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Moving to Etobicoke with kids

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One of the first feelings when it comes to moving to Etobicoke with kids might be stress. And the stress becomes even greater if your children are still small. But that’s completely ok. And to think that the best decision for moving with kids is to not move is also ok. Of course, hiring moving experts such as Number 1 Movers will help you out a great deal. And because we know you do have to move, we will give you a couple of useful tips in this text.

Moving to Etobicoke with kids without stress – is it even possible?!

If you think that moving to Etobicoke with kids can be stress-free, then you are wrong. And yes we understand that, due to life circumstances, it is sometimes simply impossible to avoid moving, whether you got a new job, your apartment became too small or there are other reasons. But there is good news – we can make it be as stress-free as possible. By hiring our movers Etobicoke you will get the best moving experience out there. Besides, we will give you some tips on how to move with children, and make it as painless as possible for them and for you.

family - Moving to Etobicoke with kids
One of the first feelings when it comes to moving to Etobicoke with kids might be stress.

Notify them about relocation ahead of time

The biggest mistake that parents make is that they only tell their children at the last minute that they will move, precisely because they are afraid of their reaction. So – by no means do this. It is best to let them know shortly after you decide to move... Or better yet, tell them even before you start searching for reliable local movers in Ontario. In this way, you will make them feel like they are part of the decision, and they get their vote on this.

Here’s an idea on how to tell them. Gather the whole family, order pizza, play games, create a relaxed atmosphere. Then tell them why you decided to move, why you think it would be a good decision for the whole family and ask the children how they feel about moving. Although the reactions may be negative at first, in this way you will give the child enough time to get used to the idea of ​​moving and say goodbye to their friends if you move somewhere further away.

Have a farewell party

Most of the children do not want to move to a new destination because they have already made friends in their city, and at the same time they are afraid of new people, new school, and adjusting to the whole situation. All this can be quite difficult for them. Getting to know the environment can be helpful, so learn as much as you can about Etobicoke Ontario. In this way, you can answer some of their questions.

It would be a great idea to make a party where all their friends will be invited. Promise your children that they will continue to keep in touch with their friends and that you will visit them from time to time.

Don’t do all the work yourself

Another mistake is that parents completely exclude children from the relocation process. This can cause problems especially if the children are older and especially if they are teenagers. If your children are already helping you with household chores, why wouldn’t they help you with the relocation process? You can even explain the pricing process and they can participate in getting a free moving quote They can even help you decide which movers to hire.

A big mistake is that parents completely exclude children from the relocation process.

It will be easier for you, and they will have an occupation that will divert their thoughts, and they will also feel useful along the way. Make a game out of moving, give them boxes, and explain how to fill them with your things and how to sort them out.

The advice is a little different if you have babies. They may be disturbed by noise in the house and may start crying. So if you have the opportunity, hire a babysitter or leave the children with their grandparents for a couple of hours while you pack. If, on the other hand, you are not able to do that, pack during the night, and of course, as quietly as possible.

Don’t expect them to know how to pack themselves

Although children have good intentions and want to help you out, do not expect them to know how to arrange things on their own, and fully fulfill your desires. So always check how they are doing, praise their initiative and redo it if they did something wrong or explain to them how to redo it themselves.

Because of all the stress, it can happen that you will not react in the right way, so you may be stricter. If you feel like yelling or have an outburst, be sure to apologize to them. Don’t make moving more stressful than it is.

Always check how they are doing and praise their initiative.

Include them in the process of choosing a new apartment or house

Children will be best if they really feel involved in most of the activities it involves. Therefore, consult them about choosing an apartment or a new house where you move to. This does not necessarily mean that you have to respect their choice, but it is important that you consider them mature enough that they can choose as well. In addition, choosing a new home can be fun. If you are going to tour the houses then you can also make a trip out of it. Let the children visit the apartment and even say which room they like best. Good luck!