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Moving to Dundas guide

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    Woman enjoying the nature draped in a flag of Canada

    Moving is definitely not an easy life decision. You know it, your spouse knows it, your kids know it. Even your dog is looking at you annoyingly at the thought of moving again. But an opportunity has presented itself to you and it is time to start packing your things and making necessary arrangements. Moving to Dundas, also known as The Valley Town, is your next adventure, and you should look forward to it, as this will be a great place to live in! The first thing that needs to be on your list is contacting Dundas movers, in order to get a quote and make queries on all the services they provide. Let’s see what else you need to do!

    There are many things to consider before making a final move and moving to Dundas. A lot of thorough investigation, one might say. If you are willing to move your entire family to a new town, you need to know all about the essentials new place is offering. Are there good schools? Are there enough activities for your kids? How difficult or easy is it to find a house to rent or buy? What is the neighborhood like? These questions are just to scratch the surface, you will find out more, once you relocate.

    Tew's Falls, Dundas
    Nature of Dundas is so fascinating that you will                      not regret moving there

    Why moving to Dundas is a good idea?

    Dundas was once an independent town but now represents a constituent community in the city of Hamilton. Due to its history, it is a very appealing place for tourists from all over the country. The proximity of Burlington, Mississauga, and Toronto make Dundas a very desirable location to live in. The USA border is also only a couple of hours away.  This can be very convenient if you want to run away for a weekend or the holidays. As already mentioned, in order to get started with your Dundas move you need to find a good moving company. Why not get in touch with the best local movers in Hamilton, and get a quote today!

    Although a part of the city of Hamilton, Dundas has a feel of a small town. Even people who live there consider it more as a town than a community. With a population of 30 000 people, it is quite small but with all the necessary amenities close by. If you are a nature lover, moving to Dundas will be the right decision. It has numerous nature trails, and is on the west edge of Lake Ontario and very near to Niagara Falls. If you go and visit some of the landmarks, such as City Hall or Carnegie Gallery, you will be able to sense the richness of this ”little town’s” history.

    Finding a home after moving to Dundas

    Finding a place for you and your family might not be an easy task, but be patient. Downtown Dundas can be a perfect choice if you are looking for a house with that “old town feel” from the 30s or 40s. Older houses will have a higher price range, especially if you encounter one of the really old stone houses. But with a good real estate agent or agency, you should be able to find the home that you love and that is affordable for your budget. The part of Dundas you choose for a living will depend on the daily needs of your family members. You can commute to work, but your children should be able to walk to school instead of using public transportation. Also, proximity to parks, some cultural and sports venues can be very important. You do not want to spend more time in traffic that required, after coming back from work.

    House bought after moving to Dundas
    The old type houses in Dundas are the most                                    charming ones

    Dundas climate

    Weather is one of the factors you should consider before moving to Dundas. Dundas’ climate is known for a lot of rain, even in the dry period of the year. But in terms of average temperature in both winter and summer months, you will not be disappointed. As in all Canada, you cannot expect summer temperatures to go over 28 degrees Celsius. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as you will need a mild climate for your nature trail walks with the family. Looking at the average temperatures across months you will see that the weather during all seasons is quite mild and endurable.

    Education, culture, and sports in Dundas

    As already mentioned in this article, Dundas is more of a small town than just a community. In terms of education, you should have no problem finding the right school for your children after you move to Dundas. When it comes to cultural events or venues, there is a lot to visit and see. For example, there is a Buskerfest in early June and Dundas Cactus Festival in August. One of the places people from Dundas are most proud of is Dundas Valley School of Art. It has camps and classes for both kids and adults. Dundas Valley conservation area is said to be great for hiking during all seasons. We should not forget mentioning the Dundas Museum & Archives and Carnegie Gallery as well.

    If you want some time alone with your better half, just stroll down the streets of Dundas. You will find so many little shops, restaurants, even some breweries that opened quite recently. You can even drive a bit further from the community and find some romantic places where you can share memorable moments with your partner. Not long after your relocation to Dundas, you will realize that you made a smart move.

    Couple sitting on the grass cuddling
    Find a romantic place and make a picnic with                                   your spouse

    When planning the weekend activities with your kids, Dundas Driving Park is the place for you. From huge grass surfaces where you can play some baseball or other sports, to skating ring in the winter. If you move to Dundas, there is no doubt your kids will enjoy playing here, even when they grow a bit older. Are you and your family sports fans? If so, you can always go and see junior or senior hockey teams. On the other hand, if you like hiking, there are numerous trails to follow, the most famous one being Bruce Trail. For more serious hikers, we recommend going to Dundas Peak and visiting two nearest waterfalls, Webster’s and Tew’s Falls.