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Moving heavy furniture to St Catharines

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    Another relocation is on your plate. As before, you must organize, pack properly, and find the best movers St Catharines. And what about your furniture? You must secure everything and ensure that all your favorite pieces reach the destination unharmed. It is a long road ahead, so we better prepare your relocation adequately. Hence, we bring you a few tips on moving heavy furniture to St Catharines. It Is a problem most of us have when relocating, so let us help you solve it and relocate safely.

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    Search for reliable movers online. You will find a trustworthy moving team in no time.

    Who will be moving heavy furniture to St Catharines?

    This adventure should begin with a moving inventory list. You must inspect all your furniture and note everything down. This way you’ll know which moving supplies you must obtain. Also, which kind of protection to use and how much it will all cost. Next to it, you should create a moving checklist and add to it. It should contain all the moving steps ahead, including furniture packing and transporting. Follow this guide and you won’t forget any of the big steps along the way.

    Search for reliable movers online. You will find a trustworthy moving team in no time.

    Now, you should inspect the whole environment as well to figure out how hard your move is. More importantly, you will realize if there are any dangers or possible moving mishaps ahead. You must be sure that you’ll be able to carry out all your furniture without damaging it or the walls inside your home. And once you conducted the inspection and you have all the information in line, call your Number 1 Van Lines. Consult further and schedule onsite estimates to finalize your moving logistics.

    You should utilize onsite estimates

    You shouldn’t attempt moving heavy furniture to St Catharines without conducting onsite estimates. Yes, your evaluation is in place but your movers must inspect the environment and the furniture themselves. It is a lucrative and free service that will provide all the necessary details regarding the execution of your moving plans. Therefore, schedule a visit from a moving representative and let them finalize your moving plan. They will figure out where to establish a loading dock, how many workers they need, and how safe is it. Also, they will weigh your moving boxes and other household items and determine the cost of the move.

    And note that movers can refuse to relocate certain items. In this category, you have many different items but when we talk about the furniture, usually it is an expensive piece in question. So, if you have antiques, artwork, or pieces that are extremely expensive, you can expect your movers to decline to move them. It is for your own good. They might miss a certain tool to do it adequately and they simply won’t take the risk. But they will accommodate your request by pointing out to the reliable moving team that can do it. And when the whole evaluation process is done, you will be able to dedicate a moving budget and move forward with your relocation plans.

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    Let your movers do the powerlifting. It is the reason you hired them

    Prepare your furniture for transport

    Your furniture should be protected and secured before loaded into the moving truck. You can do it yourself by using blister packs and cardboard corner pads. Especially and the delicate and fragile pieces. Also, you should disassemble whatever you can so you can move it easily. Although, if you decide on disassembling, you should wrap each piece individually and keep the small screws and bolts. You’ll need them later. And finally, if any of the furniture pieces are creating problems or you cant find a place for it at your new apartment, you should consider renting a storage unit. Keep it there for a while until you decide on what to do with it. But remember to pick the right storage unit size to be able to store all your excess furniture.

    Wrap your furniture the same way you would wrap any other item for moving.

    Or you can purchase the packing service from the moving company and let the professionals do their magic. They will bring all the moving supplies required and protect your furniture in the right way. It is the safest way of doing it so do not dismiss this proposition likely. Check your moving budget and figure it out.

    Let your movers do the powerlifting

    Ok, it is understandable that you want to help as much as possible and engage yourself in the moving process. But you can be there to supervise instead of exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. This means you shouldn’t lift anything if you are not prepared for it. This includes the knowledge of the area, the equipment, and the strength to do it. More importantly, the technique of how to lift heavy objects. If not done right you can seriously damage your health.

    Let your movers do the powerlifting. It is the reason you hired them.

    It is much easier to let the moving professionals handle everything. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do it. And do not feel bad about it because you are paying for the service and this is what they do best. Hopefully, you found a good moving company that will take great care of your furniture and your well-being.

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    Wrap your furniture the same way you would wrap any other item for moving.

    You might need moving insurance when moving heavy furniture to St Catharines

    While moving heavy furniture to St Catharines, your movers will take the elevator, stairs, and fairly long walks from the moving truck all the way to the apparent. Anything can happen no matter how secured everything is. There is always a small chance for a moving mishap. Therefore, to secure yourself and your furniture, you should consider and purchase moving insurance. Check with your movers previously if they can provide one and what the coverage is like. Some moving companies offer partial insurance that will cover only a certain portion of damages. On the other hand, you can be reimbursed in full if you are insured at the proper insurance company. So, this one is up to you. If you have unique and irreplaceable pieces, you should strongly consider this option.

    Ok, this was it, now you know enough and you can start moving heavy furniture to St Catharines without any fears and doubts. Don’t expect it to be easy, but if you have a proper moving company assigned to your project, you’ll be fine. Good luck and we wish you the safest relocation possible.