeling, getting up, lifting… Doing this repeatedly is never easy, much less in the summer. Especially if you don’t have an AC. You’ll be at risk of becoming too hot, moody, and tired very easily. That’s why you should start packing earlier than normal to be able to pack in smaller increments. That way you won’t be pushing yourself too much.

A woman packing moving boxes.
Make sure that when moving to Richmond Hill this summer you’re not too hot, otherwise the packing process will be a lot more tedious and frustrating!

Moving to Richmond Hill in the summer might require a larger budget

It’s no secret that summer is the most expensive time to move. That has a lot to do with it being the peak season for moving. That’s why, when planning a summertime move to Richmond Hill, you should make sure to have sufficient funds. Of course, having sufficient funds is always necessary.  However, moving in summer is a bit special. Not only is it in itself more expensive, but since there are also fewer options, you probably won’t be able to just finding something cheaper. This is true for renting moving trucks, hiring movers, renting storage units, and most other moving-related expenses. So if you want to have a smooth summertime move without any issues, make sure to prepare more money than you originally thought.

Take care of your body

Any move can take a toll on both mental and physical health. Most people get very stressed and anxious during a move. That said, summertime moving is arguably more demanding than moving during other seasons. Summers are very hot which makes it easy to get dehydrated. That in itself is enough to make a person feel miserable or even faint. Feeling unwell for a longer period of time can make a person start feeling mentally unwell. So when moving during summer, you should make sure to take care of your body. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to ensure your wellbeing is intact during a summertime move to Richmond Hill:

  • For your body: eat light and healthy food, drink plenty of water, don’t overdo on caffeine, wear light clothes, take cool showers if you’re feeling particularly hot
  • For your mind: meditate, treat yourself, take time to relax

All these are necessary if you wish to have a successful summer move. By doing this you’ll prevent yourself from getting unwell and frustrated. Accepting that summertime moving won’t be easy and doing what you can to make it easier is the only way to make your move to Richmond Hill stressless and even enjoyable.

A woman drinking water.
You should make sure to drink plenty of water during a summertime move!

Moving to Richmond Hill this summer doesn’t have to be all that bad!

Moving is usually as hard as it is exciting. But moving in certain conditions can be a bit worrisome for a person moving. And thus, people only focus on the hard part. Luckily, it’s possible to learn enough about moving so that you can overcome any moving-related issue. That’s why, now that you know how to make moving to Richmond Hill this summer a lot more bearable, you should be even more excited about your move since the benefits of moving to Richmond Hill are numerous.