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Moving from a House With Stairs in Toronto

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    Stairs you need to take when moving from a house with stairs in Toronto

    It’s not without reason many people consider moving to be one of the most stressful events in life. You have to carry all the items that need to be moved from your old home to the moving van. However, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem if you just had to carry the items straight across a room. Houses with multiple floors always have stairs, and those prove to be a complication when moving. When moving households in a situation like this, even professionals like Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines have to put in more effort. Moving from a house with stairs in Toronto takes more planning and strength, so get ready to invest a little extra time to overcome this challenge on your moving journey.

    What does moving from a house with stairs in Toronto require?

    Toronto is one of the biggest cities in Canada, and it is located in a very busy and populous part of this country. Therefore, in order to fit all that population, most residential buildings in Toronto are really tall with multiple staircases, which makes moving a little bit difficult. This also means there will be a lot o traffic in the city, and movers might have their hands full relocating all these people. So, if you plan on moving from a house with stairs in Toronto with the help of some movers Toronto Ontario, you should hire them will in advance. Some other things you can do to facilitate this process are:

    • Take measurement
    • Disassemble heavy items
    • Don’t over pack boxes
    Picture of a family moving from a house with stairs in Toronto
    Moving from a house like this requires more planning

    Take home measurements

    Sometimes big, bulky items just won’t fit through the staircases in your house. When you moved them there, they might have been taken apart or put inside the house in another way. Many residential movers Toronto will take items through the windows. But if you are not able to do this for whatever reason, then the stairs are your only way out. Measure the items first, and then measure the stairs and all the other hallways and doorframes that you need to pass through. With this information, you can make the best plan on how to maneuver the items through the narrow spots.

    Disassemble heavy items

    When talking about heavy items, we mostly refer to furniture pieces. Those are sometimes impossible to move down the stairs. But if taken apart, they can be carried and packed more easily in the moving van or some moving boxes Ontario. All you usually need for this is a set of the most basic tools.

    Don’t over pack

    Overpacking boxes is never a good idea, for various reasons. The majority of people use cardboard boxes for moving, which are not very durable. If you overpack them, the weight of the items can rip the box open, causing damage and injury to the person carrying it. This tends to happen while going down the stairs, which is an even worse scenario. Even if this doesn’t happen, carrying heavy boxes is never convenient. Use a larger number of them so that you can pack fewer items inside.

    Picture of a man with boxes
    Moving from a house with stairs in Toronto requires you to not over pack

    Conclusion on moving from a house with stairs in Toronto

    When moving from a house with stairs in Toronto, don’t say no to help. Carrying all the items that you own down the stairs is not easy. Whoever you decide to ask for help, make sure that you ask the right way. We wish you good luck and plenty of strength for your move!