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Moving an elderly parent – how to do it with ease

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Relocation is a challenging process. And when you are moving an elderly parent – relocation can take an additional toll. The best thing you can do is to prepare slowly for relocation and avoid stress as much as possible. There are a lot of tasks that you need to do and one of them is to find reliable senior movers Ontario. With the proper help, relocation can be easier, and you will be able to spend more time with your parents. That will make the relocation easier for them. 

When moving an elderly parent – plan everything ahead!

One of the first things that you should do when relocating a senior is to calculate a budget. Relocation is not always a cheap process, and you need to plan everything ahead. From finding a reliable mover to finding packing materials. If you need any additional services like insurance, storage, packing – you need to plan everything ahead. This step is especially important if you have some special object to move like antique furniture. If you have such delicate items it is better to find professional help from furniture movers Ontario. You will save time, money and the relocation will be stress-free. 

senior on a lap top
Preparing your parents for relocation, making it stress-free is the most important thing

Pick your moving date

When you are moving an elderly parent you need to plan the relocation date a lot in advance. You can pick the relocation date in the off-season and get a better deal. That way, you will save some money and also you will have a lot of time to prepare your senior parent for the relocation. Even if you are moving them just locally, planning a move will take time. Don’t underestimate the whole process.

Choosing a reliable company is important

When it comes to relocation with elderly parents you need to find a reliable and experienced moving company. You should do proper research on moving companies Ontario and choose the one that can offer all the services you might need. A moving company that offers all the services you need will make the relocation process much easier. If you choose a reliable company, they will be able to provide you with everything. packing materials, packing, storage, additional services, insurance. That way the relocation will be much more affordable, and it will be stress-free.

qualities that movers should have when moving an elderly parent
You need a reliable moving company that can help you organize the relocation

Decluttering is really important when moving an elderly parent

Over the years, people tend to collect a lot of items. Some of them have an emotional value, while some items we simply keep in case we need them. Decluttering can be overwhelming, so you need to take it slowly with your parents. You need to start going through their belongings, room by room. Give them a little bit of time to process everything. Don’t push them, they will need time to say goodbye to their belongings. Especially if they collect something. It will take time to decide what they want to keep, and you will need to prepare collectibles for the relocation. You will have to add additional protection and mark those boxes as fragile.

Always keep in mind your parent emotions

Decluttering and packing your parent home might seem like an easy task for you. But you need to consider how your parents will feel. They are saying goodbye to their old home, old habits, and their friends. Relocation is stressful, and they will need time. Give them time to properly say goodbye, and even consider to throw them a small goodbye party. That way, they will be able to move on without feeling sad.

senior woman talking about moving
Always keep your parents’ emotions in mind

Donate or sell items you do not plan to move with your senior parents

The best way to add money to the moving budget is to organize a garage sale. You can put everything you do not plan to relocate on a garage sale and use that money to increase the moving budget. another option is to put up those items for sale on eBay or similar websites. Still keep in mind that although that might seem like a regular item for you – for your parents, it is not. It might still have some sentimental value, and make sure that they are completely okay to sell it or to donate.

You can always rent a storage unit when moving an elderly parent

If your senior parents are not ready to get rid of some of their belongings – that is okay. You can rent a storage unit and place those items there. That way, they won’t be under a lot of stress and if they change their mind – you can bring the items to them or sell them. We can not stress enough how important it is to always keep in mind your parent’s emotions. Relocation for elderly parents can be very stressful and you need to do everything you can to keep them calm.

Prepare them for the relocation day

The relocation day itself can be the most stressful day for them. There will be a lot of people going in and out of their homes, and they will feel sad and confused. So, the best option is the get them out of that chaos or at least place them in one room that will be quiet. You can also talk with the movers about the relocation of your parents and ask them for assistance. Of course, you can always reward them if you feel that they helped you. it can make the situation much easier, but it is not mandatory. You should also pack them an essential bag that should contain their documents, meds, change of clothes, and everything they might need the first night or couple fo days once they arrive at their new home.

senior woman reading about moving an elderly parent
Make sure that your senior parents have a calm place during the relocation day

Help your parents to settle in their new home

Although the relocation is important, and one of the most stressful events, settling in is also challenging. Your parents might feel nostalgic and sad. They need to learn to manage in their new home and they need to make new habits. You should do your best to spend the first couple of weeks with your parents and help them settle. And you can adjust something in their new home, or fix it. You can add some things that will help them to get around easily. Your presence in their new home will help them to adjust and feel less sad!