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Moving to Burlington during holidays -yes or no?

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Relocating is a big thing. Whether you are moving for work or family things, it can get a bit tricky. But moving to Burlington during holidays may be difficult even more. Holidays are the time to be spent with family and having to do all this moving stuff may be hard on you. Keep in mind that it will be over soon and you can celebrate with your family what you may have missed.

Upsides of moving to Burlington during holidays

When everyone is getting ready for celebrations, there is not much else they think about. Especially not moving around. This is your time to get everything done fast. Office movers Burlington Ontario will have an appointment for you in no time and you can speed up the process. Everyone will be in the giving mood and that means you will be more likely to have a helping hand. Also, this is the seasonal sales time and everything you might need you will get on a discount.

people on lap top researching about Moving to Burlington during holidays
Moving to Burlington during holidays is easy if you plan to relocate your business as well

Burlington is located on Lake Ontario and that is just awesome. That means you will get natural beauty surrounding you in all 4 seasons. When holidays pass, Lake Ontario is a place to paddle, do yoga and is a playground for children and adults as well. Since you probably have a sense of missing something because of moving to Burlington during holidays, we have some good news. Burlington is a place of festivals and it is festive all year round. Moving to Ontario is going to be an amazing change for you.  You will have time to do everything you thought has missed because of the move.

Places you need to visit first

Moving to Burlington during holidays means starting fresh. By doing this you will have to start with some of the places to secure and provide your stay here. That means moving to Burlington during holidays will have you checking out:

  1. Burlington New Resident Info
  2. Burlington transit
  3. Schools of Burlington
  4. Community organizations and Clubs
  5. Burlington Club for Newcomers
a school aged kids
Make sure you check out the schools if you are moving with your children

Because it is a holiday season you will have to watch the workhours. Do that online and inform yourself the best you can so you do not waste precious time. This will take some time to organize but do not be desperate. Sit down with your family and make a plan for moving to Burlington during holidays.


Urban yet family-friendly

What is amazing about this place is that almost everyone will have something for themselves. The downtown of Burlington has all kinds of restaurants and nightlife activities witch are bursting during holidays. Many schools here means there are a lot of young families and enough professional and retired people to keep the balance. Peaceful neighborhoods can be found everywhere, so you can station anywhere you like. Put aside your out of season stuff first and start packing.

The continental climate of Burlington with the close proximity of a lake means there are no extreme temperatures. Without the extremes you moving to Burlington during holidays will be much easier.

A mother and her child having fun
Burlington is such a family-friendly place

If you are a bike lover, there are some great bike trails for you here. This means avoiding all the traffic jams that can occur anywhere. Sport is valued here and highly rated sports facilities are there to confirm that. Bike trail leads along the shore for you to have a breathtaking view.

Diversity is another lesson you will be learning here. All sorts of people live here, and being multicultural means you and your family will keep an open mind to things around you. Learning something new about other people and cultures is an important part of growing as a person and raising responsible adults.

The Burlington lifestyle

The relaxed lifestyle of this place will have you blooming in the middle of winter. It offers indoor as well as outdoor pools, golf courses, and many other family-friendly activities. Beautiful nature is surrounding it, and as we mention, Lake Ontario makes this place even more desirable. Royal Botanical Gardens are a great place to enjoy and learn a bit more about nature’s beauty. Parks here are a total of 580 hectares and there are a total of 115 parks.

a couple enjoying in the park
There are over 100 parks in Burlington

If you are more into still types of art, the Art Centre has something for you. And the Joseph Brant Museum too, as well as many others. You won’t have a chance to miss out on education yourself and your kids with opportunities like this. The close proximity of Toronto and Hamilton gives you even more opportunities.  Do not miss some of the best bars in Hamilton. Hamilton is a 10-minute drive to the west from Burlington. Toronto is a 40-minute drive away witch is still pretty great. To have a city that big close to you sure has its benefits.

Image of Toronto
Toronto is 40 minutes away

You will have non stop fun in Toronto, and it is so close! This also gives you plenty of job opportunities. One of the things that define this place is an overall feeling of community and belonging. People here, strangers to you, will be of the most helpful as they can and also very friendly. Safety is not a problem for your kids, because there are very few things that happen here. Burlington is also a very pet-friendly town. Parks are everywhere for people as well as dogs and pets. But you won’t find traces of dogs being near your house. As we said, everyone here is pretty polite and they pick up after their pets.

Well yes, moving to Burlington during holidays can be kind of hard. But there are just so many upsides to it we can’t see why not. After you settle, make some dinner and celebrate the holidays you may have, issue with your loved ones. Snap some pictures and send them ass postcards to other family members. For them to see you have settled nicely will be a great holiday gift! Star planning and preparing, fasten your seatbelts and get this party started!