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Moving from an apartment to a house in Oakville

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A family home

You decided on moving from an apartment to a house in Oakville and we must say, this is a great feat. You will have to create an impeccable relocation plan, pack like a pro, and find local movers Ontario that are up to the task. So, we are here today to help you with those tasks. Let us create a plan and make it work. Let’s go!

Organize for moving from an apartment to a house in Oakville

Obviously, moving from a smaller place into a house sounds easy because you’ll have much more space. On the other hand, if your current apartment is huge, then you are in a problem. Nevertheless, you still need a proper moving checklist with all moving-related tasks listed to guide you through the process. Therefore, let us create one. Start with a thorough inspection of your apartment and note down all the furniture and household belongings. Figure out how easy or hard it will be to transport everything and how many moving supplies are required. And your moving checklist should contain the following as well:

  • Info about movers
  • Moving services and insurance
  • Moving budget
  • Packing plan
  • Errands, responsibilities, and chores you must cover
  • Legalities and documents
dedicate a budget for moving from an apartment to a house in Oakville
Ensure you dedicate an adequate moving budget for this adventure.

Then, you’ll have to visit your new home and do the same. You can already appoint all the items to their respective rooms and create a layout for all the furniture. It goes the same for the boxes and other random home items.

Find a moving professional to make this happen

No matter what you think, moving from an apartment to a house in Oakville is still quite a feat. You will need professional moving assistance for this one for sure. Hence, let us search for Oakville movers that can help you out. Start browsing the internet and narrow your search down to the top five. Compare services and prices and read social network comments. Of course, there are reviews as well but those might be fake at times so try to find an external referral if possible. This way you will confirm if they treat their customers well.

Once you find something interesting, make the call and ask your Number 1 Movers if they have the license, tools, enough experience, knowledgeable manpower, sizeable moving vehicle, and special moving services. Communicate with the moving representative and find the best possible way to relocate safely and affordably. And keep in mind that you shouldn’t pick the first company you find. You have every right to shuffle around, make a few phone calls, and then make a final decision.

Be mindful when choosing movers

Obviously, you want to be sure your investment is safe. You do not want to hire fraudulent movers so we advise you to double-check your choice. So, as we said earlier, read reviews, feedbacks, and social media groups. Then, check your mover’s website and confirm they are registered with a physical address and contact info displayed. Finally, check Yellow Pages, the Better Business Bureau, FMCSA, or any other government-moving-related website where your movers should leave a trail. Confirm the legitimacy of your moving team and sleep tight.

a movers checking boxes
Inspect your movers and ensure they are legit and with the knowledge to perform this task.

Packing is important when moving from an apartment to a house in Oakville

As we said earlier, depending on the size of your apartment and the number of your items, packing can be either hard or easy. Nevertheless, you must pack safely because you want your items to reach the destination intact. Therefore, let us begin with the packing materials. You’ll need around 30 carton moving boxes. You can use plastic bins as well. Yes, they are a bit more expensive but they are re-usable for years so it is a long-term investment. Then you’ll need bubble wrap, packing tape, and labels.

cardboard boxes on a car
Cardboard boxes will save the day. Make sure you have enough of them!

Start packing each box by placing a cushion inside. Bubble wrap is a king of cushions but you can use blankets and other cloth you have at home as a replacement as well. Then wrap your items individually, place them in the box and fill the gaps with more blister packs or crumpled paper. Once you are done, seal the box with the tape and add a detailed label. Labels are important for many reasons. It will be easier to inspect items when you arrive. Then you will have an easier time while unpacking. And most importantly, your movers will know what they are dealing with. So, remember to label your boxes the right way and keep your boxes with fragile content marked with huge “FRAGILE” signs or letters.

Utilize moving services available

When moving from an apartment to a house in Oakville you will probably use at least a plain moving package from your movers. But you should remember that there are special Hamilton moving services for all occasions. For example, if you are moving a piano, pool table, gun rack, or something heavy and robust, your movers have a solution and a dedicated team for it. Your movers will suggest those services at some point. But we must remind you to consider them and do not dismiss likely because some of those services are more than useful. You should evaluate your situation and figure out what can make your life much easier.

Legal part and paperwork

In the end, we must advise about the legal part of the story. You can do it at any point but it would be wise to start covering this part as soon as you know you are moving. So, all your services, the internet, cell phone provider, and post office, should be handled in due time. The same goes for your personal ID, passport, credit cards, medical records, driver’s license, and moving-related documents. Do it all gradually and overtime because some services and paperwork take a longer time to transfer.

Now you are ready for moving from an apartment to a house in Oakville. Hopefully, you’ll find a reliable moving company and won’t have any unpleasant surprises along the way. We wish you a safe journey!